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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ACE Hardware rescinds policy to halt sell of propane to Standing Rock water protectors during blizzard

Ace Hardware's corporate office said Wednesday that it would not sell propane in the region of the Standing Rock water protectors, where blizzard conditions are placing lives at risk. After an outcry on social media, then phone calls to the corporate office, and a national news story -- Ace Hardware's corporate office changed its policy today. As always, it is the people, standing solid in resistance, that made it happpen. Earlier, the Morton County Sheriff told stores not to sell propane to water protectors. Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier's lies are a campaign to ensure the pipeline gets built, and to promote his racist, genocidal policies targeting Native people and their supporters.

Update: After the news of the ban on the sale of propane to Standing Rock water protectors on Wednesday, the corporate Ace Hardware changed their policy on Thursday.

Oceti Sakowin Camp today. Photo by Sarah Sunshine Manning.

Ace Hardware Boycott urged after company refuses to sell propane in vicinity of Standing Rock during blizzard

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Update: After this article hit the national news late Wednesday, Ace Hardware released a statement on Thursday, Dec. 1, saying there is no ban on propane to Standing Rock water protectors.

Ace Hardware Wednesday that it would not sell propane in the region of the Standing Rock water protectors, where blizzard conditions are placing lives at risk. Ace said it is responding to a request by law enforcement.
Ace Hardware's policy, which defies human decency and human rights, can be heard in this audio recording by Kevin Gilbertt.
Gilbertt said propane is needed to keep people alive.
Gilbertt encouraged people to call Ace Hardware customer service and respond. "There is not enough wood in camp," he said, pointing out that it is too cold to go out, and too difficult to get enough wood for heat in camp.
Ace Hardware said it will not sell "incendiary" products in the vicinity of Standing Rock pipeline.
The company said, "Ace Hardware stores in the vicinity of recent pipeline protests in North Dakota have been requested by law enforcement officials to refrain from selling materials that could be used as incendiary devices."
Gilbertt said, "ACE Hardware needs to be boycotted."
Gilbertt points out that law enforcement, including the Morton County Sheriff's Department, has been brutalizing water protectors. While engaging in acts of cruelty and inflicting serious injury, law enforcement has spread lies about the water protectors.
Gilbertt also points out that the North Dakota Governor's claim of declaring an emergency evacuation out of concern for the safety of the people is ridiculous.
The fact that people are being denied propane in a life and death situation reveals the absurdity of the governor's statements of fake concern for the safety of the people.
"This is disgusting."
Ace Hardware released this statement:
Thank you for contacting the Ace Center. 
Ace Hardware stores in the vicinity of recent pipeline protests in North Dakota have been requested by law enforcement officials to refrain from selling materials that could be used as incendiary devices. Ace’s number one priority is to protect the safety of its employees, customers and the communities each store serves; Ace will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials. Ace’s compliance is not a reflection of any corporate viewpoint on the pipeline project.
If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and refer to incident 2529138.
Have a great day! Sincerely,
Camillia H. | Ace Care Center
(888) 827-4223

Below: Ace customer service reads the statement in this telephone recording.

Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane to Standing Rock water protectors in blizzard, latest in genocidal policies 

