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Monday, November 28, 2016

Army Corps says no forced removal of Standing Rock water protectors

This is not Syria. This is Standing Rock. These are water protectors on Thanksgiving Day at the river prepared for attack by militarized police, DAPL hired mercenaries and the the Morton County Sheriff.
Photo copyright Rob Wilson.
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
The US Army Corps said today, Sunday, that it has no plans to forcibly remove Standing Rock water protectors camped on Treaty land at the Oceti Sakowin Camp on the banks of the Cannon Ball River. The Army Corps said it will issue citations.
However, there is no guarantee that the Morton County Sheriff, Dakota Access Pipeline's hired mercenaries, and militarized police will not attack, as they have done repeatedly, if these out-of-control police come into Oceti Sakowin Camp to issue citations.
After the Army Corps of Engineers announced it would shut the camp down on Dec. 5, Native American women warriors, including Dine', Lakota and Paiute women warriors, began acquiring bulletproof vests, gas masks, goggles and body armor.
A Lakota youth now faces possibly losing her eye after being hit by a police projectile by police. Doctors are trying to save the arm of a young woman in New York, after her arm was shattered by a police projectile during the prayerful blockade.
Reuters news agency reported Sunday:
U.S. authorities said on Sunday they had no plans to forcibly remove activists protesting plans to run an oil pipeline beneath a lake near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, despite telling them to leave by early December.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the federal land where the main camp protesting the Dakota Access pipeline is located, said last week it would close public access to the area north of the Cannonball River on Dec. 5
On Sunday, the agency said in a statement that it had "no plans for forcible removal" of protesters. The statement said anyone who remained would be considered unauthorized and could be subject to various citations. It also said emergency services might not be adequately provided to the area. Read article at Reuters
Previous post at Censored News:
Letter from the Army Corps, with Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault's reponse:


Yvonne Swan said...

Prayers are strong. I pray the destroyers are blocked and helpless and the protectors are warm, healthy and happy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, army corp of engineers are trying to scare water protectors and allies away. So what.
Even white citizens can see that they could lose their Freedom.

Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to assemble.
White America is realising if the 'Indians' get treated so horribly, it could happen to them too.
White America wants someone in their corner but trump was just a lie.
White America is wondering why their leaders are telling them that CLIMATE CHANGE is a hoax, while their homes are being destroyed by floods, wildfires, droughts, earthquakes, winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat, & other extreme weather.
White people can't be that damn stupid as the t.v. acts that they are!
Gee old white folks, how does it feel to know that the real threat is not from communism but from corporations selling you out ?
Greed is destroying America.
Americans, where is your loyalty to your homelands?
Americans, you fight against foreign wars, you travel the world over in every foreign country to fight for democracy, where are you NOW that your country, peaceful, praying Standing Rock needs you to PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZEN'S rights to FREE SPEECH?
Time for white America to wake up!
Quit selling your families out by blaming the poor people, the blacks, the this, the that..
The billionaires are screwing over the American public.
Stop being whiny little complainers about the blacks & Mexicans,
& get off your asses and help save AMERICA, the beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Time for White America to wake up and do something to help themselves.
There are GOOD WHITE AMERICANS, can we all become GOOD HUMAN BEINGS?
White Americans do you know that alot of people think you need to quit being so lazy, spoiled, privileged, fussy, entitled, shop-a-holic, my shit don't stink, 'I'm better than everyone even though I say I'm not'
Obnoxious BRATS!!!
(You know who you are)
Fight for your rights white people by being real & getting along with others.
There are 4 human races.
Unite. Become a human being.
Live together in peace.

Anonymous said...

Privileged people play privileged games,
Poor people cry tears of blood.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but to notice the dec 5th is the birthday of the traitor named Custer. "Not attacking, just going to issue citations", don't let your guard down, phychopaths have 0 empathy, nor is their truth in any of their mouths. I am sorry that we believe it will take blood to garner freedom when all we need to do is withhold our money, cancel corporate christmas,valentine,easter,taxtime and any other stupid "holiday" scam. I did not capitalize any unnecessary word here either. Wake up please people you are being screwed by your puppet regime! my name is Linda.

Anonymous said...

the longest river in
N. America.
Runs through;
North Dakota
South Dakota
For thousands & thousands of years the river had been a source of life, food, sustanence for the original people, plants, animals, all life.
That's why Water Is Life.
Water Protectors Water Rezpectors.
Due to human industrial development the water quality, wildlife, & fish populations have suffered.

wiseoldsnail said...

choking the flow of emergency access to and from the camp is a war crime

Anonymous said...

Really! Is it ok to just use chemical warfare on Native Americans & "Indian lovers"
(ya know like white supremacist say "n_gger lovers")?
None of the white Americans have to worry that they will be tear gassed, pepper sprayed, maced...??
Really believe it won't happen??
C'mon good white Americans if you
really are not a racist and there are millions of you then protect mother earth from sea to shining sea.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is not celebrated as a religious holiday in USA, its a shopping bazaar consumer madness for the masses. Taking and getting.
Very little family time.

Anonymous said...

Missouri River meets lower Mississippi River and that makes it the 4th longest river in the world.
Love life, love the rivers, protect life, protect water.
Water is life.

Unknown said...

I think you're talking to Trump on this one. WE STAND WITH STANDING ROCK.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it's a race war. It's a human rights fight for all races. I am Choctaw/Mexican/German and I stand with Standing Rock. We are a United people trying to protect mother earth and those who live here. It would sadden me greatly to see DAPL prevail. I will continue my support of the people at Standing Rock. Red, yellow, black or whatever stand as one. Peace

Anonymous said...

Reuters news agency : Media paid for by corporate Billionaires.
And you believe them?

Anonymous said...

Dumping radioactive waste on/near reservations is genocide.

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