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November 10, 2016

TODAY NEW YORK CITY -- G4S out of Charlotte, Standing Rock, Palestine and Arizona Border!

G4S is a global corporation that specializes in torture and human rights abuses -- get them out of Charlotte, Standing Rock, Palestine and Arizona border!

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Wackenhut bus at Three Points, Arizona, adjacent to the
Tohono O'odham Nation, before the company was purchased
by the security monster G4S.
Photo Brenda Norrell, Censored News
G4S, we know them well on the southern border. The buses snake along the border to make money off of the migrants they snare. The buses now show they are owned by the British/Danish torturers, the security corporation G4S.
G4S bought the old nightmare Wackenhut Transportation.
Wackenhut was a longtime profiteering monster and split into two companies -- for maximum profiteering from misery.
Those two companies are Wackenhut Transportation (now G4S) and GEO private prisons.
Now, G4S is around the world engaging in torture and misery. GEO bankrolls itself with private prisons filled with migrants, American Indians, blacks and Chicanos.
Wackenhut also once held the security contract for Peabody Coal on Black Mesa. Peabody Coal is a birthplace of monsters.
Today, in New York City, there is march against G4S.
The Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network said:
British-Danish conglomerate G4S, the world’s largest security company and its second-biggest private employer, plays key roles in racist state repression from Palestine, where it services and equips the prisons and detention centers, occupation and security forces, and checkpoints and settlements used to cage Palestinians and crush their resistance; to Standing Rock, where its forces have deployed to guard the route of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline and protesters have faced brutality including attack dogs, pepper spray, tear gas and rubber bullets; to Charlotte, North Carolina, where armed Charlotte Area Transit System officers, a private, G4S-run “company police” force, operate alongside the racist, lethal cops who killed Keith Scott.
In solidarity with the Charlotte Uprising, the Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike against administrative detention, medical neglect, the denial of family visits and other abuses in Israeli prisons, and the Native land and water defenders of Standing Rock, join us to demand that G4S end its complicity in racist state violence.
At 5:30 pm, we will march to Times Square.
Friday, 11 November
4:00 pm
G4S offices, NYC
19 W. 44th Street

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Anonymous said...

Violence begets violence, get rid of the Military oppression.
The military is following orders from fascist corporations,
look at how indigenous people are abused by police when PEACEFULLY PRAYING!! Money motivates the corporations who say to hell with human rights, human life, & do not care for plants or animals at all.
STAGING POLITICIANS TO BE THE FIGUREHEADS of countries while stealing every crumb.
Unite in Peace,
Stand in Resistance.