Photo by Sarah Sunshine Manning
(Written for Narco News, Google News)
STANDING ROCK, North Dakota -- Ace Hardware said today that it would not sell propane in the region of the Standing Rock water protectors, where blizzard conditions are placing lives at risk.
"There is not enough wood in camp," Kevin Gilbertt said, pointing out that it is too cold to go out, and too difficult to get enough wood for heat in camp. Gilbertt urged a boycott of Ace Hardware.
Ace Hardware said it will not sell "incendiary" products in the vicinity of Standing Rock pipeline.
The company said, "Ace Hardware stores in the vicinity of recent pipeline protests in North Dakota have been requested by law enforcement officials to refrain from selling materials that could be used as incendiary devices." Ace Hardware released the statement:
The refusal to sell propane to thousands of Native Americans and their allies, now camped in blizzard conditions, who are defending the Missouri River and burial places from Dakota Access Pipeline, is the latest in a campaign of total disregard for human life by North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple and Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.
Standing Rock victims of violence have filed a federal lawsuit over police brutality and excessive force. One Lakota girl is now at risk of losing her eye.
A young woman from New York has a shattered arm after being hit with a police projectile. Doctors are now trying to save her arm. Others were shot in the face and head with rubber bullets, and hundreds became ill after being sprayed with fire hoses and mace during freezing temperatures at night on Nov. 20.
Brandy Toelupe, president of the Water Protectors Legal Collective, told a legal panel at University of Arizona yesterday, "The violence is escalating to such a degree, that it is amazing that no one died that night," said Toelupe.
The panel included attorneys, professors, and Michelle Cook, Dine' founding member of the attorneys in camp, Water Protectors Legal Collective.
Layha Spoonhunter, Arapaho, Shoshone, Oglala Lakota and a member of the Indigenous Youth Council, said, "My little sister had her arm fractured," Spoonhunter said. When police refractured the youth's arm a second time, the officer smiled, Spoonhunter said. Read more:
Navajo veterans are joining more than 2,000 veterans who will stand the line in front of Standing Rock water protectors. Shiprock, N.M. President Chili Yazzie said more than 100 Navajo veterans are traveling to Standing Rock to serve on the banks of the Cannon Ball River.  “We have secured two charter buses to transport 112 Diné Veterans to Standing Rock, leaving Friday, Dec 2 to return on Tuesday, Dec 6.”
Read more at:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Brenda, I just called the national consumer line you have posted and told them exactly what I thought about the decision-making of their dealings with consumers and let them know they just lost a customer of 35 years and that I will spread the word and that the sheriff in Morton County North Dakota just caused them to lose business in their "Nation Wide Chain of Stores"....

Christian Bear said...

I'm done with Ace Hardware.

Anonymous said...

So, in effect Native Americans can't shop at ACE HARDWARE??

Sarah said...

Called their number.
Left a message with my clear disgust and shock from their anti-life-saving policy.
If enough people call they will start feeling the difference.

Victor said...

Please contact Corporate Media Relations and send a valid information 630-990-1478

Victor said...

Publish to corporate media room!

George said...

Thanks for the report; now please, watch the road!

Anonymous said...

dang i like ace hardware

George said...

The police are doing everything in their power to do hateful things to the protesters; just like they do/did with anti-war protesters; Blacks who Marched at Selma 50 years ago, KENT STATE!!!! to name a few.

They are so outside their job description.

When police (peace) officers commit crimes under the 'color of law;' this might mean that if they commit a crime, they are not a police officer during that time; just a criminal!

From the DOJ website:

"Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

"The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any."

Anonymous said...

ACE Hardware stores are locally owned stores.
Just goes to show how truly racist the towns, police, politicians, businesses, schools are against Native Americans in North Dakota, USA.

Anonymous said...

ACE Hardware
Kirkwood ACE Hardware
701 258 6161
located in Bismarck North Dakota.
Jeff Hinz is the owner of Kirkwood Hardware.
Jeff Hinz is the chairman of the North Dakota Retail Association.
Their PAC Golf fundraiser, big oil support.
Pic of Jeff Hinz presenting NRF award to
Republican Senator Hoeven at Republican headquarters in Bismarck ND.
America stole the lands from the indigenous people, and ACE Hardware doesn't even allow them to freaking shop in their store?

Anonymous said...

Ace is franchised. The owner of this particular franchise should not have their livelihood threatened by a boycott simply because they could get into far more entangling and expensive trouble by refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. I guarantee that after this is all over and dealt with that the permanent community there needs and wants that store more than the visitors there who are not getting their way... to call for a boycott is childish and selfish...

Anonymous said...

Way to screw the Stockholders Ace. Sales nationwide will drop drastically over this.

Brenda Lyons said...

A national boycott of all Ace Hardware. When I shop in the US I won't shop at any store or chain that discriminates against Indigenous people and who contribute to the ongoing genocide of said people. If I was an employee I would quit.

Anonymous said...

Morton County Sheriff is "Retarded" as is Kelcy Warren. The Whole World Is Watching!

Beth said...

