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Monday, August 5, 2013

Nez Perce prepare to block tarsands megaload

Nez Perce singers as megaload approaches Monday night, August 5, 2013 Photo by Brooklyn Baptiste


Nez Perce Executive Council members arrested blocking tarsands megaload!
See update:
Monday night via phone: 

At midnight, the tarsands megaload was about an hour away from the Nez Perce border. About 150 people are gathered to block the megaload.

The Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee passed a resolution Sunday opposing the shipments. Photo: Singers from Lightning Creek singing the Flag Song on Monday night.

Ed Becenti, Dine', said Monday night: "As a pure Dine' individual warrior, my ultimate support goes out to all the Nez Perce WARRIORS protesting the 'tarsands megaload' NOW. My so-called Navajo tribal government is an EMBARASSMENT to my traditional upbringing and beliefs. Being the largest land-based Native American Tribe in the U.S., Navajos should ultimately reserve the role as a blood-brother and almighty friend in times of defense of all Native American people in the U.S. and abroad!"

AP: LEWISTON, Idaho -- The company hired to move two large water purification units through Idaho and Montana en route to an oil sands project in Canada has announced plans to begin moving its first load on Monday night. The Idaho Transportation Department on Friday issued a permit for Omega Morgan to begin moving the 225-foot-long loads from the Port of Wilma near Clarkston, Wash., and along scenic U.S. Highway 12 in north central Idaho. The Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee passed a resolution Sunday opposing the shipments and urging the Forest Service to block them.
No Tar Sands Omega-Loads Shall Pass!
Omega Morgan Megaloads FOC 4 Modified 7-22-13
By Wild Idaho Rising Tide
As megaload hauler Omega Morgan attempts to defy the authority of the Forest Service and Federal Highway Administration (FHA) to review and regulate transport of massive Alberta tar sands equipment through the national forests and wild and scenic river corridor surrounding U.S. Highway 12 in Idaho, Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) appreciates, supports, and encourages the courageous resistance of Nez Perce tribal members. 

Terrance Nelson: Dakota Unity Ride in Spirit of Dakotas Massacred

Dakota Unity Riders photo by Stephanie Santagada 
Terrance Nelson: "Crazy Horse and many Dakota who fought back did nothing wrong. They fought in their own lands against invaders, professional soldiers, including the Black Buffalo Soldiers. History cannot be forgotten. Maybe a black president can remember that Buffalo soldiers also hunted down Dakotas."

By Terrance Nelson
First Nation Roseau River Anishinabe

Terrance Nelson
Hey John Nelson,

Great News. I am shooting your email out to all my email list. I am very sorry that I could not be there with Gus and the Dakotas. I am however extremely thankful that you have taken on this event and organized it. The Dakota deserve justice and their journey will have results. The Spirit of all those 300 Dakotas who died at Wounded Knee in 1890, the massacres at Sand Creek and the hanging of 38 Dakotas in Minnesota can never be forgotten. 

Sandy Hook is a good place to remember that many Dakota children died in the 1800s, hunted down by the U.S. Calvary. I applaud those Americans who can acknowledge the past injustices against the Dakota people. I recommend that High School students in United States read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown.
  The 38 Dakota hanged in Mankato Minn., December 16, 1862.

Let us hope that the United States Government can do more than sign the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. I hope that the Government of United States can deliver justice for the Dakota who went to Canada with Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull was tricked into going back to the United States and was executed. Crazy Horse and many Dakota who fought back did nothing wrong. They fought in their own lands against invaders, professional soldiers, including the Black Buffalo Soldiers. History cannot be forgotten. Maybe a black president can remember that Buffalo soldiers also hunted down Dakotas. I would hope that Dakota in Canada can get American people's help to carry out the terms and conditions of the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty. For justice to be done, the Dakota in Canada need to have reservation lands in the United States.
Two Dakotas hanged after the 38 Dakotas hanged.
Thank  you for your efforts.( I don't want to confuse them, we are not related at all. lol) My real name in the Ojibway language is Mushkodahbeshikeese, my last name is my clan or family name beshoo which is LYNX but Terrance Nelson is easier for them to say.

Please remind them that Gus Higheagle and the Dakota with him are spiritual people, not political like myself. They do things peacefully and in ceremony.

Terrance Nelson
Vice Chair American Indian Movement

From John Nelson, organizer Dakota Unity Ride to New York
Dear Terrance,

      My name is John Nelson and I am the organizer of the Dakota Unity Ride to New York. I seem to remember telling you this but just in case.
   Today we faced off with the 2nd Calvary The Connecticut Horse Guard. The last standing Horse guard in the United States. High Military honors were bestowed upon the Riders and Chief Gus Higheagle. They have made the way clear to Washington and every Native American should be proud of what they have already accomplished.

