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Monday, October 28, 2013

Longest Walk 4: The Road to Montrose Colorado





Photos by Bad Bear Sampson, thanks for sharing with Censored News!

Honoring the memory of Robert Bucksin, Klamath Long Walker 1978

By Censored News

Bad Bear and Cindy

The Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz honored the memory of Robert Bucksin, Klamath long walker on the original long walk in 1978. Robert's wife Cindy and family members walked in his memory on Monday.
"Today the Longest Walk 4 honored the memory of Saa swanis his waqs, who was also known as Robert Bucksin and Robert Loureiro. He was cohead of security on the 1978 Longest Walk, was strongly committed to Indigenous Sovereignty, and initiated and was involved with many Indian Walks and Runs," the walk said.
They walked from Cimarron to Montrose, which was followed with an honoring dinner.
Terri Sznkowski said, "The Longest Walk 4 is honoring Robert Buckskin who was Head of Security on the Longest Walk in 1978." 
The walkers walked down from Cerro Summit with Robert's family. 
"It is so good to see the young ones and his family," Terri said.
The walkers are walking on Hwy 50 near Montrose, Colorado, enroute to Grand Junction, Colorado, Monday, Sept. 28, 2013.

Message from Supai Waters to all front line nations

Message from Supai Waters to all front line nations

Message from Supai Waters
Damon Watahomigie, Havasupai
Censored News

"Warning. Warrior Nation, surrender your anger and vengeance to the the gods not your leaders. They have no answer. Do not strike back, feel every pain and bitterness. Take  courage, you're doing it for your land and your children's future and their generations that are yet still to come. We are praying for all front line nations. 

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