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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mohawk Nation News 'Dog Eat Dog'


By Mohawk Nation News

MNN.  30 Nov. 2011.  European rulers train their people to be obedient, and can order them to attack or pull back. They need an enemy or they will attack each other. 

Laws keep them in line so they don’t brutalize one another unless told to do so.  Their leashes were lengthened for WWI and WWII. 

European rulers think they are entitled to control the world.  They set up a psychopathic hierarchical system enforced by the military to do this. 

Europe has long been a dead land with no resources.  Manufacturing and labor are sourced out.  Their money has no backing.
Europeans feed off of other peoples’ labor and resources to exist.   
The rulers create banking systems and money out of thin air to pay for this.

The European monster with its once long tentacles can’t grab or control anything.  Resources are moving “further” out of their grasp.  A new way to rip us Indigenous off is being developed.

Capitalism is a captive-bonding or co-dependency relationship.   

Their shark-like fixation on sucking others blood goes far back in their history.  People are sheep to be preyed upon.

Loyalty of the prey to their captors could be based on ignorance, terror, trauma or even kindness.  Terrorists have been known to be nice to their victims like they were giving them their lives. Abone thrown at them or lack of abuse is seen as an act of kindness.   

These people were bred by natural selection. Millions of strong women were destroyed to create this system.

Society isolates the victims by creating a culture of individuals.  Mistreatment can be undetected.

Abusers share information about their own mistreatment to falsely show sympathy.

Victims feel helpless if the bondage relationship is ended.  Election time is when their tormentors are changed.  The abusers remind them, “Vote for me or I can make you disappear," like a co-dependent.

Wars create an emotional investment. Governments constantly remind them of these ties.  [Memorial Day, war movies and video games].

Rulers constantly sort out thinkers from non-thinkers.  Everyone is told a have and have-not society is natural. 

European rulers don’t care about the consequences of their actions.  They are unfeeling but not insane.   

Social obligations hold groups together. These psychos know how to split social groups. 

Colonial tribal and band councils are trained controllers.  They look the other way while corporations suck out our resources.  [Attawapiskat and DeBeers Diamonds]. 

Greed knows no bounds.  They advise governments on how to solve the problems they created.  They are egocentric ruthless game players as Penn State has recently shown in their prolonged secret child molestation scandal. 

Arabs are invading Europe.  The Middle East is made up of many small nations of indigenous people. 

They are hard working, prolific and maintain connections with their each other. 

Mohawks moved our villages every 15 to 20 years. We had 5 village sites. Orchards were planted.  When we returned a hundred years later the land and resources were cleansed and replenished.

Where are these Europeans going to go?

The European Union nations are fighting each other.  They gang up like a pack of dogs on little nations like Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal, and destroy them.   EU, US and UK have becomeunviable.

US,Canada and other Euro-controlled nations of the Western Hemisphere are turning out to be failed satellite experiments. Why?  We Indigenous survived their holocaust of over 100 million of our people who question everything they did according to the Great Law.

What happens when all the teeth have been pulled out of these old dogs?  They lose their bite and can only lap up soft chewable scraps.  No bones please!

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Third Veteran Hospitalized after Police Abuse at Protests

Screen capture live stream Censored News
Tohono O'odham Veteran remains hospitalized after being pepper sprayed by police at ALEC

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Tohono O'odham Veteran David Ortega remained hospitalized Wednesday night after being pepper sprayed at the protest of the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC. Doctors are undertaking tests to see if Ortega had a heart attack or stroke after police repeatedly fired pepper spray on the peaceful protesters.

"It was like a cloud of pepper spray," Ortega said Wednesday night recovering in a Scottsdale hospital. "I was carrying the Veterans for Peace flag when another person was hit directly in the face with pepper spray. I rushed to the front to help him, like I always do as a Peacemaker."

Ortega said the pepper spray was fired at them several times. Ortega began experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains and was hospitalized. Ortega has been serving as a Peacemaker at Occupy Tucson in recent weeks. He is known nationally as a Peacemaker at Indigenous rights events. He is the third veteran to be hospitalized after police brutality in recent weeks.

Scott Olsen, Marine and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was shot in the head by a police projectile at Occupy Oakland. Olsen is still struggling to recover his speech. Then Kayvan Sabeghi, 32, also a veteran, was beaten by police, arrested and jailed the night of the shutdown of the Port of Oakland. He suffered a ruptured spleen.

During Wednesday's peaceful protest, Tohono O'odham youth Alex Soto was hit directly in the face with pepper spray by the police.

Indigenous Peoples, including O'odham and Navajos resisting relocation at Big Mountain on the Navajo Nation, are now gathered in Scottsdale will continue their protest and resistance of the corporate influence of ALEC. They announced plans for Thursday.

