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January 24, 2013

First Nations Appreciate Chief Spence, Battle New Laws

Chief Spence reported hospitalized at conclusion of fast, First Nations Press Conference Now

Spokesperson Danny Metawabin, speaking now at National Press Club: "Our grassroots people have awakened."

Twitter photos by Clayton Thomas Muller, Cree 
News reports say Chief Spence is in the hospital after ending her fast
OTTAWA - Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence remains in hospital on an intravenous line as she recovers following six weeks without solid food.
Her spokesman Danny Metatawabin says Spence went to the hospital Wednesday evening for a checkup after agreeing to end her 44-day hunger protest.
She had been scheduled to attend a news conference this morning in Ottawa, but now Metatawabin says she won't be released until later today or on Friday.
Meanwhile, events marking the end of her protest are going ahead without her.
Chiefs and politicians are preparing for a gathering at midday at a downtown hotel.
Spence ended her protest after other chiefs and federal opposition parties promised to take up her cause of treaty implementation and improving conditions on reserves.
Coverage by Clayton Thomas Muller, Cree
From the press conference to announce the conclusion of Chief Spence's fast 
Photo 2: Elder Raymond Robinson speaks with MKO Grand Cheif Nepinak and Chief of Cross Lake Chief standing behind him.
Robinson, speaking out against Canada's new genocidal laws said, "These bills will kill us all if they are forced ahead, so fight with us!"
Robinson said, "These bills c37 c48 are taking control over our lands and water." Robinson spoke on the duty and responsibilities.
Danny Metawabin said First Nations can educate Canadians that First Nations are spiritual people and provide the facts about the treaties.
Top Photo in center: Bob Rae said, "Let's not forget that Harper's former party opposed all things, Native, treaties, UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. He just doesn't get it."
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