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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thousands at Occupy Wall Street ready for National Day of Action

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Above: Live on Global Revolution from Occupy Wall Street New York

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Twenty-six journalists arrested since Occupy Movement began
CNN coverage:
Video (below) Arrest of Retired Police Captain Today:

Thousands are at Occupy Wall Street ready for National Day of Action today, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011
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Occupy Wall Street New York Thurs. morning. Photo Penny Red
Live blogging from Censored News:

New York police are trying to reclaim barricades and are going after protesters.
There were two groups of protesters, at Zuccotti Park and Wall Street, now joining one another.
NYPD have sound canons, tear gas, batons, pepper spray, and now, smashing people with the metal barricades, police officer choking someone now as he arrests them.
Police tell media they are prepared to arrest 10,000.

Homeland Security secret police photographed in Portland, Ore.

Homeland Security secret police in Portland/Photos by Demotix

VIDEO 'Raid on Zuccotti Park'

Uploaded by caseyneistat on Nov 15, 2011

New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez is shown arrested at minute 3:32
Video by C Neistat:
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My office isn't far from Zuccotti Park and when I heard it was being cleared I went down with my camera. I ended up filming for 18 hours until the Park was reopened at 6pm on November 15, 2011. The police presence was overwhelming, more than I've ever seen - more than during the blackout, more than the days after September 11th.

'Nazi' book destroyers strike Occupy Wall Street AGAIN

Occupy Wall Street librarians with new books again

NYPD and Brookfield seize People's Library AGAIN

By XENI JARDIN/Boing Boing Net
(Nov. 17, 2011) NEW YORK -- "NYPD and Brookfield have taken the People's Library again and we love you all," tweet the Occupy Wall Street librarians of Zuccotti Park.
They also raided all the energy bars, waters, and snacks from the re-created library, and threw them away, too. This is not the first time.
Then, shortly after: "A few of our awesome librarians holding up new donations just after NYPD and Brookfield workers took our books tonight."
The librarians are restocking, in case you'd like to donate.
And for those new to the story, Brookfield is the owner of Zuccotti Park, a central site in the two-month-old global Occupy movement. Participants in the OWS protest at Zuccotti set up a book-sharing site, a library of sorts, and both the structure and the 5,000 books it contained were destroyed by the police earlier this week.
"Books are apparently the crosses and garlic of the evil vampire squid," tweets "bookmaker" Kate Black.
"Porn star Sasha Grey reads to children while the NYPD throws books in the trash," sayscomedian Rob Delaney. "Inhale that, America."

VIDEO: Police captain joins Occupy Wall Street

Uploaded by on Nov 17, 2011
Retired Captain Ray Lewis of the Philadelphia police has joined Occupy Wall Street and gives his perspective on the general police mentality.


Occupy Denver Day of Action Nov. 17, 2011

N17 Day of Action
24 hours of protest

First Rally: Noon at Municipal Building @ 201 West Colfax Avenue
Second Rally: 6PM @ The Greek Ampitheatre in Civic Center Park

November 17: 60 Days of Action
We have reached a pivotal moment in history, as we find ourselves on the threshold of a great and lasting change. We at Occupy Denver stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and all occupations across the country and around the world. The accelerated and coordinated efforts to destroy the Occupy movement, evidenced by the forceful actions taken against the occupiers in Zucotti Park and other cities, are confirmation that the Occupy movement is working.
These actions will not stop us; they will only make us stronger. This has brought us to the precipice of tremendous change, a change for the better. We believe and know what is right and good and thus we will take that next step.
The Occupy movement stands in sharp contrast to the forces that are being marshaled against us. When they use force, we use nonviolence. When they try to isolate us, we build community. When they move against us, we call for peace and cooperation.
Together, we are standing up and speaking out for the rights guaranteed by our Constitution: the right of free assembly, the right of free speech, the right of free press. We affirm that all people are created equal and have the right to share in the prosperity of our great nation. Without such rights, then what have we? We are committed to ending the corruption of our government and restoring political power to the people. We believe that our country, and our world, can be a better place and that we must work together to make this happen. To those already standing with us: we ask that you continue to stand strong. You are making the difference. To all the rest: we need for you to join us. We need individuals and organizations from every corner of the country to join the Occupy movement now.
We call upon you who have been silent: Speak and be heard.
We call upon you who have not stood up for what you believe in: Stand and be seen.
We call upon you who have yet to put your needs on paper. Write and be counted.
Make the difference and bring about the change you want to see! Join us at noon tomorrow, November 17, at Civic Center Park as we celebrate the two month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and the nearly 2,000 Occupy movements that have sprung up around the world. There has been a coordinated effort to silence the voices of the 99%, Mayor Hancock and the Denver Police Department are scared of an awakened populace. We will call attention to the Mayor’s decision to violently crackdown on Occupy Denver. We will present alternatives and show the contrast with other communities around the country and how their local governments have supported the 99% rather than attempt to silence the voice of their constituents. There will then be a 6 p.m. rally at Occupy Denver after which we will conduct a General Assembly where we will discuss the Occupy movement as a whole and how we should progress over the coming months. So come out, have your voices heard and once again stand up for freedom, for justice, and for the future of our world. United we stand!

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