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November 16, 2016

Mohawk Nation News 'Stand Up For Creation'



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MNN. Nov. 16, 2016. Only right and wrong exist in life. We live for the generations here, those in the past and those still to come. Money grabbers live in the moment. Everybody has a choice, the ability to reason. If they don’t use it, they face the consequences for their actions.64afcf4708144fa6490bc9524dd0cd40
The more force used against the people, the more power the people and their supporters have. Unity of the people to protect our mother is happening everywhere. Everybody is waving the warrior flag because they want to unite and resist the corporation.
After Dekanawida’s journey was complete he left behind the covenant on peace and the defense of the peace to protect the innocent. onkwe’hon:weh were charged with spreading the good message and using the psychic force that comes with having a good mind.obama-standing-rock
The 300 demonstrations today in the US shows that everyone wants to stand up for creation. They want freedom and to exercise their power.
Creation is helping us, just like the water we are safeguarding which is shaping our course for us. The police and military are shaping their attacks in relation to a foe they don’t understand. To them we are unpredictable. We keep changing the situation, while their situation is static. When necessary nature makes us modify our tactics.
Were they really dropping this on the water protectors?
Were they really dropping this on the water protectors?
Our enemies will be subdued without fighting them. Their cities are standing with us. They are overthrowing their own kingdom.
We will capture our militarized opponents without fighting or destroying them.
We will remain like a great river that stays the course or adjusts its flow. We have form but they can’t see it. We have no leaders for them to overcome, no one is in charge, no one is ordering us or lining anybody up to attack.
Onondaga Rally: "Do you drink, eat, breathe and walk upon the land? This is your fight!"
Elder at Onondaga Rally: “Do you drink, eat, breathe and walk upon the land? Then this is your fight too!”
We are adapting and not afraid of the battles. We will defeat those who have already lost. And then they will come and join us. We will all stand up against their war machine with the truth.
A Tribe Called Red sing about today’s despair that faces everybody:

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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON

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