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November 3, 2016

Terrorizing Charges Dropped Against NODAPL Water Protectors

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By Camp of the Sacred Stone
Censored News

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- Last month, spirit rider Mason Redwing was charged with felony reckless endangerment of law enforcement and a felony count of terrorizing law enforcement after he allegedly rode his horse towards a police line. On Tuesday, Judge Romanick found no probable cause and dismissed all charges against Redwing.
Similarly, Wanikiyewin Loud Hawk, a South Dakota native, was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of government function. The charges were dropped after Judge Romanick once again found no probable cause.
Water protector Red Fawn Fallis was arrested on the frontline last week for allegedly firing a .38-caliber pistol three times. The gun is claimed to have fired as Fallis was pinned to the ground by an officer, as two additional officers held her left arm. She faces charges for attempted murder, and her bond was set at $100,000, the highest yet of this campaign.
Sean Turgeon, also known as Prolific the Rapper, faces two charges of reckless endangerment and one misdemeanor obstruction of government function, after Morton County made allegations the he flew a drone near a North Dakota Highway Patrol aircraft. Turgeon gained national recognition through his music videos that criticize Dakota Access and the violent law enforcement response. He was released on bond on October 31, 2016.
These charges and arrests come after weeks of militarized police response and escalation of violence. Just last week, over 300 police officers fired pepper spray, percussion grenades, and shotguns at largely unarmed DAPL protesters, and a prayer circle of elders was interrupted and all were arrested for their peaceful protest.
Eryn Wise, International Indigenous Youth Council, “Red Fawn is a valued member of our community and a revered friend of the International Indigenous Youth Council. When we heard of the charges, all of us were in disbelief. Red Fawn has continually supported the youth council since its inception and is responsible for personally rescuing many of our members from the front lines after being brutalized by police. She is an extension of our organization and a selfless caretaker, being responsible for many women and elders within her own encampment. We'd like to ask as a council that you stop sharing the mugshot of our sister and instead speak her name. Uplift her in prayer and remember that even our most gentle and devoted warriors are under attack.”
Tara Houska, Honor the Earth, “The contrast between the treatment of indigenous people protecting their water and sacred sites vs. the so-called “Bundy Standoff” of armed white folks taking over a federal building is stark. We have seen elders arrested while praying, teenagers maced, unarmed protectors tased, and horses killed by police. Life altering consequences await us, at the hands of a prosecutor eager to comb the books for felony charges. This isn't justice. America should be in an uproar over what's happening to indigenous people and their allies within U.S. borders. President Obama’s “let it play out over several weeks” isn't an answer. Order a full Environmental Impact Statement and protect the water and sacred sites at issue for the people.”


Anonymous said...

Why is Leonard Peltier in prison all of these years 60 years with credit for good time served?!!
How has anything changed in America with treatment of indigenous people ?
Those same blood sucking zombies want native land and resources.
And they fight dirty: lying, stealing, breaking their own laws. Look how they gunned down the 12 year old boy in Cleveland.
City of the Cleveland Idiots baseball!
Everyone at home should take a week off of shopping.
NoDAL! No fake Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

YEAH, NoDAPL! Stop Shopping, stop buying their junk. Stop for the whole buying lies season.
Not illegal to stop shopping.
Send the message Stop beating up Indigenous children, women, men, and elders, No blood money for the rich!
Use only the bare essentials.
Stop Shopping.
The ND Courts are setting high bail, on prosecutor's over charged offenses causing suffering.
Help from home, keep praying, sacrifice shopping.

Anonymous said...

Stop being so dependent on the oil industry. We are literally addicted to petroleum. Of all people, us indigenous folks should have nothing in our lives that is a product of the oil industry. If we can all commit our lives to protesting and truly over stand that we all need to stop supporting petro, then we will overcome.
But as we fill up at the pump, by polyester products, support the cattle industry(bring back the buffalo), where makeup and all the madness oil causes. It's really our own self we are fighting, you think you can live without oil?

Anonymous said...

Ban cattle, stop eating there beast! Eat wild game, bring back the buffalo. Protest the dairy cow! Please over stand!

Anonymous said...

We never had that much meat to eat.
Ever hear the ham bone song? After one family cooks the bone then gives it to next family so they can make soup.
When the men were gone fighting in America's wars, even less to eat. Guess what? Fishing was pretty good but in the coldest part of winter the ice is too thick for ice fishing.
Smoke houses preserve meat & fish for winter.
Canning gets you thru winter.
Venison was good to eat but you have to be a skilled hunter.
Government DNR had agents to keep Indians from catching fish or hunting deer. Jealous of Indians being good at fishing and hunting. Always trying to make it hard for Indians.
Commodity foods aren't healthy and they run out too.
Most of us know something about cooking from very little.
Wild rice is so good to eat.
Sugar camp for maple syrup.
The food from the grocery stores don't taste like food, the vegetables taste empty.
What's wrong with what they are selling us ? Is it fake food?
They drive the honey bees across the continent from the east coast out to California so they will pollinate because they screwed up the natural environment!
We need our trees to live.
We need our lakes and rivers to live.