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Friday, November 18, 2016

VIDEO Water Protector Beaten Bloody by Bismarck Police

Videos expose Bismarck police beating cuffed veteran bloody and hooding him, after he innocently picked a flower

Photos copyright Rob Wilson

Watch video below: Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016

Water Protector Beaten Bloody While in Zip-Ties by Bismarck Police
Above: video by Unicorn Riot

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Videos expose Bismarck, North Dakota police beating a Standing Rock water protector bloody, then hooding him, for picking a flower, in front of Wells Fargo Bank on Thursday. He has been tentatively identified as Charles Jordan, a military veteran. He says his shoulders were dislocated.

The Sacred Stones Camp said, "Blood drawn by Law Enforcement yet again! Riot Police in downtown Bismarck viciously take down and beat a veteran after he picked a flower - eventually placing a hood over his head across the street from the Wells Fargo Bank.
"Make sure you're not funding these atrocities: pull your money out of banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline!"

Watch another video at:

Below: video Credit: Rob Wilson Photography


Below KFYR TV Video:

Judge Dismisses Trumped-Up Felony Charges of 15 Water Protectors at Standing Rock

Photo Riot Police Attack Water Protectors on Oct. 27. Photo copyright Rob Wilson.

Judge Dismisses Trumped-Up Felony Charges Against 15 Water Protectors at Standing Rock

BISMARCK, ND—On Thursday, Burleigh County Judge Cynthia Feland dismissed felony charges against 15 Water Protectors arrested on October 27 who were praying or protesting near the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Even by police accounts, all but a couple people who may have been provocateurs, were not involved with setting hay bales on fire some distance from the main protest site. Despite this, all 147 Water Protectors arrested that day were charged with the felony, “Conspiracy to Endanger by Fire.” The court found that the prosecutor had presented no evidence that any of the individuals charged had conspired to set any fires.
“The Water Protectors were held for 48 hours or more, forced to removed outer layers of clothing, crowded into freezing chain link cages, and denied food, water and bathrooms for long periods,” said Brandy Toelupe, attorney with the Water Protector Legal Collective (WPLC; formerly Red Owl), an initiative of the National Lawyers Guild. “They were strip searched, and taken to jails all over North Dakota,” she added.
Because of the felony charges, the Water Protectors’ bond was set at $1500 cash and they faced prison terms of up to five years. Had there not been a crowd-funded bail fund, many would have remained in jail for weeks. By alleging a “conspiracy,” State’s Attorney Gabrielle Goter attempted to impose harsh consequences on the Water Protectors absent any evidence of their involvement in the fire. No individual defendant was identified doing anything specific.
Judge Feland ruled on her own motion that the prosecution failed to present sufficient facts in its affidavit showing probable cause that any of the defendants before the court, or any of the 147 arrested and charged on October 27, had committed the “Conspiracy to Endanger by Fire” felony.
“The Affidavit supporting the information however provides no specifically named defendants who committed this crime and how and when they each committed it…. In addition, the affidavit does not explain how the defendants agreed to commit the crime. The case law is well-established that in order to provide sufficient probable cause, the State must show that a crime has been committed and the accused is probably guilty of committing it,” read the court order.
“While the Water Protectors and their families are relieved by Judge Feland’s decision, State’s Attorney Gabrielle Goter should not recharge these cases and be reprimanded for deliberately overcharging 147 people with felonies that she knew she could not prove,” added Toelupe. “Overcharging is a dangerous and misleading strategy. It subjects people to preemptive punishment through detention and high bail, and intimidates people from engaging in First Amendment activity. It also misleads the public about what’s being prosecuted.”
The WPLC has been on the ground for months providing Water Protectors with legal representation, jail support, legal observers, and other direct legal assistance. WPLC members were in court monitoring the proceeding and were representing some of the Water Protector defendants.
The next court date is set for December 5, when more than 100 additional felony cases from the October 27 action will be heard. All are expected to be dismissed. Felony cases from actions on other dates will also be heard at that time.
Donations to support the Water Protector Legal Collective (on site in Standing Rock Camp) may be made at or for tax-deductible contributions.
For updates, follow them at and Twitter @WaterProtectUs.

