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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Slavery'


Mohawk Nation News

mnnlogo1MNN. NOV. 6, 2013. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Prime Minister Stephen Harper grew up In West Toronto, lived and shopped at the same plaza!! Canadians and world elites are supporting these degenerates! Ford is on a video smoking crack. Harper bribed a senator. They both think, “We can do anything we want.” The masses are slaves to tyrants? The elites protect each other’s criminal activities. Those who make the most money make the rules. The plutocracy of white privilege supported by the money put into their off-shore bank accounts by multinational bankers can do as they please. The polls support them. The mainstream media shamelessly promotes these con men worldwide.

Uranium mine threatening Supai sacred land Grand Canyon temporarily halted

Energy Fuels Resources decided to place the Canyon Mine in non-operational status. The halt is expected to last until a December 2014 court decision. The Canyon Mine poses a critical threat to Red Butte, sacred place of Havasupai Nation -- Indigenous Action Media

By Roger Clark, Grand Canyon Trust
Robin Silver, Center for Biological Diversity
Sandy Bahr, Sierra Club
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat

“Zombie” Grand Canyon Uranium Mine Halted

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK­ --- For the second time in as many decades, operations to open the Canyon uranium mine six miles south of Grand Canyon National Park have been suspended. The Havasupai Tribe, which had previously challenged the mine, and conservation groups have been working to stop this mine because of potential harm to waters and wildlife of Grand Canyon, as well as cultural resources.
Pursuant to an agreement with the Havasupai Tribe and conservation groups, and citing “business reasons,” Energy Fuels Resources, Inc. decided to place the mine in non-operational, standby status on Tuesday. 

Mohawk Nation News 'Death of Anti-Indian'ism!'



MNN. NOV. 3, 2013. We true Indigenous are the caretakers of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. The great natural power inspires us to stand up for our inherent values, mainly to protect the environment. Our land was stolen by the self-serving bankers to establish one of the most vicious capitalistic war machines in the history of the world. More and more are standing with us and helping us keep an eye on our enemies. 

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