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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Support pours in for Mi'kmaq after police attack anti-fracking camp

Support pours in for Mi'kmaq attacked by snipers, police dogs and tear gas
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

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Update Saturday: 29 Messages of Love and Solidarity:

More than 1,000 rally in support in

CBC radio interview with Allan Marsh who was at the scene:
ELSIPOGNOG, New Brunswick -- Support poured in for Mi’kmaq after police attacked First Nations women and elderly with heavily-armed snipers, tear gas and police dogs today. Natives were defending their land from a Houston fracking company, Southwestern Energy. The support came from every avenue, from the American Indian Movement and the Longest Walk to a Nez Perce council member and the Council of Canadians.
Anishinabe Terrance Nelson called for railroad blockades across Canada and urged warrior societies to take action in support of Mi’kmaq.
“I expect railway blockades to occur immediately across Canada and they will continue until the Federal Government of Canada comes to their senses. I expect to be arrested along with many others,” said Nelson, vice chairman of the American Indian Movement.
In Winnipeg, First Nations marched through the streets and in eastern Canada, Six Nations began a blockade in solidarity.

Police attack New Brunswick anti-frack protest


District War Chief Jason "Okay" Augustine stands unarmed against line of RCMP in pre-dawn raid on anti-shale encampment, said Halifax Media Co-op reporter Miles Howe, who was also arrested. Howe said: "Got arrested in a violent takedown this morning about 9am. RCMP using gunboat diplomacy surrounded encampment with all guns drawn. K9 units, pistols and rifles pointed. At one point RCMP just rushed the scene and grabbed everybody. Two Warriors got shot with rubber shotgun shells. The Mi'kmaq Warriors all got arrested too, as well as several others at that point, including Norma and some youth who came running in. Went to Codiac in Moncton with about 20 other men." 

RCMP choking Mi'kmaq.

Defending SWN Resources of Houston fracking

Armored vehicle arrives

APTN reporter Ossie Michelin, via Twitter

This photo shows what happened to the young woman holding the feather and kneeling in front of the RCMP police line. She is in the light hooded sweatshirt grasping her eagle feather while pepper spray clouds the air.

A youth taking photos is in the cross hairs of an RCMP sniper taking aim.
Camouflaged and black-clad RCMP tactical officers move into woods around Mi'kmaq-led anti-fracking blockade. Photo via @NRK_NDN
Now six RCMP cars on fire at blockade.

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Support from Nez Perce
Nez Perce Council member Leotis McCormack, arrested protesting heavy hauls across sovereign Nez Perce land in Idaho, said, "My prayers and heart are with you all. We as council were arrested also three months ago standing against these corporations. Standing with you in solidarity."

Sharon Heta, Moari, Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz
Sendings prayers and blessings to the indigenous peoples of the Elsipogtog First Nation, supporters and allies as they stand to resist and assert their indigenous sovereignty to the care and protection of their lands and waters. The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz supports and walks in prayer in the struggle and defense of indigenous sovereignty.
Live footage from Mi'kmaq behind police lines (2 pm Central)

Dutch translation of Censored News at NAIS Gazette: Thank you!

CBC radio interview with Alan Marsh, who was at the scene. Marsh said he caught a glimpse of the person setting the police cars on fire and did not recognize him as ever having been at the camp.

First Nations Terrance Nelson calls for rail blockades in response to New Brunswick police attack

By Terrance Nelson, Roseau River Anishinabe
Vice Chairman American Indian Movement
Censored News

First Nations Winnipeg marching late Thursday to RCMP

As Chairman of the American Indian Movement, I am forwarding you the following link regarding the situation in New Brunswick Canada. Brenda Norrell of Censored News is posting the updates as it comes in. Please circulate as far as possible.

As Vice-Chair of AIM, I have been warning of inevitable violence in Canada for some time now. I fully expect and am advising our supporters and Warrior Societies across Canada to blockade on behalf of the Elsipogtog FIrst Nation people. Chief Arren Sock and his council have been arrested. This is not a joke, this is real and as I warned our people, time and time again, the Canadian Government has been preparing for this confrontation for some time. They have a long list of people that will be arrested. I am one of the people on that list. 

We have prepared for this time and most warrior societies across Canada are aware to stay in their home area, not to rush to New Brunswick to be concentrated in one area for Police and the Canadian Army to easily contain the situation.

