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November 30, 2016

Photos -- Snow Mirrors Resilience of Standing Rock Water Protectors

Photos by Sarah Sunshine Manning. Thank you for sharing with Censored News
Snowfall yesterday and today at Oceti Sakowin Camp. CNN is present, let's see what they come up with.


Anonymous said...

Snow is good, better than mud.
Ask the Inuit & Yup'ik.
Sachs Harbor, Banks Island, Canadian Arctic 2000.
Newtok, coastal village, erosion, flooding, sinking 2009
Umiujag, Hudson Bay, fishing, snowmobiles on water, where's the ice ?? 2015
Migration to WHERE?

Ajijaak said...

Be wary of mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

CNN, media monopoly,
must of left the "firestorm" of
WILDFIRES of Gatlinburg Tennessee and Great Smoky Mountains wildfires in North Carolina, Georgia..
Where they are not stating information about the drought
& lets see: Oil tycoon
Charles Koch, for deregulation of oil industry, and he doesn't believe in Climate Science.
Does Big Oil OWN Big Media?
CNN, Where have you been?
NOT covering the news?

Anonymous said...

Watch & listen to CNN reports,
instead of stating how southeast is in drought, they wrote 'unusually dry'..
Must of had complaints..
CNN biased against writing facts of climate change ?

Anonymous said...

CNN NOV 12 2016
"North Carolina Wildfires Continue to Rage,
Arson Suspected."
People read the headlines & then say OMG arson!
Then not as much focus on Drought.
Even if somebody did start a fire it is NOT probable at all that it would spread like these fires.
The DROUGHT is the reason for these intense wildfires.
CNN could actually try to help Save Lives by doing factual reporting instead of downplaying the effects of climate change.
How could CNN help save lives?
By giving the public the information so they could be better prepared.

salome said...

Prayers and light for all of the protectors of the land and water...may THE CREATOR take care of all of you!!!#waterislife
#nodalp #standingwithyou

weeping willow said...

I live in South Alabama. There are creeks that are dry. When I ask older people if they have ever seen these creeks dry. They say never. Yes it is climate change. The pipeline in Shelby county that was found leaking. Was very close to a river that feeds into the Gulf. My brother lives there. I asked him last weekend if he heard what the damages to the environment were. He replied. The leak wasn't close to the river. Wth!!! Don't trust the media. Donot trust the pipelines. Thank you water protectors. Prayers and posative thoughts to you all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your concern. You are a beautiful and thoughtful person.

napervillesucks said...

Fuck Ace! I will never set foot into another Ace Hardware. They all sell propane, but
are refusing service to our camp of resistance? Any lawyers who can help with
an injunction against Ace Hardware for
active denial of life supporting heat via propane? I'm reaching out to anyone who
is in North Dakota who will support the
WATER IS LIFE movement!!

Unknown said...

Very fine sentiments. ..They are doing what they feel is right for their land and homes there. ..Every blessing. ..

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

This is terrible. ..Hatred and GREED are MORE alive and well than EVER! !😳
But I think that your local government is actually the problem. ..and the store may be afraid to stand up to them. ..

Unknown said...

Wait and see just what the local franchise owner's actual attitude is...He may have had no choice...from pressure of wrongful power over him. ..