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Thursday, March 20, 2014

John Kane: Republican-Democrats, Liberal-Conservatives: What's the Difference?

Republican-Democrats, Liberal-Conservatives … What's the Difference? 

John Kane
By John Karhiio Kane, Mohawk

Although I cannot embrace the rape of the planet and obscene support for the rich lords of capitalism that seems bound to Republican DNA, there is no question that some of the worst actions and most aggressive policies our people have seen toward our trade and commerce has come from a Democrat as Governor of New York State and a Democrat as President of the United States.
Racism and the arrogant ignorance behind it seem to know no bounds. Neither race nor political party affiliation affects the moral compass or the conscience of elected officials in the American system.

Mohawk Nation News 'Quebec 1970 False Flag'


mnnlogo1MNN. Mar. 20, 2014. Watch Quebec’s ‘pure laine’ leader Jacques Parizeau ruminate on the “final solution to the Mohawk problem”. Parizeau, is from the corporate version of the oligarchical matrix. He thinks Mohawks should be done away with! Parizeau’s final solution!
 The FLQ Crisis of 1970 was a continuation of the bankers’ assault on us in 1609 through their agent Champlain.

Mohawk Nation News 'Real Referendum'



MNN. Mar. 19, 2014. The Kaianerekowa is clear on the rights of the people. The “Keepers of the Eastern Door” to Great Turtle Island, the Mohawks, have a duty to guard the entrance to our land from the East. On June 25, 1701 [Great Peace of Montreal], we allowed our European visitors to live here if they adhered to the laws of this land. They disrespected the ways of this land, making them “illegal occupiers” that we must deal with.

Mohawk Nation News 'Divostock 'Tea Party'



MNN. Mar. 18, 2014. We heard the Russians and Chinese are dressing up as Mohawks and dumping the US dollar into the Sea of Japan to start the “Dollar Revolution”.

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