North Dakota Cops Get 'Doxed' and Don't Like It

An Officer smiling as he sprays Warrior Women with OC Spray. Photo copyright by photographer.
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Morton County Sheriff Department -- responsible for shooting water protectors with rubber bullets, tear-gassing them, beating them, strip-searching them, and jailing them in 'dog kennel's with Nazi-type numbers written on their arms -- says it has been 'doxed.'
Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said Thursday, "protesters released personal information, including date of birth and home address, of a Bismarck Police Department officer. Protesters have also publicly identified several other Bismarck Police Department officers and a Morton County Sheriff’s Deputy. The tactic, known as 'doxing' has been used extensively by professional protest groups like “Anonymous” and aims to publicly release personal details of targeted individuals, like police officers and elected officials."
Read more of Sheriff Kirchmeier's statement:

Previously, Anonymous warned North Dakota officials that documents would be released if any of the water protectors were harmed. Here's the post by Anonymous:
Anonymous warns the governor to back off or they will release documents showing the conflict of interest and then goes on to say that if one protester on the Indian side is harmed, Anonymous will “release docs on” the individuals responsible.
Watch the video below:
“We decided to stand with the Native Americans whose land you raped, whose sacred lands you destroyed.”
“We know where you live. Everyone you know. And everything there is to know about you.”
While translating that threat—which extends to individual Guardsmen—is perilous, it has in the past involved monkeywrenching individual credit ratings, canceling credit cards—electronic mischief ranging from embarrassing to harmful.

BREAKING: Women Lockdown in Mohawk Territory in Solidarity with Standing Rock!

Mohawk Nation News 'Desperate Ground'



Post & Distribute.
MNN. Nov. 18, 2016. Our enemy, DAPL and their corpo cohorts, are accelerating their criminal activity and war-mongering of the Lakota at Standing Rock. We and our friends and allies are facing organized criminals who are deliberately destroying great turtle island, and our environment. We are all targeted and being directly and indirectly attacked. Heavily armed state-hired thugs have beaten and arrested a supporter in Bismarck ND. Watch the sheer brutality.*
We demand the truth. The politicians are trying to set up “The Battle of Standing Rock” against unarmed people. They target those they think are the weakest by capturing, intimidating and demoralizing them both physically and mentally. The goons choose the time and place for the ambush and attacks. We are on our homeland. They are striving to know our strengths and weaknesses. 12136983346ef4077144e11e93f2f6a3
Their tactic is to push us, take a step back ..but keep pushing. Lakota warrior, Red Cloud, said: “Mother Earth will teach in time to come, and the whole world will wake up but it will be a harsh teaching.” 
Our mother earth may soon force these goons to make some major decisions – the weather, terrain and loss of moral ground.
Wake up, Baby T!
Wake up, Baby T!
Some Americans are pressuring to take out their new king.
Everyone is witnessing this continuing genocide and sheer brutality. Deception, secrecy, surprise is instigated to try to make us commit the first aggression.
Starting and winning a war is vitally important to these ratiwatsiratontah, “extinguishers of the fires of all life”. They are trying to increase the stakes, create a sense of urgency and desperation. They are deliberately trying to make us think we are in a life and death situation with no escape. The mobster is creating a deceptive survival, ruin or disaster situation. For them there is no in-between. The big weapon is
Everybody’s boat is being rocked. Victory for right comes from deep thinking. We must stand together for our mother!
Buffy Sainte Marie has spent a lifetime waking us up: “Oh, it’s written in books and in song, that we’ve been mistreated and wronged. Well, over and over I hear those same words from you good lady and you good man. Well, listen to me if you care where we stand and you feel you’re a part of these ones.” [Now the Buffalos Gone]. 

Stand together! The brutality must be stopped. Norway Bank selling assets in DAPL; one water protector being beaten bloody by police; and photos of Apartheid — South Africa and Standing Rock.
General Petrov speaks about global elite, that “world government” or “Western powers” is a mafia and the coming wars over water:

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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON

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