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Friday, August 9, 2013

Long Walk 4 Photos with Irene Bedard

Photos at Antioch College, Ohio, by Long walker Aki Zaagi, than you for sharing with Censored News!
Antioch College Photo by Nargees Zinab Jumakhan, thank you!

Share the love, with a camping spot, food or cold water for the Long Walkers! Walkers are headed to Indiana, and then Illinois. Upcoming walk schedule:

August 10 - Brookville to Richmond, IN 25.9 miles
August 11 - Richmond to Cambridge City, IN 15.1 miles
August 12 - Cambridge City to Knightstown, IN 20.1 miles
August 13 - Rest Day
August 14 - Knightstown to Warren, Indianapolis, IN 25.3 miles
August 15 - Warren to Plainfield, IN 23.4 miles
August 16 - Plainfield toward Brazil, IN 20.9 miles
August 17 - to Brazil, IN 20.0 miles
August 18 - Rest Day
August 19 - Brazil to West Terre Haute, IN 18.0 miles
August 20 - West Terre Haute to Marshall, IL 14.0 miles
August 21 - Marshall to Greenup, IL 27.2 miles
August 22 - Greenup to Effingham, IL 22.5 miles
August 23 - Rest Day
August 24 - Effingham to St. Elmo, IL 18.5 miles
August 25 - St. Elmo to Vandalia, IL 14.1 miles
August 26 - Vandalia to Greenville, IL 19.4 miles
August 27 - Greenville to Highland, IL 18.7 miles
August 28 - Highland to Cahokia Mounds 24.2 miles
August 29 - Rest Day/Gathering
August 30 - Rest Day/Gathering
August 31 - Rest Day/Gathering
September 1 - Rest Day/Gathering

Missiouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California:

Night Four: Nez Perce Blockade of the Tarsands Megaload

By Brooklyn Baptiste, Nez Perce
Censored News
Everyone was hungry but still chipper after things died down early this morning near Fish Creek on the Lochsa River. I am so grateful for all the Nez Perce tribal members & non-tribal individuals that showed how courageous they were by continued efforts to protest. No matter what some might say about this past week, we created awareness and moved people from all over the world. We will stay united and keep fighting for what we believe is our obligation to our future.

Brooklyn Baptiste was arrested with eight of the nine members of the Nez Perce Executive Council on Monday, the first night of the blockade of the tarsands megaload forcing passage through sovereign Nez Perce land. -- Censored News

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