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Monday, November 28, 2016

Navajo Veterans Leave Dec. 3 for Standing Rock

Navajo Code Talkers AP File Photo
Navajo Veterans Leave Dec. 3 for Standing Rock

This article has been updated. Please go to:

Update from Chili Yazzie

Update posted on Nov. 30, 2016
Dine’ Warriors for Standing Rock UPDATE:  We have secured two charter buses to transport 112 Diné Veterans to Standing Rock, leaving Friday, Dec 2 to return on Tuesday, Dec 6. We will begin registration of Vets at 1 pm today, we will ask the agency Veteran offices to be the point of contact. We will have someone there to do registration.
We will have about 22 slots per agency. Vets please bring your DD214, other trip details will be available when you register.
Please try to have subzero gear like thermal socks, union suits/longjohns, ski type gloves, good jackets, etc. We will have some extras if you don’t these items. And bring your sleeping bag, we are arranging overnite indoor accommodations. We will NOT have our Vets camping outside. Bring your ‘colors’, uniforms, whatever you have that will signify your military service and bring flags.
The lead coordinators for the trip will be Angie Barney Nez, Army and Beverly Mark Maxwell, USMC and we will do another update Thursday morning.

Dine’ Warriors for Standing Rock on the way!!

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News copyright
Updated Tuesday 3 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

Shiprock President Duane 'Chili' Yazzie said Dine' Veterans for Standing Rock are ready to deploy and join the thousands of veterans willing to defend Standing Rock Camp. However, on Monday, Yazzie received a letter from Veterans for Standing Rock which offered no encouragement.
"They basically said, 'Thanks, but no thanks,'" Yazzie said.
However, after this article was posted, a response came from Veterans Stand with Standing Rock.
Yazzie said at noon on Tuesday, "Ya'ateeh abini. I had some Veterans approach me about coordinating a group of Dine' Vets to go up to Standing Rock, so I made an inquiry with the Veterans For Standing Rock group and basically they said they had enough Vets committed already. Brenda Norrell did an article last night and by midnight they wrote and said they are 100 percent committed to sponsor Dine' Vets to go up to Standing Rock.
"I think we should do our own GoFundMe account, lease some buses and figure out the logistics. I would project that we will need to load up our Warriors on Friday, Dec. 2, to get to Standing Rock by the 4th. I am asking for volunteers to coordinate the effort, someone who knows how to do a GoFundMe account, handle the finances, people to take care of logistics (travel route, food, rest stops/hotel), need people to register Veterans who want to make this historic trip and we need to outfit our Warriors against the cold. Please inbox me if you want to help make this happen. Ahe'hee," Yazzie told Censored News.
After this article was posted on Monday night, Parker, media spokesman for Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, told Censored News the group is working on the request from Yazzie.
"We are getting an overwhelming response and hundreds of messages per day. We have a small team of volunteers who are responding. We are 100 percent committed to bringing Yazzie's group to Standing Rock. We have had our e-mail systems down much of today. "
"Michael Wood Jr. emailed me immediately last night after receiving Yazzie’s email and said, 'Absolutely Thursday we will process.'"
The group said they would have access to the funds on Thursday.
Donations have poured into the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock online campaign, totaling over $500,000 as of Monday.
Veterans for Standing Rock told Yazzie midday on Monday, "Thank you for your interest in Veterans Stand for Standing Rock.  We are happy to announce our small campaign has grown to 2,000 Veterans from every corner of the US will be joining us to stand in peace with our brothers and sisters in Standing Rock."
"Because of the overwhelming response we want to keep all of you informed about upcoming operations, some potentially starting in Dec 2016.  Please fill in the Supporting Roster so we can contact you with details of our operations going forward."
"We are doing the best we can to answer all your questions and will respond to your email request as quickly as we can. Our team working on finalizing the roster communications and coordinating Ride-Share/Travel requests. We thank you for your service (and your patience!)"
Earlier on Monday, Yazzie e-mailed the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock.

"My name is Chili Yazzie. I am the President of the Shiprock Chapter, Navajo Nation. We want to organize a strong contingent of Navajo Veterans to come and stand the line with you at Standing Rock. We need to know if our trip can be financed through the Go Fund Me account that has generated over $500,000 for this very purpose. Please let us know right away as we will need to lease buses and organize the Vets who will make the trip. thank you."
Censored News contacted Veterans Stand for Standing Rock on Monday and asked for a clarification of the response to Navajos joining the deployment, and who is administering the fund of $500,000.
Please continue to check back for updates on this article.


