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March 8, 2014

Mohawk Nation News 'War Club'



MMN. Mar. 7, 2014. Refusing to give us the results of his ongoing investigation of the 825 missing and murdered Aboriginal girls and young women is a travesty of justice. Peter McKay, the Minister of Justice, threw the reports onto the floor of the House of Commons. The Members of Parliament made jokes,  laughed and clapped. The guilt and cover up go right to the top, legal, financial, police and judges. Those who did not stand up in outrage are part of the conspiracy to murder our women and children.  

Right now the Queen and Pope are implicated in the disappearance of our children. She has been convicted in a common law court of crimes against humanity for the kidnapping and disappearance of 10 Indigenous children from the Kamloops Residential School Death Camp.
Queen Elizabeth heading to gauntlet.
Queenie heading down the road! 
Now that she has been convicted in a common law court of horrendous crimes, all oaths to her are null and void. Those still following the oath to protect her are criminals too.   
According to our natural law, they are guilty of treason, conspiracy, espionage and harming our people. For such heinous crimes no chance is given for them to catch the black beads. They would immediately be done away with. The punishment is “Ka-ni’kon’rak’se”. 
The women and children of the community form a gauntlet. While the criminals run through, they are beaten and stoned.
Natural Indian way of dealing with corporate crimes.
Pope, Peter McKay, corporate criminals and their band council Injuns will experience natural Indian justice. 
The men swing the war clubs to destroy their minds from where their evil comes, “te-wati-son-kwa-ri-the”. Their brains fall to the ground. Their families who carry the same memories must also be done away with. 
Dropping the black wampum means war. We have a duty to fight the enemies of the peace until we win and kill them all. A war is not of the imagination. It is a natural part of creation, like the moon, stars, and the true people.
We're waiting for you to talk about what you've done to our women.
Mohawks at Tyendinaga: “Where’s the report on our women! We want it now!”
Peter McKay, why don’t you go to Tyendinaga and face our men who are waiting to talk to you personally, like men should?  
The white visitors have no relationship with creation. They have no beginning of truth, only their artificial interpretation, which is not reality. Their corporate fiction, designed to kill us, is dissolving in full view. Peter McKay, you, your living criminal colleagues and your corporate injuns will all run the gauntlet.
As Jimi warns you, Canada, “Look at the sky turn a hellfire red. Somebody’s house is burning, down, down, down”.Jimi Hendrix. “House burning down”.

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