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March 30, 2014

Albuquerque protests police killing homeless man Sunday, March 30, 2014

Albuquerque police fire tear gas, mace, late Sunday night as protesters demand an end to police brutality and killings 

Anonymous post on Twitter

Albuquerque Police Chief Gordon Eden's resume, posted on Twitter, shows how he developed a system for recruiting armed forces personnel into law enforcement. The photos from Sunday show the results of what he has done.

11 pm Albuquerque police continue firing tear gas and macing peaceful protesters

One woman told Censored News, "They threw tear gas just a few feet from where we were standing. There were kids around! Then they started macing folks who were just standing around. Incredible show of force, with all the rifles, batons, horses, truck full of guys in camo, snipers, etc,. etc. The only threat of violence was the police."

Photo Roberto E Rosales on Twitter

Twitter photo by Roberto E Rosales



Protesters lay down outside main Albuquerque police station tonight
KOB's Caleb James was tear gassed and kept reporting Sunday night.

Photographers, please let us know if these are your photos via Twitter, so we can add photo credit Censored News

Another Livestream:
11 pm: More tear gas released on protesters in downtown near 4th and Marquette.
10: 45 pm: Police tear gassing peaceful protesters downtown near 4th and Roma.

Twitter reports arrests are underway. Tear gas launched at protesters at Central and Yale. "We can hardly see. Incredible." 9:45 pm Sunday

Twitter: BREAKING: reporter just maced by police

Livestream during tear gas:
7 pm livesream human roadbock on Interstate


6 pm screen capture standoff with police
Live screen capture Censored News 5:45 pm
Live screen capture Censored News 5:45 pm

KOAT Channel 7

Twitter photo
On Twitter, Anonymous reminds to video tape police abuse
Twitter photo
Twitter photos

KOAT Channel 7 photo
Police helmet cam of Albuquerque police murdering camper in March:
Albuquerque protests police killing of homeless man
Anonymous announces on Twitter that the Albuquerque police website is under cyber attack

Ustream Live!

Albuquerque police have been involved in 37 shootings, 23 of them fatal since 2010

ACLU: UN holds US accountable for human rights violations at home and abroad:
""This month in Geneva, the U.S. faced a barrage of questions from renowned human rights experts regarding its compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), one of the few international human rights treaties the U.S. has ratified.  During the extensive review, the committee raised critical points about the United States’ responses to questions on issues such as counter-terrorism operations overseas, treatment of migrants, racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and felon disenfranchisement laws. The U.N. committee’s findings and recommendations (called “Concluding Observations”) address many of the issues raised by ACLU and other groups in reports and briefings that took place prior to the US review.

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