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March 3, 2014

Code Pink Medea's Tweets from Cairo Airport Jail

Medea: "Help. They broke my arm. Egypt police."

March 3,  2014: 12:30 am Pacific time: Code Pink's Medea Benjamin, jailed in Cairo airport to prevent her from going to Gaza, just tweeted: "Help. They broke my arm. Egypt police." She was to be in Gaza for International Women's Day. She was deported to Turkey. Scroll down for today's Democracy Now!

Free, Free Medea Benjamin!

Posted by Alli -
Tue, Mar 4, 2014
Hey folks, you may have heard that Medea was detained and beaten badly by the Egyptian authorities while trying to enter Egypt to go to Gaza with a larger international delegation of women. She was violently deported to Turkey, where she’s now in the hospital until her flight back to the US on Wednesday. It’s heartbreaking to think of the wonderful peacemaker we all love being harmed in any way! It’s also scary to think about all the Egyptian activists (and journalists!!) who continue to languish in Egypt’s prisons indefinitely for speaking out against the new government. Medea being barred from going to Gaza also reminds us that the Palestinians remained trapped in Gaza as long as the Egyptian Rafah border remains closed or tightly controlled.
Show Medea some love! Take a picture of yourself with a Get Well Soon message, and email it to and/or tweet it at @codepink! Use the hashtag #FreeGaza on your message too! We’ll put all the pics we get in an album and share it with Medea when she gets home safely.
You can read more about the delegation at Although Medea didn’t make it, two of our CODEPINK DC interns are still flying over for the trip, so stay tuned for reportbacks from them!
Thanks for showing support for Medea during this difficult moment,

Medea said she was dragged by police. "They stomped on me."

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