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Monday, October 7, 2013

American Indians demand US fulfill Treaty obligations during shutdown

American Indian Nations demand US fulfill Trust and Treaty obligations during US government shutdown

By United Native Americans

October 7, 2013
Noon until 2 pm, with press conference, at BIA

SACRAMENTO, CA - United Native Americans, in solidarity with Idle No More Global Day of Action will host a peaceful rally and press conference Monday, October 7, 2013 at the John Moss Building. Central California Agency/Bureau of Indian Affairs located 650 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, California to address the issues regarding the government shut down and its effects on the American Indian community. The event will begin at noon and end at 2:00 PM

We as the indigenous community demand that the humanitarian crisis, that our people are suffering from be acknowledged and resolved immediately. We demand that the federal government continue to honor all treaties made between the United States government and the Indigenous People of North America before the shutdown. 

Many people around the globe are currently unaware of the humanitarian crisis that is affecting America's First Nation people and that it is due to the US federal government shut down. The federal government has all but cut its aid to the American Indian community.

Photos Dine' for Wild Horses at Shiprock Fair Parade

Thank you Legacy, Dine' for Wild Horses, for allowing Censored News to share your photos above from Shiprock Fair and Parade!
"Shi'zeehi' (father) Jones Benally , shi (Me) doi shi' na'heh' (big brother) Kenneth Davis, doi shi'ts'li' (lil Brother) Clayson Benally. Great times at the ship rock parade. Oct 2013"
Photo by Jenn M. Harvey, thanks for sharing with Censored News!

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