Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

March 29, 2014

Rosebud Lakotas Shielding the People Spiritual Camp Protecting from Tarsands Pipeline

                      March 28, 2014 Photo by Paula Antoine posted with permission at Censored News.

Shielding the People Spiritual Camp on Rosebud, in the Ideal, South Dakota community

Video and Vi Waln's article from Sicangu Spiritual Camp Day 1:

Sicangu (Rosebud) Shielding the People Spiritual Camp, from Keystone XL tarsands pipeline

Lakota Presidents arrive at Spirit Camp:
Read previous statement:


Young Man said...

I live in Lethbridge, Alberta and support the Lakota in their great effort to stop this monstrousity which will do nothing but bring more illness, death and hardship to their lands so that rich CEO's in Canada's oil patch can get even more rich. Thanks for standing up to this blight on the people of Canada, the USA and the environment.

Pam said...

As a Cherokee Eastern Band I support my Lakota brothers and sisters. Save the tarsands and stop the death to the land and environment, as it belongs to all mankind. Big Oil and Gas are thinking only about filling orders abroad for the next 40 years and not the future generations of mankind let alone our winged friends, 4 leggeds, and tree, sky & clean water