Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

November 24, 2016

Standing Rock Water Protectors Live Thursday, Nov. 24, 2016

Photos by Red Warrior Camp
Photos: Today November 24th at Canteparte Creek ~ Standing Rock 

"We will not go home! We will not give up. They will have to kill us to build this black snake!"
"Thank you for being good relatives!" -- Lakota grandmother this morning, on the line at the resistance and prayer circle in Mandan this morning. The true face of American's Thanksgiving -- oppression and corporate militarized police.

Above videos of today in Mandan, N.D. Below: Nov. 20, 2106 police attack on the bridge.


Anonymous said...

America is lying about genocide of indigenous people.
This is a day of mourning for indigenous.
This is white supremacy day for the invaders.
Stop the lies. Decolonize!

Anonymous said...

"Wiwang wacipi olowan" sacred "Sundance Song" 'GRANDFATHER _____ COME LOOK AT US_____BEHOLD US______ IT IS HARD TO STAND HERE______ THEY SAY THIS_____" . My beautiful Sundance bother and sisters and water Protectors!

Anonymous said...

Brave to go out to Mandan after what the police did on November 20th to hurt people. The young woman with the sign Mni Wiconi, she had red hair, and faced riot gear cop (walked backwards to her car), took courage to not fall apart!! She is really brave.
Its ok to cry after what the government has ordered brutal violence against prayerful citizens. The person walking beside her, the man livestreaming , the drummers & singers, all of you, You are heroes; s/heroes.
For every Obstacle of hate that you face there are a million people or more that love you.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriffs who ordered water protectors out of the restaurant should be reprimanded for not being able to have self control, and threatening citizens who have not committed a crime.
The racist white Trump supporters have been going crazy since he was elected 'gloating' over their feelings of superiority and acting aggressively. Those sheriffs keep that racist hostility going all the time. Its being revealed now we see the lies, the hate they pretend not to have.