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March 23, 2014

Joye Braun 'The Black Hills are not for sale and never shall be, a real op/ed'

The Black Hills are NOT for Sale and Never Shall Be… A REAL Op/Ed

by Joye Braun
In a recent Op/Ed article in the Native Sun News, which reads more like a letter to the editor than a true Op/Ed article, I and others were attacked for our position that the Black Hills are not for sale and will never be. It was an account of Oglala Attorney General Mario Gonzales’ attempts to reach repatriation and settlement of the Black Hills claims, receive monetary compensation, and enter into government-to-government negotiation with the United States on behalf of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Read the article at Lakota Voice:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce. My name is Adam and we met in the Black Hills a year or so ago. We were friends on Facebook but I have since deleted my Facebook. I know you are very active in the pipeline resistance movement. I was wondering if I can help with a sit in protest anywhere. I really want to help do something good instead of sitting in front of the computer. My e-mail is if you get this. Thanks.