Saturday, November 26, 2016

Water Protectors Attorneys -- Corps and Police: Rights Violations and Excessive Force


Anonymous said...

It's no wonder that The eviction notice "As Known" was signed on the 25th a day that was set aside to celebrate "Native American Hertiage & Culture" day, signed into Law by President Bush in 2008 designating the Friday after Thanksgiving "November 25th" each year. Not coincidental, that just shows the audacity and resentment that "Capital cronyism" still has on Native America. When History is written about this struggle to try to perserve our water and mineral and treaty rights then, the whole world will see how wrong these actions are and the pain inflicted.....

Anonymous said...

DAPL and ETP and the Governor of the Dakotas should be investigated under RICO.
ETF and DAPL et al. is involved with The Governor the Sheriff the US Army Corps of Engineers and perhaps the individuals in US Dept of the Interior. The Dakota Governor has vested interests in and holds stock and interest in the oil company/Bakken oil fields, DAPL and ETP. The sheriff, Governor, DAPl and ETP executives et. al. are guilty of conspiracy to skirt the us EPA, NEPA, and the clean water act. DAPL and ETP have acquired property and land by eminent domain for their private gain. They have fraudulently stated that their business venture and project is an extreme necessity. In stating this fictitious need they have acquired private property and land by eminent domain for their private gain. CORRUPTION: Governor, Sheriff ETP and DAPL. Governor has a vested interest in the ETP and DAPL he owns stock and investments in the project which leads to conspiracy for the project to succeed because he will make more $$. BRIBERY: ETP offered to reimburse the Sheriff and Governor and law enforcement agencies for their work. This is BRIBERY.

Anonymous said...

Hired assassins.

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