The most important issue is Who Speaks for our people. National Chief Atleo is too weak for what is coming. The shutdown of the Canadian economy will happen. We as Warrior Societies had prepared for this since the OKA crisis in 1990, and the Canadian Government made sure that the situation would happen. 

Keith, I ask that you inform as many of the AIM people as possible and monitor the situation in Canada. This situation is very serious and I fully expect violence to occur even more so than what has already happened in New Brunwick.

At four p.m. today, AIM people in Manitoba will be protesting in Winnipeg. I expect railway blockades to occur immediately across Canada and they will continue until the Federal Government of Canada comes to their senses.

I expect to be arrested along with many others. The support from the American side is critical to the First Nations in Canada. This is big oil pushing the First Nations into submission. That is their goal. The Conservative Government of Canada is only a tool of big business.

I will try to stay in touch.

Terrance Nelson

Vice-Chair AIM 

UBCIC Denounces Canada’s Brutal Assault on Elispogtog

(Coast Salish Territory – Vancouver, BC) The UBCIC Executive and the UBCIC Chiefs Council stand in full support with Elsipogtog community and leadership in their defence against fracking and shale gas development within their territories. 

“This could easily happen in any First Nation community across Canada and in particular in British Columbia and today, we stand in complete solidarity with the Elsipogtog people to express our full support and continue our mutual fight against the devastating and destructive practices of resource exploration and extraction activities within our territories.  This display of brute force is completely ugly, outrageous and harkens back to the Oka, Ipperwash and Caledonia conflicts,” stated Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the UBCIC.

The Elsipogtog First Nation has been protesting energy company SWN Resources outside Rexton, New Brunswick.  In spite of best efforts of Elsipogtog Chief and Council to resolve this issue peacefully, the heavily armed RCMP aggressively moved in today to enforce an injunction.

“Canada cannot continue to viciously cast aside our Aboriginal Title, Rights and Treaty Rights. In light of Dr. James Anaya’s, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, recent visit to Canada, this type of severe action by the RCMP reflects a government that continues to ignore Indigenous land rights – our human rights – to pretend it has a productive relationship with Indigenous peoples founded on reconciliation and respect” said Chief Bob Chamberlin, Vice-President of the UBCIC.

We await the call from the Elsipogtog for all Indigenous Peoples to mobilize and organize solidarity actions across the country.

For further comment:
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, 250-490-5314
Chief Bob Chamberlin, 778-988-928

The Council of Canadians stands in solidarity with anti-shale gas protesters in Kent County

October 17, 2013

Media Release
Ottawa, ON – The Council of Canadians denounces the excessive use of violence by the RCMP and stands in solidarity with those in Rexton, New Brunswick and around the world who oppose shale gas/fracking.
Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, who was recently in New Brunswick, said, “Watching the day’s events unfold online was shocking. I met with the Elsipogtog leaders not long ago and know they are committed to peaceful resistance to stop the destruction of their land and water and what they do is in all of our names. We stand in solidarity with the people fighting to protect the water and the land.”
Angela Giles, Atlantic Regional Organizer, said, “To defend the rights of an American company, the RCMP came in with essentially para-military units including snipers, to remove the opposition. The New Brunswick government does not have the social license to allow fracking and the people will continue to fight for the future of their families, their province, and the environment.”
“Protesters in Rexton are standing up to a Texas company that wants to profit on the backs of New Brunswickers while placing the water and the environment at risk,” says Emma Lui, Water campaigner based in Ottawa.
“Indigenous communities like the Elsipogtog First Nation are on the frontlines of defending water and the land for everyone, and this should not be criminalized.”
The Council of Canadians has supported the blockade by First Nations and others opposed to shale gas in Kent County, and members from both the Fredericton and Moncton Chapters have been participating in the blockade.
At time of release, solidarity events are being planned in Halifax, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Lethbridge, Montreal and New York City, with more to come.
For more information:
Angela Giles: (902) 422.7811, (cell/text) 478.5727,, twitter: @angiles
Angela est bilingue et pourrait faire des entrevues en fran├žais.

The US Internment Camps: How the US manufactures history

The US Internment Camps: How the US manufactures history

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News 

While walking across America this week, the Longest Walk 4 walked past one of the Japanese internment camps where Japanese were placed in concentration camps during WW II in the United States. The secrecy surrounding these camps -- and the spin the US government and its media put on those camps -- exposes how the US has manufactured its own history, omitting the genocide of American Indians, the kidnapping, torture, rape, murder and enslavement of African Americans, and the truth about its Japanese and Aleut prison camps within the US.

