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November 16, 2016

Censored News Hits 13 Million Pageviews -- A Labor of Love!

Photos: Censored News through the years
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

We're just about to hit the 13 million mark at Censored News! That's 13 million pageviews since we began more than 10 years ago! We did it without advertising, grants, salaries or revenues. Why did we do it? Because of the love of truth. Because of the censorship in the media. Because we wanted to be part of creating a better world. And because of our love of authentic journalism. We've been able to continue because people care, and the articles, photos and videos are given to you as labors of love. Thanks to everyone who has been part of Censored News.
We will be live at the American Indian Movement West Coast Conference in San Francisco, beginning Monday, with Govinda of Earthcycles. Our live show will include guests, and call-in guests, covering the issues from throughout Indian country. Our friends at radio stations are welcome to rebroadcast the programs and interviews.

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Donate here for Censored News coverage. We are in our 11th year of publishing with no ads or revenue. Donations for live coverage can be made at the PayPal above, or mailed to: Brenda Norrell, PMB 132, 405 E Wetmore Rd, Ste 117, Tucson, Arizona 85705.
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