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January 21, 2013

Havasupai Message to Chief Spence

Havasupai sends message to Chief Theresa Spence, from the Supai's Grand Canyon homeland to the north land

By Damon Watahomigie, Havasupai
Censored News

On the 25th of December 2012, I sat at our turn off to Havasupai, getting ready to catch a ride home. In the distance, I saw something white but there was no snow at all. Under a juniper tree about a hundred yards from where I was sitting, turned to see if there were any cars coming. Then I glanced back, then I saw that it was a white elk, walking towards the north. Could have not been any animal rather than it, was very large. At that distance my memory quickly abrupted to a story that my grandparents told of during winter, bed time story. Just a child when these songs and stories were told to me.
To the north are the sacred arrows. When at times the earth is in distress or suffering because of demonic attrillitations or humans who by count become selfish and have fallen from grace to their way of life on this earth, the glory to respect the sacred and holiness crumbles.  The two twin warriors and its leader do visit but not all man or any humans are allowed to see them. Only to those who are holy and chosen to interpret its need. When  the world and it's breadth was at play to choose which will be the right world for the first humans to live, deities were gambling to their best of magic. The highest order of the deities did gamble all that he had to build a better world, for all his hunting gear, his attitude, his consciousness, his structure of holiness, he gambled away.
Then when he only had one arrow, the very last arrow, "Now, before I gave away these powers to a world that will not be ours, I will sing a song, a powerful sacred song to win back this world for all Indian people in the Indian world."
Before he threw the sticks and sacred rocks to the ground, he put a song in the arrow and he won back all that he lost.
This is a very special message and a song from the Havasupai Nation, where pure water flows from all first nations heart, the mother earth she will give you a triumphant victory, you are all the great grand children of Sitting Bull and Bigfoot great sacred love and earth brother respect be sent to all of you, let peace be accepted in your hearts and holy happiness will come to you, love your people and love your land, stand and centralize.

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