Aleut death camp
Aleut were forcibly removed from their Alaskan islands and placed in concentration camps, where many died of disease and starvation during WW II. The truth was exposed in the film, the Aleut Story. Aleut survivor Harriet Hope, interned at Burnett Inlet Duration Camp, said, "The story was never told. It was purposely held secret."

On Akimel O'odham land, Gila River Indian Community in Arizona, Japanese were placed in two other concentration camps during WW II. 

Although the Gila River Indian Community objected, the US government proceeded and built the camps in the Sonoran Desert. There were 13, 348 imprisoned. Some Japanese died en route to Gila River or shortly after in the harsh desert environment.

Here is an example of the manufactured media by the US government and its media at the time. It places a positive spin on this concentration camp, where families, children and elderly, were imprisoned, most from the Los Angeles area, and omits the horror and suffering 

This manufactured media is what constitutes US history and fills its history books.
Aleut children in prison camp

Lakota Russell Means often spoke of how Nazi labor camps were based on the concept of US Indian reservations. Means said, "Nazi labor camps, Apartheid in South Africa and Palestine and Guantanamo, were based on reservations in the US."

Aleuts were left to die in those concentration camps.

Aleut survivor Jake Lestenkof, removed to the concentration camp Funter Bay Duration Camp, said, "American citizens were starving, were dying."

Amache concentration camp is located in southeastern Colorado, not far from the Massacre site of Sand Creek, where US soldiers carried out atrocities on Cheyenne women, children and elderly. US soldiers bayoneted pregnant Indian women and shot toddlers. It is one of the heinous acts of US cruelty, genocide and crimes against humanity.

While walking across America on Long Walk 2, there was a ceremony in 2008 to "wipe the tears and release the spirits," of those who were massacred at Sand Creek.

Amache in southeastern Colorado, which the long walkers walked past this week, was one of ten internment camps created by President Roosevelt during WW II. 

Amache was surrounded by barbed wire and eight machine gun towers. It had a population of 7,318 Japanese, most of whom had been living in LA and on the west coast. They were only allowed to bring one bag and forced to sell everything else.
Carlisle Indian School, Penn. Photo Brenda Norrell

In the US, Canada and Australia, residential schools for Indian children followed the massacres. Indian children were kidnapped, then beaten, tortured, raped, and even murdered in these residential schools, operated by the governments or churches. The children who never came home are held in memory, part of this untold story of the United States and colonial governments.

Currently, the US targeted assassinations -- carried out with the use of unmanned drones and President Obama's kill list -- continue the atrocities of the US government killing innocent women, children and elderly in Pakistan and Yemen. The targeted victims, never charged or taken to trial, included US teen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki from Colorado.

Censored News reader Howard Uhal said of Amache internment camp in Colorado, "I visited this camp several years ago. Very dreary place. One of the local schools had just done a project to raise awareness of what happened at the camp. But few Americans understand the similarity between these camps and our so-called 'Indian reservations.' And even fewer realize that our so-called 'foreign policy' stems from the same kind of thinking that resulted in these relocation centers and reservation."

"Let's not forget the role of the churches. In your photo above, each Aleut grave is marked with a Byzantine/Orthodox Catholic cross. And at the cemetery of Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, each tombstone also is marked with a cross. I doubt that many of the victims had willingly converted to Christianity. It's as if the churches preferred that they be 'saved' and dead rather than 'unsaved' and alive."
Photo by Western Shoshone Long Walker Bad Bear Sampson 2013

Aleut Internment Camps, the Untold US Atrocity by Censored News
Russell Means video Feb. 2012 posted at Censored News
Granada War Relocation Center by Wikipedia
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Mohawk Nation News '1997 NYS Attack Haudenosaunee'


mnnlogo1MNN. Oct. 16, 2013. In May 18, 1997, members of the Haudenosaunee from our communities converged on Onondaga Nation land next to NYS Thruway 81. Most were  women, children and babies, as well as some of our men. It was to be a joyous celebration with a tobacco burning, feast, dancing and singing. At 3.00 pm 200 paramilitary New York State Troopers surrounded, attacked and viciously beat us up, injuring, jailing and incapacitating us. Many ran with babies in their arms to hide in the surrounding bush. 

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