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January 11, 2013

Photos 'Idle No More' Jan. 11, 2013

Anchorage, rallying for Idle No More today and for their way of life in the Arctic
Winnipeg today
Above Ottawa CBC News:
Earlier, some protesters attempted to block the door to the Langevin building where the meeting was being held. Chiefs from Manitoba spread tobacco on the steps to "protect" their people, and several dozen women linked arms to try to stop people from entering. When Coon Come entered despite their pleas, one woman broke down in tears.

"I know there's times for small groups to meet. But now is not the time," another woman said. "Today's the day to stand for our ancestors ... there will be other prime ministers to meet with. The gold in the land is not going away. The water is not going to go away," she added, to cheers from the crowd
NOW! CTV British Columbia @CTVBC

BREAKING: Hundreds of Idle No More protesters have blocked the intersection of Burrard and Robson streets in Vancouver

Thousands in the streets of Toronto tonight. Twitter photo The Real Plex


Paris, France. Thanks to Last Real Indians for sharing!

Idle No More in Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories.

Photo courtesy: Caelie Frampton
Sri Lanka Today, i dared to be different. For the first time, i staged a one man demonstration in solidarity with the Idle No Movement of the Indigenous peoples of Canada/US. Today also happens to be the Global Day of Action for the movement. #J11 #IdleNoMore
Cheyenne runners support Idle No More!

Lethbridge, Alberta Photo Rudy Black Plume


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