ACE has issued a response:

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt due to alternative and social media vigilance and public outcry, ACE Hardware seems to have had a change of heart. The corporate, head office posted this statement on their website this morning:

Oak Brook, Ill.,
Ace Hardware statement on North Dakota protest and product sales

At Ace, our local store owners take great pride in serving their neighbors and it is our policy to serve all customers without discrimination and to follow all laws in each respective community.

We understand the concerns that have been shared with us regarding product sales related to the recent protests in North Dakota and have been working very hard to gather all of the facts from our locally-owned Ace stores that operate in the area and local authorities. To be candid, we've been working feverishly to unearth all of the facts, which have been cloudy at times.

In an effort to clear any misunderstanding and/or misinformation, Ace Hardware can now confirm that there is no ban on the sale of products at our locally-owned Ace stores; customers should feel free to check with their local store for inventory availability.

Anonymous said...

People travel to towns for all kinds of reasons like sports & music events, conventions. The number of people that traveled to Standing Rock had to be shopping and buying in Bismarck.
How is it that ND police can order public out of restaurants and stores because the police don't like Native Americans ?
If you are a friend to Native Americans you get kicked out too, or shot, or beaten.
That's Racist.
ACE Hardware should locate a tribally owned store located at Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Bismarck is too far to drive.
And business as usual should NEVER be the same again because Native Americans ARE People!!
Stop RACISM against Native Americans in ND.
Report racism to Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups.

jorhn said...

Propane is not highly incindiary. They could power a tiger torch or potato gun. To deny propane on these grounds defies science. ACE don't you know about what you sell? The cops don't, its a farse. The water protectors have not been violent, the 'sheriff' has.

jorhn said...

Propane is not highly incindiary. They could power a tiger torch or potato gun. To deny propane on these grounds defies science. ACE don't you know about what you sell? The cops don't, its a farse. The water protectors have not been violent, the 'sheriff' has.

Anonymous said...

If you call press 9 and speak to someone. How dare they send us away to write an email or leave a message. We have to voice this.
We are going back in time where establishments are now picking and choosing who they will service. They might as well have signs that say, "No Native American or Water protectors!"

Let's all voice this and let them know we will never be a customer & we don't agree with what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Time for People of Color to OWN the stores they shop at !!
Stop being victims of an economy that doesn't care about you as a community.

Why pay all that money out to stores that hate you?
Stop Shopping at stores that laugh at you, look down on you, spit on you, call you names behind your backs, are not there for you in emergencies!

What has happened to CO-OP'S ?
The Cheapest stuff is cheap,
Buy better & put the $ back into your community where it has a chance to circulate and raise community up.

Anonymous said...

If you call press 9 and speak to someone. How dare they send us away to write an email or leave a message. We have to voice this.
We are going back in time where establishments are now picking and choosing who they will service. They might as well have signs that say, "No Native American or Water protectors!"

Let's all voice this and let them know we will never be a customer & we don't agree with what they are doing

Anonymous said...

Partner up with the Standing Rock Tribe, ACE Hardware, there is enough business there.
Which benefits are ACE willing to share ?
Why do the people who Hate the Indians get to make money off of them?
Like when pipelines break, the same company who may have put in inferior metal, or not maintained them does the cleanup??

Anonymous said...

Racist, Racist, Racist
Lying Racists.
Sadistic Lying Racist.
ND is Racist and they are poisoning the land & water.

AJ said...

I just tried calling the number and it said "For the latest press release on the DAPL go to their "newsroom" site and it hung up on me. I went to the site and it is nothing more that a company site with nothing about DAPL at all. I am NEVER shopping there again and I spend a lot of money at hardware stores because I am a farmer. I will be going elsewhere from now on no matter how far I must go.Shame on them. Doing what the violent people say and endangering the lives of so thousands if people. They claim their main concern is for the safety of its community? Then help the protectors or prepare to drink petrol. I am so livid right now steam is about to come out of my ears.

Ajijaak said...


Unknown said...

