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November 5, 2016

Red Owl Legal Collective: Red Fawn Fallis remains in custody

By Red Owl Legal Collective/National Lawyers Guild

Censored News

Red Owl Legal Collective would like to assure our water warriors and protectors that we are maintaining contact with Red Fawn Fallis and her family while she remains in custody at the Morton County Jail on serious charges. She has yet to be assigned court appointed counsel and will not have a bond reduction hearing until her representation and plans for her release have been arranged.
These are sacred times.

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Anonymous said...

Injustice system.
Unfortunately injustice happens in America frequently.
Excessive charges against peace activists shows the corruption in the USA legal system.

Anonymous said...

Prisoner of war. America is taking prisoners based on false accusations. Americans are subjected to cruel, unreasonable, and arbitrary use of power by the legal system. Standing Rock tribe was pursuing legal remedies but DAPL desecrated sacred sites then aggressively and brutally attacked the water protectors.
NO charges were made against DAPL hired guns who used attack dogs.
America is a sick society with citizens in fear from what mainstream media reports but also living in ignorance from what is really important, peace on earth, water for life.

Anonymous said...

I've been putting this

Help us free our sister Red Fawn

Anonymous said...

Yes Red Fawn Falls was targeted by the officers that are charging her with false tactics that they use against a innocent woman,now a prisoner of War in the Morton county jail simply for the ndcops narcissist appetites of inhumane greed and their satisfaction,it will not last long they will hunger again.