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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Navajo Chapters oppose liabilities waiver for BHP dirty coal

Dangerous BHP ash ponds

Navajo Nation waiving all BHP Billiton’s liabilities and its associated costs NOT endorsed by the Navajo shareholders

By Dine' CARE

Farmington – On November 24, 2013, the Shiprock Chapter passed a resolution to oppose the waiver of BHP Billiton’s liabilities with a vote of 57-0. 

On this same day, a Farmington Daily Times article stated, “Shiprock is the only chapter to issue a resolution that opposes the waiver of liability.” This statement failed to include three other Chapters; Dilkon, Tiis Tsoh Sikaad (Burnham), and Tsé al náozt’í (Sanostee) who also oppose the Navajo leadership in purchasing the Navajo Mine and/or opposing the waiver of liabilities. On September 15, 2013, Tsé al náozt’í Chapter was the first to oppose the Navajo Mine purchase before the Navajo Nation Council waived BHP’s liabilities.

Leonard Peltier 'Day of Mourning Statement'

Day of Mourning Statement from Leonard Peltier

November 2013 

Censored News

Greetings my relatives friends and supporters,

It is yet another year. It seems like a thousand years ago but only a year in time in reality from the last time I dictated one of these statement for the day of mourning so, again, I want to say as last time, that I am honored that you would want to hear my words.
Sometimes when I lay on my bunk and I am between sleeping and awake, for a small moment of time, I am free and I am there with you. I know this sounds kind of melodramatic and I am not trying to be so, but things affect you differently inside of here and things affect you differently as you get older. But I want to say with all my strength, some things don’t change, at least not for me. 

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