Good Morning Relatives,
I just got off the phone with the owner of the Ace Hardware in Bismark and He stated that he did not refuse any propane sales. He stated the Coleman propane canisters have been sold out and on order. He did state someone also wanted sleeping bags and were declined because he does not sell sleeping bags also at his other store someone wanted plywood of which he does not carry to sell. The man seemed very distraught and explained to me that people have made life threats towards him and his family. "THIS IS A NO NO!" The Store owner also informed me people have made threats to burn down his lively hood and that too is a NO NO! I am sure DAPL conspirators and sympathizers are doing this but if it is our own then Shame on you! This is supposed to be peaceful prayer not burn your neighbors home down. I know I get upset at times too but I do try to bite my tongue. Please take your tanks to the store 805 S 7th St
Bismarck, North Dakota 58504 and ask for Jeff the owner. Make amends and keep him as our Allie. He also stated folks could call (701) 258-6161 to check for availability on supplies. Remember they are not a lumber yard.
The owner also explained to me that he has not declined any person from propane except someone wanting a 100 pounder and he does not carry them, but We all know there are those among us that seem to want to destroy all that our Protectors have struggled for. Remember Those who are there visiting are the Guests of Standing Rock and Just as I need to respect the fact this is a Prayer vigil and not a riot of life threats and such other bad things. It is bad enough the Sheriff has made the town look bad enough. Not all the businesses are bad there. I do believe this man Jeff to be stating the truth and his heart is sincere.

Lilith Ashera said...

Anonymous said...

I am a person that genuinely shops local as a lifestyle choice and to support small businesses. I also have managed procurement decisions for organizations. After seeing that ACE Hardware participates in targeted racism I will no longer shop for myself or any company/organization that I own or manage. I will purchase from other sources that do not have a bigoted viewpoint toward Americans. I will also share my views with others I know.

Anonymous said...

If you lisiten to the audio of the conversation between ACE headquarters and the local owner, he is not refusing all propane, just the small green tanks. It is very disappointing, however. He says he has been told by the police (one of whom is his friend, he says) that these tansk were used as ieds. This is part of the endless disinformation compaign of the pipeline company against the protectors. These mercenaries almost blew off a young womran's arm and their defense is that it was basically her fault. That she was going to use a propane tank as an ied. Since no one outside of the camps sseems to know that the protest is nonviolent and prayerful, and that no one is going to the front line who is not totally intending peace and prayers for the cops themselves . . . since no one knows this, they are free to believe the police coverup lies. Now, the pipline company has a seemingly decent storehowner losing sleep that one of his propane tanks was used to cause harm. They are using the geniuine concern of this man to mannipulate him into withholding a necessary product. I would feel sorry for the obviously distressed storeowner except how can you be a grown up in America and not know that the police lie about their malfeasance and that the kind of person mostly likely to be killed by the police is a native. Not the other way around.

Unknown said...

The morton county sherrif needs to be removed from office immediatly and tried in court for his includibg attemted genocide. Doesn't matter if ace hardware changed their mind or not they should be boycotted worldwide..

Anonymous said...

Kirkwood ACE Hardware,
Jeff Hinz owner and chairman of
North Dakota Retail Association.
Did you see any Native Americans at their golfing fundraiser?
Not such a good man if he did not contact the tribe that he is surely making CASH $$ from to be a fair business man.

Anonymous said...

ACE Hardware owner, tell the truth, the whole truth, and stop covering for the sheriff. If the police told you to stop selling to Indians, Who was it??
C'mon, be a man, call Standing Rock and at least apologize,
Write a letter and tell people that you love Indians and you will hire Native Americans to work at your store.

Anonymous said...

How does ACE Hardware know who is a water protector?
Do the employees just refuse to sell to Native Americans?

Isn't that racial profiling?

When does Ace Hardware sell to the Native Americans, after all the white people have gotten whatever supplies they want?
No more lies.

Water protectors are not threatening anyone they just wanted to buy whatever they need for their camp.

The supplies should have been sold customers on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Anonymous said...

What kind of treatment in town can the Native American veterans expect?
Same old BS you can risk your life for your country and people to be free but if you're Native American you can't shop at their stores.

scottdodds said...

Of course ACE backed down. It is not proper - and probably illegal - for law enforcement to tell a business not to sell to any group or individuals, especially if they have not been accused, much less convicted, of a crime. This is an issue of separation of powers. If a judge had ruled they should not sell to the protestors, that would be different. In complying ACE was also tacitly taking a side - the neutral thing to do would have been to continue doing business as usual - although I can sympathize with them for not wanting to be on the wrong side of local law enforcement.

