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January 20, 2013

Whapmagoostui Youth Trekkers 'We are true Warriors'

By Matthew Mukash
Censored News
A special thank you to Matthew and 
the walkers from Censored News!
January 20, 2013
Went to the land today on ski-doo to see how our walkers are doing. They're doing very well and highly pumped up by the news of support coming from the four directions of Earth. They say the harshest of winter conditions will not stop them! On their second day on the land they walked under a relentless -38 temperature. Simply incredible! They're determined  to succeed irregardless of the challenges they could face each day!

Our young walkers do not want us to worry about them. "We are true Warriors!" - they say. The first five days have taught them a lot and from that they know they will survive and successfully carry the message of unity, harmony and balance to Ottawa for all of us!

Their message to all, is this: This Sacred Journey is ultimately about HUMAN SURVIVAL. As such, it is the responsibility of every human being to reflect upon what this means for each one of us, our families, our communities, our nation and ultimately the whole of humanity. Unity of peoples is what it will take to restore societal balance and harmony; thus, the main purpose of their Journey. They want to see peoples coming together and start planning and building a better future for generations to come. They also say that this Journey will help them in their own personal development. They know this Journey will condition them to be able to deal current life challenges that each one faces.

Our walkers express sincere gratitude for the support of all, your prayers and good thoughts.

On my way back, I broke into tears a few times just thinking about them -- these young warriors -- their determination and the meaning of what they have chosen to do for humanity, the sacrifices they're making. And I thought about what this sacred Journey means to me, my family, my community and my nation.

I remembered what our Elders often tell us: Each one of us human beings has a gift and a sacred duty that we're born with. It always had to do with influencing universal harmony and balance. So many of us don't make the effort to find out what our purpose in life is. As a result, our lives are often in shambles. In the days of our Ancestors, the role of Elders was to give guidance to parents and show them to recognize the child's gift and the role he or she will play as an adult for the tribe's survival and well being. The Elders teachings were heeded with no question and, in our society, every individual was considered equal and as important to each and every member of the tribe.

As I drove on the land today, I reflected upon what our Elders have been saying in the past, and more strongly, today; The Eeyouch or Aboriginal peoples of this continent were given a sacred duty by the Great Creator as caretakers of Mother Earth. We must unite and reclaim and continue to carry out this sacred duty, for without this happening, the Earth will die ... and along with her all her children - us!

Doesn't it make sense then why these seven young men have chosen to embark upon this Sacred Journey, to wake up humanity?

So my good friends, what does the Journey of Nishiyuu mean to you?

"In the North will rise a People, they will bear the sign of the goose......."

(January 20th):


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this beautiful sharing. How beautiful these youth, thank you for your beautiful storytelling. Shururu from west coast, California, sending warmth your way.

Gail McEwen Miller said...

Very beautiful account. Thank you!

Heather said...

Sending support and prayers from a grandmother in Toronto [I am not native but I support Idle No More... I care deeply about the environment, and I support First Nations.].

what an amazing journey!
I pray every night for the group of you, Theresa Spence, Raymond Robinson.

Unknown said...

Greetings from South Africa! Keep strong and may the Creator bless the youth and their families. To be able to do what they are doing on their homeland must be a great honour and spiritually fulfilling. I am Greek and I miss my home. To see what these youth are doing is very moving.