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Thursday, November 24, 2011

LISTEN: Clyde Bellecourt on Alcatraz

By Brenda Norrell
Clyde Bellecourt photo by Christina Akaquiqui
AIM West Coast Conference San Francisco Nov. 2011
Censored News

ALCATRAZ -- On Censored News Blogtalk Radio today, AIM confounder Clyde Bellecourt speaks on Alcatraz, where thousands gathered at dawn to honor the original occupation of Alcatraz. Bellecourt shares prophecies and points out  that every day is a day of thanks, a day of thanksgiving.
Bellecourt says the elders have told him that the American Indian Movement was foretold in prophecies, which described how they would come dressed in red and "bring back the drum."
Native American elders also said this day would be a time for the unity of the people from the north with the people of the south who would do away with borders.
Bellecourt remembered Ted Means, brother of Bill Means and Russell Means, who passed to the Spirit World yesterday.
Bellecourt was in San Francisco for the AIM West Coast Conference this week, hosted by AIM West.
Thanks to KPFA Berkeley for sharing the broadcast on Radio Free Alcatraz.
Listen to Bellecourt's 10 minute talk:

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