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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Governor Jerry Brown’s 10 Worst Environmental Policies

Governor Jerry Brown’s 10 Worst Environmental Policies 

Photo: Governor Jerry Brown drinks water and breathes air just like the rest of us, but his horrible environmental policies sabotage laws protecting the water and air. Photo by Dan Bacher.  

Article and photo by Dan Bacher 

On October 17, Governor Brown failed to show up to receive a “Right Stuff” environmental award from the BlueGreen Alliance at a gala dinner at Le Parc Hotel in San Francisco as over 60 people protested outside. Every year, the Apollo Alliance Project of the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation recognizes business, community, environmental and labor leaders for their “outstanding work in advocating for family-sustaining jobs, clean energy, stronger infrastructure, and a better future for all of us.” 

Mohawk Nation News 'Breaking Bad Senate' Fracking the Mi'kmaqs

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Guess who are among the top owners of the frackers of Houston Texas! Phillip Morris, Verizon, ATandT, Century Link, Comcast (Capital Research Global); Facebook, Google, Nike, Starbucks (Sands Capitol Management) Exxon, Chevron, Walmart, McDonalds, Walt Disney, Apple, Microsoft, (Vanguard) Goldman Sachs, more.
Mike, Pat and Pam: "Not fair! We stole the money but we're paying it back!"
Senators Mike, Pat & Pam: “Not fair to kick us out! We stole the money. Harper said we just had to pay it back!”
Senators’ job is to report to the banker shareholders of the corporation of Canada. They help the economic royalty steal our resources for their global war economy. 
To push the global agenda, senators make sure the public and especially the Indigenous land, resources and fund owners, stay quiet. They write the genocidal bills and lobby to make sure they’re passed. Their goal has always been to totally exterminate us.  

Prime Minister Harper: "Everybody goes down except me!"Prime Minister Harper: “Everybody goes down but me!”
Senators take an oath to the Queen of England. This Senate theatrical scam in Ottawa is to divert our attention from the on-going theft of our possessions, in particular our ever-growing $450 trillion Indian Trust Fund. 
The bankers won’t get rid of the Senate and its CEO henchmen of the Corporation of Canada: the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Leader of the Opposition.  They can’t until everything is stolen and dragged over to the banker syndicate in England. 
Like the Nazis who got caught after the war, nobody admitted guilt. Prime Minister Harper and about ten senators are slitting each other’s throats. 
Senators: "Same old! We have to keep our hand in the jar somehow!"
Senators: “It’s the same old scam to keep our hand in the cookie jar!”
Hey, Pam, Mike and Pat. Look what Walter White did when he lost his teaching job. He turned to making and selling metamphetamine. That’s not any different from what you’re doing in the Senate! We remind you that all you intruders are entitled to the depth of a plowshare, which is 6 inches. 
Senators, if the meth lab doesn’t work out, you could “Clean your act up and don’t be a slob/get a haircut and get a real job”. George Thorogood: “Get a Haircut!”
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Republished with permission at Censored News.

Inter-Faith Prayer Vigil for Dr. Lehman Brightman Founder United Native Americans

We ask Everyone to Please Pray for Strength and Healing for Lee & for Our Family During these Trying Times. Currently Dr. Brightman is a Patient in the Intensive Care Unit at Kaiser Walnut Creek in Room 209. His Doctors have Informed us that Lee's Current Sepsis Infection is Very Severe. His Doctors have informed us that His Bladder and Kidneys are Infected as well as Possibly Suffering from Pneumonia. 
If You would like to Send Flowers or a Get Well Soon Care Send them Directly to:
Kaiser Permanente
1425 S Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
We greatly appreciate your support of U.N.A. and most importantly the prayers and well wishes extended for Dr. Brightman.
The Entire U.N.A. Family Would Like to Personally Say Thank You To All Our Family & Friends Praying For a Full Recovery For Our Father.
If You Have Any Questions Feel Free to Contact Us at (510)672-7187.
♥♥ Lila Pilamayaye To Everyone for Praying for The Great Lehman L. Brightman

Terrance Nelson 'The Next Flash Point'

The Next Flash Point

By Terrance Nelson
Roseau River Anishinabe
Censored News

On the phone from his home in Kingston, Ontario, Bland told the Straight that Canada’s economy is “very vulnerable to disruption” via the country’s transportation infrastructure. He recalled that in 2012, a Canadian Pacific Railway strike was estimated to cost the economy $540 million per week.
“Imagine if the thing was shut down for three months?” Bland added. “The economics of transport are very important to British Columbia and they are very important to the rest of the country. If they shut down the railway lines going over the Rockies…as the strike with the railways proved last year, it would be a very serious problem for the government.”
Grand Chief:
The article in the Straight provides information that First Nations are not powerless. When we first met in 2000, you and your wife were on the boat landing at Burnt Church New Brunswick. Same issue, different time. White Governments, white people and companies using violence to enforce theft of natural resource wealth. In 2000, Burnt Church First Nation fishers were only taking 1% of the lobster after the courts upheld indigenous rights to do so. For most (but not all) of the white people in New Brunswick, that 1% was too much. The rule of law is a sick joke.
Yesterday, I was in Steinbach Manitoba at the RCMP station. Four RCMP cruisers carrying four Ojibway women came in from Buffalo Point First Nation. Their crime was wanting democracy. Eighty-two year old Helen "ella" Cobiness lead her two granddaughters, Carrie and Brittney and 54 year Angie Camp to the band office to do a peaceful sit in. The RCMP came in, they were dragging 54 year old Angie Camp out and they arrested Carrie, Brittney and Helen Cobiness. APTN and the local paper the Carillion were there at the RCMP station in Steinbach to take pictures of the RCMP bringing in the women.

Bad Bear's Photos: Longest Walk 4 Beautiful Rockies Monarch Pass


Photos by Western Shoshone long walker Bad Bear Sampson


Long Walker Michael Lane on Salida Community Radio this evening.

Photos by Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson, copyright, thank you for sharing with Censored News!
Monarch Pass elevation: 11,312 feet
  1. Longest Walk 4 Return made it to Monarch Pass! They are walking west toward Gunnison, Colorado, on Highway 50 today, Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. Share the love, with a stay place, food or supplies! They need a stay place in Green River, Utah. From Utah, they walk through Nevada! Contact Michael Lane, cell 202-436-6576.
    More photos: Bad Bear's photos from Friday, walk from Monarch Pass to Gunnison:
Longest Walk 4

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