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November 10, 2016

VIDEOS: Standing Rock Protectors Remain in Prayer as Pipeline Defies Law in Militarized Compound

Oceti Sakowin Camp Nov. 7, 2016 Photo copyright John Heminger.

Above: Standing Rock water protectors remain in prayer as Dakota Access Pipeline defies Army Corps of Engineers and continues construction, continues desecration in sacred area of burial places, this week. DAPL said it will drill beneath the river in two weeks without a permit.

Above: Unicorn Riot video -- Dakota Access builds militarized construction site, with 12ft. high hesco walls, razor wire and spotlights, to protect oil pipeline from water protectors. Heavy armed military, police, and mercenaries patrol the site 24/7. Highway 1806 bridge, just north of Oceti Sakowin Camp, continues to be blocked by dozens of police with Bearcat armored vehicles, LRAD's, and snipers. [North Dakota, 11/10/16]
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Anonymous said...

Army Corp of Engineers has NOT issued a permit for DAPL.
The area is NOT in any way a place for pipeline.
AMERICA is being torn apart by the rich, and poor people have to find courage and faith.

Anonymous said...

Water, water all around but will we have a drop to drink ? Get water for free like Nestle did and sell it to Flint MI victims of environmental racism, poisoned water victims.
America killing its own.
WTH is going on ?