Friday, November 18, 2016

VIDEO Water Protector Beaten Bloody by Bismarck Police

Videos expose Bismarck police beating cuffed veteran bloody and hooding him, after he innocently picked a flower

Photos copyright Rob Wilson

Watch video below: Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016

Water Protector Beaten Bloody While in Zip-Ties by Bismarck Police
Above: video by Unicorn Riot

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Videos expose Bismarck, North Dakota police beating a Standing Rock water protector bloody, then hooding him, for picking a flower, in front of Wells Fargo Bank on Thursday. He has been tentatively identified as Charles Jordan, a military veteran. He says his shoulders were dislocated.

The Sacred Stones Camp said, "Blood drawn by Law Enforcement yet again! Riot Police in downtown Bismarck viciously take down and beat a veteran after he picked a flower - eventually placing a hood over his head across the street from the Wells Fargo Bank.
"Make sure you're not funding these atrocities: pull your money out of banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline!"

Watch another video at:

Below: video Credit: Rob Wilson Photography


Below KFYR TV Video:


villadoslobos said...

Spit cannot get through their riot gear, face shields and helmets. Why hooding again??

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it make you proud? all those cops to take down a peaceful, unarmed young man.

Anonymous said...

I am appalled by their cowardly actions toward a young man without a weapon. Really, even if he had a gun, did it take that many fully armed riot robocops to take down one guy. Wow, was he hat mu h of a threat to all those pussy bastards? I only hope that someday each and every one of those evil cops get taken down by a handful of thugs with clubs. Wtf is going on in the US when a peaceful protestor gets ambushed by a bunch of armed militants? Sue their asses in a serious law suit. What was the purpose of the hood? It's like what terrorist do before they behead a prisoner. Wtf?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that Twitter has listed you as perpetrating malicious activity. I cannot share this story on Twitter. Facebook did not do so, so it is there. Most interesting, especially since the new change in whom is allowed to post stories on social media. said...

Thanks for your comments. Twitter has been blocking Censored News links for about a month now. It might work if you use a Tiny URL link, that's what I do now. Twitter uses a variety of excuses to block Censored News links and will not respond to my questions. Censored News has been publishing for more than 10 years now, so there's really no excuse for Twitter to block the links. Thanks again. Best, Brenda Norrell, publisher, Censored News

Anonymous said...

You can see the blood splatter on the sidewalk...

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why police are being shot, because of bad officers that become target, just like with there weapons intemidation.

christina reed said...

This is total BULLSHIT!I would sue! Make sure this guy has documentation. The cops are totally out of line beating on a defenseless man. DAMN IT! I so fuckin'pissed off!!!

nativegrl17 said...

Really a protector of Water & a Veteren to top it off and the cops Hired by oil company assult him and do not take him to Hospital and show no remorse for their actions probably because they are getting payed BIG BUCKS from oil company to mistreat water Protector shame on the police in this VIDEO just down right Disrespectful

Anonymous said...

I thought the police had to wear cameras now

Anonymous said...

Nothing but cowards so u pick a flowers and get the shit beat out of you SMDH I hope Bismark in the end you get your asses sewed good to the point your broke

Anonymous said...

HEY PEOPLE, IF YOU WANT TO REPOST THIS TEXT. JUST MAKE A SCREENSHOT OR PDF INSTEAD OF THE LINK. I hope those bullies beating innocent people will get their karma. I am so pissed and broken-hearted after seeing this.

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