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March 17, 2014

Mohawk Nation News 'Cry No More in Crimea'


MNN. Mar. 17, 2014. Crimeans voted 97.5% for unification with the motherland in a record turnout, only 1.7% against. US President Obama yells, “It’s illegal!” Czar Alexander III died at the summer palace in Livadia in Crimea Russia on October 20, 1894. Obama signed an executive orders to seize assets of any person or entity that criticizes the criminal coup he helped pull off in the Ukraine.   Obama executive order to punish critics.

"Guys. This is where "we belong.
“Guys. This is where we belong”.

Another personal executive order nullifies all US debts in the trillions to China for supporting Russia on the Ukraine issue. This is a declaration of war against China and Russia. He is fulfilling his role in the NWO to start world war III for the bankers. Obama declares war on China.
Obama shills!
Obama shills!

Another order punishes anyone sympathetic to the Russians! Obama EO punishes Russia.
Crimea voting under international law to secede from the Ukraine is good news for colonized peoples everywhere. Scotland, Venice, etc. are doing the same. Quebecois voted and lost twice to secede from the Corporation of Canada. They have no legal assets such as our unsurrendered land and resources. The vote would not have been legal. They can separate from Canada by dissolving their branch corporation.
Colonialism is illegal. Future affiliations between freed people and legitimate nations such as Russia will be on an equal basis, irregardless of the size of the nation, such as the Mohawk Nation, Luxembourg, Monaco, etc. In 1923 Chief Deskahe was sent by the Iroquois Confederacy to The Hague to exercise our right to apply for membership in the League of Nations. Canada, US and Britain pressured to have all Indigenous illegally declared as “an internal matter” of the colonists who invaded us.
President Vladimir Putin protected the right of Crimeans to vote for independence or to join Russia. Crimeans, Russians and Ukrainians finally killed colonialism. They are in the forefront of the greatest movement for freedom and equality for Indigenous people worldwide.
We Mohawks will exercise our right to self-determination. The black serpent will be washed away by the waters of peace. 
First Crimea, next Kanekota.
First Crimea, next Kanekota. 
As Vera Lynn reminds us, “When the lights go on again all over the world and the boys are all home again, from all over the world, and rain or snow is all that may fall from the skies above/a kiss won’t mean good-bye, but hello to love”. Vera Lynn. “When the lights go on again”.
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