Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

January 8, 2013

Anonymous -- A Message to Canadians

Published on Jan 6, 2013
Citizens of Canada, We are Anonymous.
Your country is in far deeper trouble than the government makes it out to be,
then what the media allows you to see.
This program will just touch on some of the major issues you as Canadians face.
This program will show how Harper deceived thousands.
How he has angered many, and has not done anything about it.

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Mycos said...

When the USSR collapsed circa 1990-91, the Bush Sr. admin asked staff member P. Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, and Dick Cheney to come up with a new justification to keep defense spending at Cold War levels despite the lack of any threat commensurate to the massive size and expense which the US defense dept, the Pentagon and associated military contractors had grown to over the last 40-50 years engaged in an arms race with another highly sophisticated nuclear superpower. That new "justification", one intended to convince taxpayers why no draw-down in defense spending that might lead to a lower tax burden, was leaked to the NYTimes in 1991 or 92. The contends were so extremely martial in tone that the GOP said they would withdraw it from consideration. However the 1992 Defense Spending Guidance sent out by the Pentagon to key military establishment members, contained many of the same elements of the "Wolfowitz Doctrine", as it came to be known as.
With Bush gone in '92, so were the officials mentioned earlier. However they formed a group known as PNAC, rewrote the DPG hoping for an easier sell to Clinton. However they waited until Bush Jr admin invited PNAC to form key posts in his admin. With 9/11 they went about enacting the 1992 DPG under cover of it being a war on "terror", but the Bush Doctrine is directly descended from Wolfowitz Doctrine, with provisions suggested by Likud-niks within US MIC having fears that a non-militarized USA would mean Israel would be on its own after decades of provocative activity against Arab neighbours, Palestinian refugees, UN observers, and even heads of state whom the Israeli right has embarrassed by blatantly international and diplomatic codes of conduct for a visiting head-of-state, or blatantly disregarding UN resolutions while claiming any criticism of their imperial vision of Zionism equates to anti-Semitic hostility of the sort leading to the Holocaust.