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Friday, April 19, 2013

Russell Means to be inducted into Native American Music Awards Hall of Fame


By NAMA Hall of Fame
Censored News
Niagara Falls, NY - The 14th Annual Native American Music Awards will be inducting the late American Indian activist, actor, and musician, Russell Means, into the NAMA Hall of Fame on May 10, 2013 at the Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino in Niagara Falls, New York.

The NY Times described him as, "the charismatic Oglala Sioux who helped revive the warrior image of the American Indian in the 1970s with protests that called attention to the nation’s history of injustices against its indigenous peoples". The LA Times called him, “the most famous American Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.”  Means is remembered as an “Oglala Lakota patriot and freedom fighter” by his family.

An inspirational visionary, Russell Means, passed away in October of 2012 at his ranch in Porcupine, South Dakota at the age of 72. He will remain one of the most magnetic voices in America. His vision was to create peaceful and positive images celebrating the magic and mystery of his American Indian heritage. He was committed to educating all people about the preservation of the earth. He encompassed tremendous character and ability in multiple mediums on all fronts; whether as a co-founder of A.I.M., leading a protest, fighting for constitutional rights, starring in a motion picture, or performing his "Rap-ajo" music.

As a musician, Means released two national recordings, the 16 track Electric Warrior, on Warrior Records in 1993, and The Radical, released on the American Indian Music Company, Inc., in 1995. He described his music as a Tribal Experience that included all genres of music; Classical, Country & Western Rock-n-Roll, Hard Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz and the Blues. He called his own music and words, Rap-ajo because he said, “It’s my version of Rap”.

Means entered the entertainment business in both film and music to try to change mainstream attitudes toward American Indians. His recordings contained songs entitled, “Nuclear World”, “Paha Sapa”, “Wounded Knee Set Us Free”, “Chief Joseph”, “Consipiracy To Be Free” and more. These recordings preserve the life and legacy of Russell Means through music and spoken word and are a reminder of his courage, inspiration and teachings now left behind for us.

His wife Pearl Means will be present to receive the Hall of Fame Induction. A musical tribute, accompanied by images of Means throughout his life, will be performed by Native American Music Award winner CC Murdock.  CC Murdock, who won Best Country Recording in 2011, will be performing the song, Go Rest High On That Mountain. During his final journey, the ashes of Russell Means were spread at Yellow Thunder Camp in the Black Hills.

Copies of Russell Means’ CD recordings will be available at the 14th Annual Native American Music Awards and at:

511 Avenue of the Americas  Suite 371  New York  NY 10011
ph 212.228.8300  fx 646.688.6883  email


Bron: Censored News
Niagara Falls, NY - Op 10 mei 2013 zal Russell Means ,Amerikaans Indiaanse activist, acteur en muzikant ingehuldigd worden op de 14de jaarlijkse NAMA Hall of Fame , dat plaats heeft in het Seneca Niagara Hotel & casino in Niagara Falls, New York.
De New York Times beschrijft hem als :
 “ de charismatische Oglala Sioux die in de jaren 1970 het beeld van de Indiaanse krijger deed heropleven met protesten die de aandacht vestigden op de onrechtvaardigheden tegen inheemse naties.”
De LA Times noemde hem : “de beroemdste Amerikaanse Indiaan sinds Sitting Bull en Crazy Horse”.
Zijn familie kende hem als : “ Een Oglala patriot en vrijheidstrijder”.
Russell Means, een inspirerende visionair, overleed in oktober 2012 in zijn ranch in Porcupine,Zuid Dakota op de leeftijd van 72 jaar.
Hij zal steeds een van de meest boeiende stemmen in Amerika blijven .
Zijn visioen was om vredevolle en positieve voorstellingen te creëren om de magie en het mysterie van zijn Indiaanse afkomst te vieren.
Hij wijdde zich aan het bewustmaken van het belang voor het beschermen van de aarde.
Hij heeft een geweldige rol gespeeld in meerdere media op alle fronten; als medeoprichter van AIM , protestleider, in destrijd voor grondwettelijke rechten, als acteur of met zijn Rap-ajo muziek.
Als muzikant heeft Means twee nationale opnamen gerealiseerd,Electric Warrior, 16 track bij Warrior Records in 1993, en The Radical, uitgegeven door The American Indian Music Compay in 1995.
Hij beschreef zijn muziek als een tribale ervaring die alle genres omvat; klassiek, Country & Western Rock-n-Roll, Hard Rock, Hip Hop,R&B,Jazz en Blues.
Hij noemde zijn eigen muziek en woorden Rap-ajo omdat zoals hij zei "het zijn versie van Rap was."
Means trad binnen in de entertainment business, zowel in films als in de muziek om te proberen de heersende houding tegenover Amerikaanse Indianen te veranderen.
Zijn opnamen bevatten liederen met titels: “Nuclear World”,”Paha Sapa”,Wounded Knee Set us Free, “Chief Joseph”, “Conspiracy To Be Free” en meer.
Deze opnamen houden het leven en de erfenis van Russel Means vast . Zijn muziek en zijn gesproken woorden  herinneren ons aan zijn moed, en inspiratie die hij voor ons heeft achtergelaten
Zijn vrouw Pearl Means zal bij de inhuldiging aanwezig zijn. Een muzikaal tribuut zal gebracht worden door de Native Amerikaanse muziekprijs winnaar CC Murdock.
Murdock heeft de prijs voor Best Country Recording gewonnen in 2011.
Hij zal het lied “Go Rest High On That Mountain” brengen.
Russell Means’s as werd uitgestrooid in Yellow Thunder Camp in de Black Hills.
Copies van Russel Means CD recordings zijn te verkrijgen bij :

Terrance Nelson 'White Privilege Conference Seattle'

By Terrance Nelson
First Nation Roseau River Anishinabe
Dr. Eddie Moore Jr:
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be keynote speaker at the White Privilege Conference in Seattle Washington on Friday April 12th 2013. To present to over a thousand people in the Assembly was especially meaningful to me because, the people present were activists from all over the United States, people who stand up for human rights.
To be truthful, I was wondering if there would be 2,000 people registered in the conference. To see how well organized you were and how much the people who attended were determined to make a difference is indeed unique. I congratulate you Dr. Moore on your impressive achievements.

