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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Longest Walk 4 Grand Junction Halloween

New! Censored News original articles Oct. 31, 2013

Censored News articles, photos, videos Oct. 31, 2013

Mi’kmaq Warriors denied all rights in jail, one beaten
Dine’ and Hopi to Peabody Coal ‘Halt theft of burial places
Videos and photos by Indigenous Action Media: Protest of Peabody Coal theft of burial places on Black Mesa, videos of Dine’ and Hopi, Bahe, Vernon Masayesva and Norman Benally.
Oglala Vice President Poor Bear visits Peltier in prison, urges NCAI advocacy
Mohawk John Kane ‘Two Row Time’ shiny objects of voting, military service and courts.
Photos Long Walk 4 take a hike in beautiful Grand Junction Colorado with Emilio and Bad Bear: