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March 30, 2014

Supai Waters message to Lakota Spirit Camp

Supai Waters message to Lakota Spirit Camp at Rosebud, protecting the people from tarsands pipeline

By Supai Waters, Havasupai
Supai Water Long Walk 4 Alcatraz
Photo by Leslie Reed

When the two helpers who always travel with the flying warriors, who keep the purpose to change the world when humans fall from their nature-centered monotheism, they pay a visit to the prophecy keepers. This morning I am sending a purifying the holy night ceremony war way. 

Stand not with vengeance,  but bringing a world repetition by making peace with the creator. The most sacred place in this world is to forgive your creator and the earth your first mother the day when all tribes of earth fell from glory. 
During the white elks appearance it too was said wait until the changing of the moon then you must sing the nine pointed star activation song. That was put there before the flood and prophecy. The white wolf and white bear nation are still coming to play a part in the triumphant holy prayer star.
These stories and songs are from us the medicine way keepers of the blue green water people and the keepers of secrets and codices of the Havasupai Colorado AIM 27th chapter securities and veterans of the occupation. Sending solidarity and message to sing the star songs.

Video and article from Sicangu Spiritual Camp Day 1:

Sicangu (Rosebud) Shielding the People Spiritual Camp, from Keystone XL tarsands pipeline

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