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January 31, 2013

Protest Destruction of Peaks! Stop Snowbowl! Idle No More!

Protest Destruction of the Peaks! Stop Snowbowl! Idle No More!

Join us February 1-9, 2013
In Flagstaff, Arizona

The multimillionaire owners of Arizona Snowbowl are preparing to celebrate "75 years" of ecological destruction and cultural genocide. We plan on being there to insure that we honor 500 years of resistance!

We have NEVER been idle.

In 1983, after decades of persistent community resistance, Snowbowl was allowed by a court ruling to develop a ski area on 777 acres of the Peaks. Snowbowl claims to be 75 years old, but the fact is they have only operated as a ski resort since the mid 80s. Their anniversary is premature, promoting a bluff that their existence is foundational to the beginning times of Flagstaff.

For the past two years, Snowbowl excavators cut into our mother, making way for the ski slope extensions and the reclaimed wastewater infrastructure. Then and still, we can not ignore the overwhelming rumble
of thousands of old-growth trees crashing into the torn earth.

So we hiked at dawn and chained ourselves to stop their violent machines. We marched peacefully with hundreds of our friends and neighbors as the Flagstaff police attacked us without provocation (all charges were ultimately dismissed). We blockaded Snowbowl road and were subject to further state violence as jackhammers and metal saws cut inches from our limbs. Nearly 50 arrests marked our deep commitment to stop the colonial violence of the state and madness of greedy corporations. We have been compelled by the goal of protection for this sacred mountain, for protection of this rare alpine wilderness area, for protection of public health, for protection of the animals who make the Peaks their home, for protection of the endangered San Francisco Peaks Groundsel, and protection for all those who know their sacred links with these mountains.

Snowbowl is now the first ski area in the world to make fake snow from 100% treated sewage. We have temporally lost this battle with attacks on us from the U.S. Forest Service and the so called U.S. "judicial system", but we still can and will stop snowmaking.

We invite everyone who finds the calling in their hearts to resist, oppose, & confront Snowbowl to join us in the spirit of Idle No More. "Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and
fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water." -

We respect diversity of tactics and encourage affinity based organizing. We also call for other actions/protests at any of the dates suggested below or at any other locations.

Our action is our prayer.
Fri. Feb 1st -  March through Downtown. Meet/converge at 6:30pm at Wheeler Park.
Mon. Feb 4 - Collins Pub & Monsoon Restaurant* - 9pm
Tues. 5 - Altitudes Bar & Grill* - 9pm
Wed. 6 - Hotel Weatherford/Charly's* 5:30pm (they'll be in Zane Grey)
we'll go to the Lumberyard* at around 8pm
Thurs. 7th - San Felipes* - 9pm
Fri. 8th - High Country Conference Center* - (starting at 6pm)
Sat. 9th - Flash Mob Round Dance Downtown at Heritage Square - 5pm
(look/listen for the drums!)

Check this site for more event info and their sponsors:
*Look for banners, dress warm, and bring a camera if you can.
When Mother Earth is Under Attack, What do we do?

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