Unknown said...

Support for Water Protectors is a commitment that is a personal endeavor and cost of that is priceless because when fresh clean water is poisened there is no turning back. I say go if you feel if it's the right thing to do even if it coming from your own expense. This is a hard choice to make as money is not always there when you need it but money will come in many forms and when you least expect it. Go in Peace.

Unknown said...

Hi All, this the head of PR for Veterans Stand for Standing Rock. This message that you might be referring to is AN AUTOMATIC RESPONSE on our facebook page to all messages that are sent in. It says "Thanks for reaching out, we're getting a high volume of messages so please excuse the delay in responding. We'll come back to you as soon as we can. Want to join future operations?" We are getting an overwhelming response and hundreds of messages per day. We have a small team of volunteers who are responding. We are 100% committed to bringing Yazzie's group to Standing Rock. We have had our email systems down much of today. Please be patient with us or at least contact us before posting unconfirmed news. Michael Wood Jr emailed me immediately after receiving this and said, "Absolutely Thursday we will process." Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Did you share this to the Veterans for Standing Rock page Brenda?

Lisa Brennan said...

I sent a private message to the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock Facebook page (event page is not accepting comments at this time) regarding this article and your concerns (I, too, received an immediate automated response ~ within seconds ~ stating my message would be addressed as soon as possible). I hope Yazzie and Censored News will be addressed in a respectful and timely manner by the event page organizer(s). I encourage the interested Navajo Veterans to still go to Standing Rock, if it is in any way possible. Maybe someone connected with them directly could create a Go Fund Me, or other fundraising account specifically for the interested Navajo Veterans? I am sure they would receive a phenomenal response! Best wishes to all of the Veterans and Water Protectors!

Anonymous said...

On a high's awesome that they had such a huge response. They were hoping for proud of our veterans.

Ronald jones jr said...

All my Uncle's were in the armed services plus we have a Purple heart are People are Allie's according to history thank you very much for standing with the Natives struggling to protect everybody's drinking water from certain ecological Damage

Ronald jones jr said...

Thanks for your help and support for the Native People's right to clean drinking water the pipeline will create ecological damage to everybody's drinking water again thanks.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

My father will be going on December 7th to help and donate food and clothing.He is Navajo and hopes that we all can help by helping people to be aware of the situation.

Unknown said...

But the veterans and other people could have fundraisers for themselves at home too, just a suggestion. Im happy Standing Rock is getting so much support from across the nation. DAPL must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Know traditional indigenous who can't get a ride to doctor, store, or anywhere. No dental care, no eye glasses.
No real jobs, no $$ for nothing.
Somebody smashed window on car, somebody got tires slashed,
no $$ for laundry soap, socks, underwear. Americans stealing houses.low on wood again for heat.
Pretty soon they round up anyone staying in tents or doorways for their prison labor.
Police did another round up by the park,
the bosses smirk are catching the poor. Snitches everywhere.
Extreme surveillance.

Anonymous said...

This is the group of Veterans they absolutely need there! This should be a priority and made by phone call not email!

Anonymous said...

The group Veterans for Standing Rock should be making the request for the Code Talkers and making all arrangements as the Code Talkers are highly esteemed honored guests.
Respected and honored.
So whoever is managing the funds needs to step it up and take care of it 100%.

Unknown said...

Please know that MANY of our Vet sites have been hacked / infiltrated/ monitored and jammed by the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Please check the travel weather and don't put yourself at risk!!!! Single digits next Week.Be safe. Aho

Anonymous said...

Navajo Warriors are some of the toughest Warriors in the country. Standing Rock needs them to there. Best Wishes.

Dedria said...

Can we get an update? Please

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Thanks everyone. The article is update as of today, Wed., Nov. 30. Also: We once drove to Pine Ridge from Navajoland in winter. The entire car motor froze into a solid block of ice, stranding us on a dirt road near Wanblee. So, make sure your vehicle radiator and motor is winterized for minus zero temperatures at Standing Rock. The weather forecast is that the daytime temperatures will not rise above 5 degrees next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 6 -- 8, with an overnight low of minus 2 F.

Anonymous said...

A 10 pound wool quilt should keep warm at night.
Wool socks, hats, slippers

Laura and Toby said...

So, it looks like the trip will be funded? If not, will you provide an update about how to donate to this group? Thanks from Idaho! :+)

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