Exclusive: Allan Nairn Exposes Role of U.S. and New Guatemalan President in Indigenous Massacres | Democracy Now!

Exclusive: Allan Nairn Exposes Role of U.S. and New Guatemalan President in Indigenous Massacres | Democracy Now!

Mohawk Nation News 'Energy Balance'


MNN. Apr. 19, 2013. In these dark hours of designed chaos, war and violence will not bring resolution. Mass confusion is being created to erupt into military action. In the Mohawk language, “te ho te ri wa kwen ten” means that “they have pushed matters to a ridiculous extreme putting everything out of balance”. We can solve our problems by bringing our minds together.
US cowboys and Indians mentality.
US “cowboys and Indians” model of colonialism.

The Charter of the United Nations was modeled on the Constitution of the United States. The United States Senate [Con. Res. 76, 2 Dec. 1987] has recognized that its constitution is modeled on our law, the Kaianerekowa, the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace. The United States is a colonial power that never understood true democracy. 
The US President is the Commander in Chief of the military. In our law War Chiefs are not allowed to decide when to go to war. This decision can only be made by the people. In our law every women can recall our representatives if they fail to listen to the people. foreigners 
Great energy has been put towards the destruction of “tribal people” worldwide. The bankers want us to be estranged from our relatives and the earth that we are duty bound to protect. They want us to be assimilated with races with an artificial culture and no connection to the land, so the war will continue. 
Large states have no right to dominate small ones. The bankers put a price on everything. They want everybody to have mortgages, loans and diluted cultures. Bombs are being planted by “foreigners”[?]. The media whips up the public to create fear and anger to promote vigilantism. The US gives itself reasons to invade anyone they want, kill them and steal their resources. tribal warlords
People, groups and nations have to help each other. Destroying human and natural resources, in war and conflict for the benefit of a few, will annihilate us. War wastes human and resource energy that could be used to build houses and schools, to care for the elderly and sick, to nurture the children so they grow into strong, creative, intelligent and fulfilled human beings and to heal the earth. 
True legality is based on the consent of the people. US power is based on military and economic force through “bribery”. It’s human trafficking, fraud, false flags and everything deviant. 
We can share universal peace, prosperity and harmony. We are all interdependent, equal and need each other.  To all our relations, to the natural world, to all spirits in the universe, we must balance the male and female energy within the consensus process to bring peace to the world. We are all one. As Annie Lennox sings: “Hey, hey. I saved the world today. Everybody’s happy now, the bad thing’s gone away. And everybody’s happy now, the good thing’s here to stay. Please let it stay.”
MNN For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 

Howard Uhal: America and the 'Good People'

Please stop trying to punish America
By Howard Uhal
April 19, 2013
By now many of you have read Patton Oswalt’s heartfelt comments following the Boston Marathon bombing.[1] I agree with Mr. Oswalt that good will triumph over evil. I strongly disagree that this is happening in America.
Would good people invade the New World, slaughter the native inhabitants while stealing their resources, and then justify it all in the name of "Manifest Destiny"?
Would good people continue to imprison the remnants of that native population in prisoner of war camps called “Indian reservations” so the stealing of their resources could continue?
Would good people build a nation in part on the institution of slavery and then refuse to pay any reparations to the descendants of those slaves?
Would good people be as racist and/or as sexist as most Americans are?
Would good people be the greatest purveyors of violence in the world today?
Would good people spend more on weapons than on food and medicines for the hungry and the sick?
Would good people have used atomic weapons in Japan, biological weapons in Korea, chemical weapons in Vietnam, and radiological weapons in Iraq?
Would good people torture their prisoners of war and other detainees?
Would good people have cheered when Osama bin Laden was murdered by their government?
Would good people need as many prisons and jail cells as America has?
Would good people be the world’s biggest consumers of illegal drugs such as heroin and meth?
Would good people tolerate and even support an “entertainment” industry that fills their homes and their children’s minds with violence and depravity?
Would good people step over the body of someone who had just been shot or mugged, stopping only to take a picture with their cell phones?
Would good people build and attend mega-churches while doing little or nothing to help the growing crowds of homeless people huddled outside those structures?
No, they would not. From this perspective, Americans are wicked and uncaring down to the very core of their withered souls.
But I have the following advice for all of you who hate America (a plea, actually):
Please stop trying to punish America. These terrorist attacks serve no useful purpose. Their chief outcomes are to reinforce our somewhat delusional belief in America’s fundamental goodness, and to divert resources from potential acts of charity to acts of repression and revenge.
If anyone is going to punish America, it should be God. If He does not punish America, then what right does anyone else have to do so?
And I have a companion plea for those who love America:
Please don’t let your love of America blind you to the horrible things we are doing. Every day, in nations all over the world, human beings are being blown to pieces by bombs paid for by your tax dollars or in conflicts started by your government’s misguided “diplomacy”. You have blood on your hands. Open your eyes and deal with it.
Howard Uhal is a Vietnam era veteran of the US Army and a former nuclear submarine officer. He writes the satirical blog “The Apocalypse of Saint Howard” (

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