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March 5, 2014

AIM West on Indian Country Today's 'Trash Newspaper'

Yellow Journalism: Boycott 'Trash Newspaper'

By Tony Gonzales
AIM West
Censored News
Dutch translation NAIS
AIM West at Dept of Justice San Francisco Feb. 27, 2014

Len Foster,

As you are AIM member, Wounded Knee veteran, and a member of the board of director for the NGO International Indian Treaty council (IITC), founded by AIM, (and international political arm of the AIM, and as you being the spiritual advisor to AIM political prisoner Leonard Peltier for over 25 years, and as this dastardly display by the Indian Country Today is deliberately anti-AIM; it comes just days before the 41 year commemoration of Wounded Knee, South Dakota (Feb.27); and orchestrated for print like it was in the New York Times; and timed while thousands of people around the world were preparing vigils and demonstrations for Leonard Peltier of AIM; and demonstrations held in front of US Dept of Justices across the country reminding them of the unsolved 60 murders during 1973-76 known as the "reign of terror" which was under that climate that Leonard was captured, falsely extradited, and later charged and convicted!

I call on you to direct your executive director to write the newspaper editor  (and everyone else to do same) and express words that they are biased and practice yellow journalism unjustifiably so directed at the AIM, hampering Leonard Peltier's release from 38 years in prison, and disregards the achievements across Indian country brought on by AIM activism and the historic stand taken at Wounded Knee 73.

I on behalf of AIM-WEST will say to our friends that we don't need this kind of reporting or illustration, and write also a letter to the editor, and further call on all our friends and supporters to boycott this trash newspaper that glorifies itself to have the bidding (and income) of government forces not compatible with self-determination and the progressive Indigenous struggles but dwells in rumors and kangaroo court decisions intended to destroy a movement of the people.

Since IITC also prides itself as an organization that supports the release of AIM leader Leonard Peltier, and boast that they brought the UN special rapporteur to visit with Leonard Peltier last January, should be compelled to respond and condemn this type of reporting for it does absolutely nothing to help bring AIM leader Leonard Peltier home.

Thank you, my friend, for your attention to this grave concern,

Antonio Gonzales

AIM-WEST Director

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Yvonne Swan said...

Oh, they are good at the bad they do. There is no end in sight to the bad, but we will not stop fighting for our rights and justice.

People should flood their (so-called "Indian" Country Today newspaper)email account, overflow their snail mail bins, and run them out of paper with faxes, and tie up their phone systems with calls of indignation. We have enough anti-Indian malicious sentiment lodged against us, we do not need to put up with this vicious paper warfare.