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November 2, 2016

Standing Rock Water Protectors in River -- Police Assault with Tear Gas, Pepper Spray Nov. 2, 2016

From Standing Rock Rising
Not exactly the scene John The Baptist would expect at a morning water ceremony.
Today after morning water ceremony, peaceful protestors made their way over amakeshift bridge over to Turtle Mountain, a sacred burial hill located just NorthEast of camp to pray to their ancestors. They were met with more violence and assault by local law enforcement officers. The land they were heading to was Army Corp land which the police do not have jurisdiction, and the water is neutral territory. Everything about the police actions today shows nothing but corruption, and treason against the US government, and the treaty rights they have signed, and sworn to uphold.
Welcome to America. The American dream is a police state.
Turtle Island will rise.
Johnny: Massive amounts of tear gas.

FROM CAMP OF SACRED STONES -- Police are currently desecrating the burial grounds of Alma Parkin and Matilda Galpin, the indigenous women who once owned the Cannonball Ranch where Dakota Access is working day and night to finish their pipeline though they have no permit to cross the Missouri River. They have unleashed pepper spray and tear gas on water protectors standing in the river with their hands in the air. In the last shot, notice the small tree on the top of the hill where the armored vehicles are staged. This is the grave site. This is unacceptable.

In his live coverage, Shiye says Obama should give back all those star quilts and medallions. "He lost my support." This comes after Obama said yesterday that he was going to let things "play out" a little more at Standing Rock before doing anything.
Johnny Dangers reports, "My friend Rob Wilson Photography was obliterated by orange spray by police as he shot photos and video on frontline where Water Protectors bravely held the water! It burns likes a ... but I got the shot!" -Rob Wilson

Water protectors facing off with police at river. Police firing at water protectors.

Video screenshots from live video 
by Censored News

There is a prayer walk now.
Water protectors built a bridge so elders could go over and pray.
Law enforcement tore it down.


Today many of our protectors tried to cross the river to pray on top of a hill where Ocenti Sakowin ancestors are buried, this place has been desecrated by the police and DAPL. The militarized police responded with brutal force, a young man was shot point blank with a rubber bullet and has been coughing up blood, another woman was shot by one of heavily armed officers on a boat. Many of our people tried crossing the river after police destroyed our makeshift bridge, some of them are in critical condition after they were gassed and maced by police and went into shock from the freezing cold waters. Other brave people kept going back by boat to rescue those that were struggling in the cold water but police in their own boat attempted to stop them. These are WAR CRIMES, we are unarmed we are peaceful, no one even lifted a finger against these cops today. I am disgusted by the state of North Dakota and by this country that continues to perpetuate its genocide against Indigenous Peoples'. #NoDAPL #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WaterIsLife#MiniWiconi #IndigenousRising

French translation by Christine Prat
Aujourd’hui, beaucoup de nos protecteurs ont essayé de traverser la rivière pour prier en haut d’une colline où des ancêtres Oceti Sakowin sont enterrés, un lieu qui a été profané par la police et DAPL. La police militarisée a réagi par la force brutale, un jeune homme a reçu une balle en caoutchouc tirée à bout portant et a craché du sang, une femme s’est fait tirer dessus par des officiers de police lourdement armés sur une barque. Beaucoup de gens ont essayé de traverser la rivière après que la police ait détruit notre pont improvisé, certains sont dans un état grave après avoir été gazés et aspergés de poivre par la police et sont en état de choc à cause du froid extrême de l’eau. D’autres gens courageux ont continué à y retourner en barque pour sauver ceux qui se débattaient dans l’eau glacée, mais la police, dans son propre bateau, a essayé de les en empêcher. Ce sont des CRIMES DE GUERRE, nous sommes sans armes, nous sommes pacifiques, personne n’a levé un doigt sur ces flics aujourd’hui. Je suis dégouté par l’état du Dakota du Nord et par ce pays qui continue à perpétrer son génocide contre les Peuples Autochtones.

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Unknown said...

My heart hurts for you. Please know that there are millions who stand with you, even though we cannot physically be there with you. We are making calls, signing petitions and praying.

Barbara said...

This is an atrocity and reminds me of how black people were treated some years ago. I am almost 78 and am in KY and I can't be there but you brave First Nation people are in my prayers and thoughts. I've been making phone calls to protest your mistreatment and to stop the DAPL. We are fighting a Kinder-Morgan fracking fluids pipeline here

Unknown said...

I'm mostly white I guess. To have anybody in my country treated this way is outrageous! For Obama to choose oil money over the people of this country and clean waters and farmer is beyond betrayal. This is so wrong. Obama has investments here, as do Clintons and Trump himself has money invested into this pipeline. All for oil to be shipped overseas. Please people vote 3Rd party this election. The only way to stop the wars overseas is to turn our backs on the oil. Say no to oil vote 3rd party or nothing will change!

Unknown said...

Stand strong. You have my heart and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you The Water Protectors! Although I cannot be there with you, I Stand with you Standing Rock! Stand Strong Warriors....

Jody said...

My prayers are with each and everyone of you, I pray that you continue in your spiritual ways. The police are tired because their spirits are not resting, they desecrate our ancestors, but our ancestor are watching and cause the restlessness of those that bring harm to their people is why their tired because their spirits are not at rest. I ask Creator that when this mace and pepper spray is sprayed that he move the wind so they can feel the pain they inflict on his people.

FireHeart said...

Scotland stands with you brothers and sisters of Standing Rock. We send you funds, our hearts strength. We are with you everyday! Winter will soon be coming. Stay strong, Aho

Unknown said...

My heart is with you. I've signed petitions, forwarded them to friends and family, made calls, and sent money. Angry and grieving for your desperate struggle, and for the ruined dream of America. May you find the strength to keep on, and win. The UN and Obama MUST intervene!

Unknown said...

This breaks my heart, makes me angry and makes me take action. I contact local authorities, talk to everyone and ask for a call to action, Speak up, Stand for Standing Rock, Stand for Humanity and stop the pipeline. I live in Oregon and we are angry here and we are marching in support

jpierre said...

The courage and bravery of the Water Protectors is an inspiration to all who are aware, and a wake up call to those who remain asleep at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

NoDAPL! NoShopping! NoFakeThanksgiving!
Help from home, stop all shopping. Water protectors are sacrificing their lives, calling on ALL to Sacrifice privileges, stop shopping!
Other sacrifices from home:
Turn off your lights at dark.
Wear the same clothes all week.

Anonymous said...

NoDAPL! NoShopping! NoFakeThanksgiving!
Help from home, Sacrifice your privileges.
If you celebrate Christmas, celebrate by NOT SHOPPING.

Anonymous said...

NoDAPL! NoShopping!
Sacrifice from home, stop shopping. The police are injuring water protectors, they have health care problems and bills. The prosecutor is overcharging, the courts are setting extreme bail, so please just stop shopping from home for as long as possible go without. Go without shopping, the longer, the better. Immediately. UNITE

Unknown said...

all of this is much like the emperor's clothes. the gov has no biz making, allowing, or stopping this aggression against the sovereign country of the native sioux americans. ask obama? obama is not the prez of the indians. they are their own kings. therefore, this is all war crimes. and...standing rock, we are with you. we donated. we signed in. we monitor and watch, even today election distraction day. everybody is watching including great spirit, and peace wins over greed and violence.