The police cannot simply go to a business and say, "don't sell to these people." Of course ACE can refuse service to anyone they choose as long as they aren't discriminating. The problem is any lawyer would have no problem making the case for discrimination against Native Americans in court. I'll bet ACE's lawyers got in on it and said, "no way."

Don't credit the threat of a boycott. This is a pretty straightforward legal issue.

Unknown said...

Lost this customer forever in Missouri....I will never go to the ace stores in my area or any other area. How dare you people! How dare make me sick!

C.Gypsie Lewis said...

My husband was murdered. Why because he was Native. At his murderer's trail they only gave this killer 12 years. Knowing nothing but my husbands name, the only words exchanged was the killer said to my husband," Your a big Indian".My husband who was sitting, in a Waffle King, replied "Guess so ". the man pulled a gun out of his pocket, shot my husband dead. I'm of Irish descent, but if my health would not be a problem, I would be at Standing Rock, for myself( It's my Mother too ) and I promised my husband I would stand in his place anytime his people need him. Ace lost another long standing customer, who buy supplies for a small homestead.If their still at Standing Rock in the spring and my health permits and I raises gas money I will come bring my kitchen and volunteer to cook and help keep the camp clean.....................
C. Gypsie Lewis, Mrs Jim Lewis,my husband was was Two feather, Prairie Band, Potawatomi..I now lieve in Stone county,Arkansas


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the governor and sheriff have been paid off to brutalize the Natives? How much does it cost to dehumanize the lives of people? To put lives at stake so a corporation can stick pipes in the ground under water that provides life to people is inhumane. To ask area businesses to be an accomplice in their law breaking is despicable and could possible lead to a class action lawsuit. They are in the business of supplying the public and to say I will not sell to the Indians is letting those companies open for massive lawsuits, and rightly so. Plus a public boycott they are going to be on the losing end.I hate what I see happening, I hate what I see happening in America in the year 2016. It is sickening and I am ashamed of the so called people in power that could stop this but would rather turn a blind eye. Obama has been such a big disappointment this year that he is ruining his legacy. 2016 has been his downfall. I really don't like a lot of people in my country at the moment.

Phoenix Learning Garden said...

ACE is a franchise. I'm surprised they can make these demands on store owners since they are individually owned.
The ACE in my town supported the Black Lives Matter movement and is located in the progressive mixed income "hippie" neighborhood. This is sad to me. I will continue to support my local store owner who I love and trust. And I well also call to voice my concern and mistrust of their corporate decisions to both my local ACE and the customer service line.

Anonymous said...

Now would be a goot time for another competing brand to come in and donate propane tanks or whatever.

Doug Billings, Billings Paint & Ace Hardware, Long Beach CA. said...

I am the owner of a small 3rd Generation Hardware Store who joined the Ace Hardware Cooperative more than 25 years ago. Unlike a Franchise, the stores owners actually own Ace. Almost every Ace store is independently owned and managed independently by its owners. I am not completely up to par on the protests but I know several people there. In my own opinion and if true, Law enforcement pressuring store owners to discriminate by refusing service to protestors appears to be overstepping their authority. If people are breaking laws, well law enforcement should deal with it within our legal system, but don't ask a store owner to do your dirty work. What next, banning Hot Coffee sales at the local convenience store. In defense of the local stores, it does appear there may have been some un do pressure and misinformation in regards to events.
Myself, Not only would I sell you supplies, I might give you a discount.

Additionally I Would like to state that Ace Store Owners are some of the charitable businessmen you will ever come across. There have been major contributions to groups like Children's Miracle Network and Habitat for Humanity and various disaster relief events on behalf of ACE Stores. This does not include local giving.

Note, I have spent 30 years myself volunteering 1000 of hours in various forms of environmental conservation and humanitarian work, particular with regards to our underground worlds, of which I am a board member for the Underground Conservancy and helped build a private wildlife preserve called Cathedral Caves, partially financed with the profits from my ACE store. My store also has donated thousands of dollars in materials for many environmental conservation projects which included 2 National Parks. We donated relief supplies for both Haiti and the Philippines and that's just the beginning.
I am personal friends with other great ACE store owners in Southern California that also made large contributions to the protection of our Oceans.