   They are currently camped out in Newtown Conn, the place of the recent shooting of all those helpless kids at Sandy Hook. Many Many of those kids little friends were on hand to witness the incredible meeting with the United States Army. Lets talk more of this if you like. They are headed into the mouth of the lion on Thursday and riding straight across New York City to the United Nations and then on to the White House.   
John Nelson

Update from John Nelson, organizer of the New York Dakota Unity Ride:
We ask all people to go to www:// and hit the 1 dollar donate button. Yes that is the only funding we have. This entire ride is not being funded at all. We have done this all on the good will of the people who come to know the riders. We have recieved new shoes for the horses, de-wormed all horses this morning. Ferriers donating their time. Meals providing by diverse groups rom the Black community to Asian. News and media have helped with people knowing about this ride. This is changing history forever. Funding is needed for new equipment and for the return home to Manitoba bigtme.

COLUMBUS RACISM: Long Walk 4 in Columbus, Ohio Today Aug. 5, 2013

Long Walkers Safely through Columbus, Ohio on Monday!

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Update from Long Walk 4, Monday evening: "Walk went through Columbus without incident today. The police had a patrol car escort us, and were very polite and helpful at the intersections. A flu bug has hit us, causing some Walkers to rest, but the highlight of the day was the introduction of the Children's Staff, as there are now children to carry it. On other news we are getting low on resources so if anyone out there has a network they belong to, small donations can add up. Most importantly, we are grateful for all the messages and prayers of support. Those involved in Indigenous Sovereignty issues are invited to send in their issues for posting on the website."
Luv arrested 2008/Photo Marie Littlemoon

The Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz will be walking through Columbus, Ohio, today, where long walkers were attacked by police in 2008.

Michael Lane, who was targeted by a police officer holding a taser on the Longest Walk 2 in Columbus in 2008, said the walkers are hopeful there will be no problems with the police:

"Day 22 -- getting ready to walk through Columbus today. Hope it goes better this year than 2008. We will be led by the new Children Staff for the first time today as well. Should go good, as we have prepared and communicated with the police," said Lane, who also walked on the original Long Walk in 1978.

Today, walking to Columbus, long walker Aki Zaagi said walkers finished 27 miles yesterday, and 51 miles the day before. Aki Zaagi, who walked across America in Long Walk 2 and Long Walk 3, said by phone message today, "This day, Susanna, 11-year-old from Pine Ridge, will be carrying the youth staff."

In 2008, long walker Luv the Messenger was arrested when Columbus police attacked the long walkers. The children on Long Walk 2 were traumatized by the police attack in 2008. Watch video of police attack:

Censored News photo by Bad Bear 2011
In 2011, as walkers returned home from Long Walk 3, 
Native American long walkers were again targeted by police near Columbus.

"Columbus is alive in the City of Columbus," said Bad Bear, Western Shoshone long walker and driver of the vehicle. Bad Bear walked across America on Long Walk 2, then again in 2011 on the Long Walk for Diabetes, in the Renegade Walkers.

Bad Bear and Manny, from Warm Springs, Ore.,  were heading home from Washington, D.C., traveling fifteen miles outside of Columbus, in the direction of Dayton. Ohio state troopers singled out their vehicle in the flow of traffic on the highway.

Ohio state troopers brought in a police dog to search their vehicle for drugs. After the dog scratched the vehicle, and found no drugs, police continued searching for drugs. The vehicle was searched three times, with police tearing out components in the door.

Bad Bear and Manny were separated and interrogated. They were questioned extensively about the sage in their vehicle, a natural plant in the west which is burned for ceremonies.

"They kept asking us about our sage, if we were smoking it," said Bad Bear, pointing out that the police were unaware of how sage is burned during Native American prayers.

The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz was initiated by those on the original, Longest Walk in 1978. The current walk across America began on July 15th, 2013 in Washington D.C. and will arrive in Alcatraz on December 22, 2013.

On the current walk are two Native American youths walking across America for the third time, Craig Luther, Navajo, and Lisa Peake, Anishinabe/Pomo.

"The purpose of this Walk will be to reaffirm the heart of Traditional Tribal Sovereignty rooted in Ceremony and land based spiritual relationships. We call on all Indigenous Peoples to come and support this Walk. 

"We have gone to Washington D.C. many times to seek justice, the protection of treaty rights, and the continuing existence of our Peoples and Ways of Life. They have had their opportunity. The time has come to reclaim for ourselves the prayers that have gone east and bring them back full circle to Alcatraz, the symbol of the modern assertion of what has been called the Red Power Movement. We Walk to educate our own Peoples on what Tribal Sovereignty means from an Indigenous Peoples way of life,” the Long Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz said in their statement of purpose.

