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March 4, 2014

BC: Sinixt arrested at resistance camp

March 4, 2014

BREAKING NEWS SINIXT NATION Marylyn James and Dennis Zareeli Jr were just arrested and we are on are way to the court

Despite World wide attention and support surrounding the Sinixt Nation and the establishment of a Cultural Camp at Slhu7kin, Perry's Ridge, an injunction was granted to logging road contractor Galena Contractors against the Sinixt Nation. 
From the news yesterday, as the injunction agaisnt Sinixt was extended by the judge:

Pass Creek logging, 22k up Goose Creek Road
Sinixt Nation Headman, Llmixm Ki-x'u-x'us-kit (Vance Robert Campbell), was appointed by Sinixt Headman Francis Romero and a Council of Sinixt elders and Clan Mothers at our ancient village and burial grounds of nkweio-xten (Vallican, BC).

Sinixt Nation official spokesperson Marilyn James was appointed by a Sinixt Council of Elders and Clan Mothers in 1991 at a meeting near Westbank BC. She was confirmed as spokesperson by a Council of Elders again on October 8th,1995 when her position was questioned by a sinixt man, Mr. M. George.
Marilyn has work exhaustedly to protect sinixt tum'xula7xw for future generations, learn more about her work here and here.

Robert Watt, Sinixt Nation Caretaker and warrior was appointed also by a Council of Elders and Clan Mothers based on his warrior spirit to take care of his people. For over 20 years, Robert, in a good way has held the responsibility to care for the land, elders, animals and water in sinixt territory. Robert also for the last 20 years has fought a legal battle not just for himself but for all indigenous people living along the US/Canada International Boundary. Very recently he was forced to abandon the Robert Watt vs The Queen case because he could not come up with the quoted $800,000 to continue. This is a major loss for all cross-border nations. 

If you are a Sinixt decendant we encourage you get in contact with us for enrollment or for more information what we are doing to protect your interest as a Sinixt skiluxw(human being). Please use our website links to educate yourself further.

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