Ace Store owners typically work long tiring hours while providing services and jobs to our community. We give back in proportions exceeding most any small business.

Jumping to blanket boycotts without all the facts,the hate,the threats, and unjustified slamming is only a disservice to the cause. I find it disturbing, or more importantly sad.

My final point, I urge you to judge each independent ACE store on its own merit and with all the facts, just as you a would your friends, because that's who we are.

PS: I am currently looking to ship portable Propane Heaters to
Standing Rock from my ACE Hardware.

Unknown said...

The worst part about all of this is. Is it never needed to get to this point.
-Where were all of you when this was on the drawing board still?
-Where were all of you when permitting and funding was being worked on?
-Where were all of you when the final decisions to the route were being made?
-Where were all of you when the first shovel of dirt was being dug?

For years....You all were silent and now Property Rights, The Government and The Law is against you. This is the final piece of a project that took years in the making. You didn't demand double wall pipes for the pipeline. You didn't object to the route. You didn't object to the income that it brought you, when land was sold. You didn't object to more business and jobs to the area.

Where have your voices been. All I hear from the past is silence.

Ray cordova said...

You Sir are a man of courage and conviction. A doff ofyou cap to you Sir.

Anonymous said...

" ACE is the Place for the Racist Hardware Man "

Sharon Lea said...

If you had read the statement you eould know that Ace Hardware was only responding to what LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT had requested. Don't punish a good company because they were being told what to do.

Anonymous said...

Good for ACE. I'm buying more stock.

Unknown said...

Ace Hardware Corporation is a hardware retailers' COOPERARTIVE based in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States. It is the world’s largest hardware retail COOPERATIVE, and the largest non-grocery American retail COOPERATIVE. Wikipedia
Customer service: 1 (888) 827-4223
Headquarters: Oak Brook, IL
CEO: John Venhuizen (Mar 31, 2013–)
Founded: 1924, Chicago, IL
Founders: William Stauber, Frank Burke, Richard Hesse, E. Gunnard Lindquist, Oscar Fisher

IT IS NOT A FRANCHISE. The cooperative owner of this branch may be telling the truth but HE must speak truth to power too and tell the sherrif to stand down.

Unknown said...

The neareast Ace with propane.
Mobridge Ace Hardware
43 miles
205 W Grand Xing
Mobridge, SD 57601
Show on map
Get driving directions

Unknown said...

Yes...but considering that they employ people who can't pronounce" incendiary" , don't see that happening...She was reading a statement.
My boss was from South Dakota, and he said that it is so cold there, that the power company cannot turn people's power off in the winter, even if they CAN'T pay the bill. ..because it a a matter of life and death to have heat...I'm surprised this isn't the case here. ..It is a civil rights violation- and endangering people's lives because someone with POWER. does nit like them. ..Oldest story in the book...

Unknown said...

😏Nothing like a little public pressure from the world to make the right thing happen...even for the wrong reasons...Let's be honest here...
This was quickly reversed because of fear of stockholders' losses, "looking bad"...ESPECIALLY around profitable Christmastime...and fear that if someone actually DID freeze to death from being denied propane, inevitable legal action against an obvious civil rights violation. Nice going...😏...Your first actions still betray you...disgusting. ..😒

Unknown said...

That is sad...You need to oust (dethrone) the sheriff there. Sounds like he is not a sheriff that represents the people there honestly.

Unknown said...

That is WHY they quickly 're versed the policy. They nay be afraid of that sheriff locally. ..but corporate greed trumps all!!😒Sometimes, the RIGHT thing nay happen, ironically, to serve it...

Ainokea said...

The police shouldn't have any authority to restrict the lawful activities of a business. If the business is engaged in illegal practices that is another matter, since this is NOT the case the police have no authority to do anything, they are overstepping.

Anonymous said...

The real question is who the fuck does the local law enforcement think they are asking Ace Hardware not to sell anything to anyone!?!?

Unknown said...

Boycott Ace never forget keep this blog active. Aho