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January 28, 2013

The Journey Nishiyuu Youth Trekkers Jan. 28, 2013

Today Jan 28, 2013, Chisasibi soon. Walked 168 kilometers. Photo SJ George.

 Whapmagoostui youth trekkers entroute to Ottawa

By Matthew Mukash
Censored News

Photo 2 The day they left Whapmagoostui!
- Photo by Robbie Kawapit!

Jan. 28, 2013 at 8:54

Good morning to all!

Our walkers are doing well and will be on the trail again today. It will still take them a few days to reach Chisasibi. They had to take the long way because the support team from Chisasibi has not yet reach them. Our walkers are located just east of Seal River, on the James Bay coast.
Chief Stanley George who went to bring them some supplies yesterday spent the night with them and will be back today. He will give us a first hand update on the Walkers later on today or this evening.

Thank you all for the tremendous support to the cause! Word is spreading worldwide about these seven Walkers and their mission, and its only been a just over a week since the launching of the Journey of Nishiiyuu.


Matthew Mukash

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Roger Lagassé said...

Thanks for this site. It is hard to find information about the Cree Youth Snowshoe Trek.