Photos of Longest Walk 4 in Ohio by Jennifer Vance:

Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz website, with route and more:

Dutch translation by Alice at NAIS Gazette, thank you!

Long walkers op maandag 5 juli veilig door Columbus, Ohio!
Door Brenda Norrell : Censored News
Update van de Long Walk4, maandagavond : “ de Walk ging vandaag door Columbus zonder incidenten. Een politieauto begeleidde ons en zij waren beleefd en behulpzaam aan de kruispunten. Het griepvirus heeft zijn tol geëist waardoor enkele walkers moesten rusten. Het hoogtepunt van de dag was de introductie van de staf voor de kinderen, want er zijn nu kinderen om die te dragen. Een keerzijde is dat we gebrek hebben aan hulpmiddelen.
Wanneer u ons kan steunen  zullen we dit dankbaar aanvaarden.
Wij zijn vooral heel dankbaar voor al de berichten en gebeden om ons te steunen."

De Longest Walk4 Return to Alcatraz stapt door Columbus, Ohio waar long walkers in 2008 werden aangevallen door de politie.
Michael Lane die tijdens de Longest Walk 2 in 2008 bedreigt werd door een politieagent met een taser ,zei dat de walkers er gerust in waren dat er dit keer niets zou gebeuren:
“ Dag 22, we maken ons klaar om vandaag door Columbus te stappen. Hoop dat het beter zal gaan dan in 2008. Vandaag zullen we voor de eerste keer geleid worden door de nieuwe staf van de kinderen. Het moet wel goed gaan daar wij ons voorbereid hebben en op voorhand gepraat hebben met de politie”, aldus Lane die ook de oorspronkelijke Walk in 1978 meegedaan heeft.
Long Walker Aki Zaagi liet per telefoon weten dat de walkers de dag eerder 27 mijl afgelegd hebben en de dag daarvoor 51 mijl.
Aki Zaagi zei verder nog dat Susanna, een 11 jarig meisje uit Pine Ridge de jongeren -staf zal dragen.
In 2008 werd Long Walker Luv the Messenger gearresteerd toen de politie de walkers overvielen. De kinderen die deelnamen aan de LongWalk 2 werden getraumatiseerd door het politieoptreden.
Zie hieronder video van Marie Little Moon van 9 juni 2008
Toen in 2011, na de Long Walk 3, walkers terug naar huis keerden werden zij opnieuw het doelwit van de politie nabij Columbus.
“Columbus leeft nog steeds in de stad van Columbus” zei Bad Bear, Western Shoshone, long walker en chauffeur van de volgwagen. Bad Bear stapte door America met de Long Walk 2, en dan opnieuw in 2011 met de 'Long Walk for Diabetes’, in de Renegade Walkers.
Bad Bear en Manny,uit Warm Springs, Oregon keerden vanuit Washington DC huiswaarts. Zij reden 15 mijl buiten Columbus toen zij door de staatspolitie werden uitgepikt uit een reusachtige file op de snelweg.
De staatspolitie bracht een politiehond om hun wagen te doorzoeken op drugs. Tot driemaal toe werd de wagen doorzocht terwijl de agenten de deuren aan de binnenkant kapot scheurden.
Bad Bear en Manny werden afzonderlijk verhoord. Zij werden uitgebreid ondervraagd over de salie die in hun wagen gevonden werd.
“Zij bleven eindeloos vragen stellen over de salie en of we dat rookten” ,aldus Bad Bear die benadrukte dat de agenten er geen benul van hadden dat salie gebrand werd tijdens ceremoniën en bij gebeden.
De Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz werd op gang gebracht door de oorspronkelijke Longest Walkers van 1978. De huidige walk doorheen Amerika begon op 15 juli, 2013 in Washington DC en zal aankomen in Alcatraz op 22 december 2013.
Craig Luther, Navajo en Lisa Peake, Anishinabee/Pomo zijn twee jongeren die reeds voor de derde keer doorheen Amerika stappen.
“Het doel van deze mars is om opnieuw het hart van de traditionele soevereiniteit, die geworteld zit in ceremonie en land gebaseerde spirituele relaties te bevestigen. Wij roepen alle inheemse volken op om onze mars te steunen.
Wij zijn reeds zo dikwijls naar Washington DC getrokken om recht te zoeken, de bescherming van de verdrag rechten en om het bestaan van ons volk en manier van leven te vrijwaren. Zij hebben hun kansen gekregen. Nu is de tijd aangebroken om voor onszelf de  gebeden die naar het oosten gingen terug te eisen en hen naar Alcatraz te brengen. Dan is de cirkel terug rond, het symbool van de hedendaagse stelling van wat de Red Power Movement genoemd werd. Wij stappen om ons eigen volk bewust te maken wat tribale soevereiniteit betekent vanuit een inheemse manier van leven”

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