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March 18, 2014

'Independent investigator' of Tex Hall is actually oil and gas lobbyist

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The firm Dentons that the Three Affiliated Tribes hired to do an "independent investigation" of Chairman Tex Hall and the alleged oilfield corruption is actually a lobbyist for the Bakken oil and gas industry. The push for the probe comes as a murder investigation continues into one of Hall's business partners in the oil and gas industry. A second partner is missing.
Chairman Hall created his own business, Maheshu, to profit from the oil and gas industry on tribal land.
Another person, former North Dakota Attorney General Nicholas Spaeth -- who was in North Dakota working on oil and gas issues -- was found dead Sunday.
(The screen capture below shows Dentons is a lobbyist for the Bakken oil and gas industry in North Dakota.)


Dentons, the 'independent investigator' of Tex Hall and oil field corruption is not only a Bakken oil and gas lobbyist, but Dentons was also responsible for removing a YouTube satire of the tarsands in Alberta
Meanwhile, investigators are probing the murder of a business associate of Tex Hall in Washington state, Douglas Carlile, 63, of Spokane, and the disappearance of another business associate in North Dakota, KC Clark. At the same time, investigators say an informant said Hall was also targeted for murder.
Investigators are probing a string of businesses that Tex Hall and business associate James Henrikson, now in police custody, were involved with in the oil and gas industry on land of the Three Affiliated Tribes, also known as Fort Berthold.
A resolution states that Hall allegedly profited from a tribal payment for more than $588,000 for road watering work to one of the companies, Blackstone Oil Field Services.
Meanwhile, Chairman Hall created his own personal company, Maheshu Energy, to financially benefit from the oil and gas industry on tribal land. While tribal members struggled to protect the environment, Hall pushed for oil and gas leasing on tribal land and argued before a Congressional committee in favor of fracking.
Besides widespread devastation to the land, air and water, the Three Affiliated Tribes became infested with crime as a result of the ‘man camps’ of oil and gas workers.

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