Dozens of protesters were attacked by police with pepper spray on Wed. Seven people were confirmed arrested so far in a day of action against ALEC, protesters said in a statement.

On Wednesday, starting at 8 a.m., hundreds marched and converged on the Kierland Westin Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, where ALEC is attempting to hold its annual States and Nation Summit.

“We will continue to use diversity of tactics to send the message to ALEC members that the we are watching and we will not stand for the further destruction of our communities and environment that ALEC members push into law in order to fill their own pockets," stated Alex Soto of O’odham Solidarity Across Borders.

“The amount of force that police are using to protect ALEC’s corporate interests reveals how corrupt this system is," Soto said.

The resisters said, "Behind closed doors of ALEC meetings, thousands of state politicians and hundreds of powerful transnational corporations come together to create laws that advocate for, among other things, the desecration of Indigenous land through eco-cide and the growing dragnet of incarceration that sweeps up immigrants and people of color, all for the profit of global corporations, like SB1070. "

Additional actions are planned through December 3.
4pm: March at Freeport McMoran
Converge at Freeport McMoran, Downtown Phoenix, AZ.
Decentralized Actions at Various Sites
Locations throughout the valley  All day
Rally against ALEC influence on Arizona Politics organized by Arizona at Work
Speaking Event w/ Lisa Graves, Publisher of
6pm: At OccupyPhoenix
Full schedule located at:

O'odham Pepper Sprayed in Phoenix ALEC Protest

O'odham Pepper Sprayed at ALEC Protest!

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo by Dixie
David Ortega, Tohono O'odham, was hospitalized after being pepper sprayed by police on Wednesday.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Tohono O'odham David Ortega, veteran and elder, suffered a stroke today after being pepper sprayed by police at the ALEC protest.
Ortega was peacefully protesting when police pepper sprayed a delegation of O'odham. He was taken to a nearby hospital.
Alex Soto, O'odham youth, was also pepper sprayed in the face.
Tohono O'odham protesters at the ALEC protest in Scottsdale, Ariz., in the Phoenix Valley, were peaceful and apparently singled out because police viewed them as key to the protest.
Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham and founder of O'odham VOICE against the Wall, said, "There is a lot of unnecessary police brutality."
O'odham from Tohono O'odham, Salt River and Gila River have joined Navajos resisting relocation from Big Mountain on the Navajo Nation at the protest to battle the corporate influences underway of legislators and lobbyists.
Police helicopters are hovering overhead.
Native American protesters are battling mining interests, the theft of water and land rights, abuse by US Border Patrol agents, desecration of sacred lands and the militarization of the border. On the Navajo Nation, Peabody Coal, responsible for orchestrating the so-called Navajo Hopi land dispute, continues to poison the land, water and air with coal mining for power plants. On the US/Mexico border, the US Border Patrol continues to beat and abuse O'odham and other Indigenous Peoples in their homelands. Uranium mining continues to target the Grand Canyon and Indian lands, while radioactive tailings from the Cold War remain.
In Arizona, corporate profiteers continue to push copper, coal and uranium mining, devastating the land, water and air, and resulting in widespread health problems for the people.
Native Americans are battling widespread human rights abuses in Arizona, where white supremacy has spread within the elected Arizona government, fueled by corporate donations. Private prison profiteers continue to fund and work behind closed doors with Arizona legislators.
The US/Mexico border wall, and its non-functioning spy towers, has been a source of corporate profiteering for US corporations including Boeing, who entered into a contract with the Israeli Apartheid defense contractor Elbit Systems for the border wall and security systems.
The US is now asking Tohono O'odham to approve new US spy towers on their lands, after the last billion dollar boondoggle of the US, failed spy towers on the Arizona border which did not function.
Further, as the media fans racism which aids border profiteers, G4S based in London, profiteers from transportation contracts for the Wackenhut buses transporting detained migrants from the Arizona border.
Decades of mining has poisoned the water throughout Indian country in Arizona, while many American Indians do not have any safe water to drink. Meanwhile, corporate interests scheme behind closed doors to seize Indian water rights, working in collusion with the US and state governments.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) begins their meeting today in Scottsdale, in the Phoenix Valley, for their annual State and National Policy Summit from November 30-December 2 2011. Indigenous Peoples, including O’odham, are part of the movement to shut down ALEC.
Protesters in the ALEC march were reported pepper sprayed by police and two arrests made on Wednesday morning. (Please check for updates )
“ALEC itself is a tool for hundreds of corporations to use for the sole purpose of obtaining access to thousands of legislators and then exploiting that access to pass profit-making legislation. ALEC works like a think tank, devising legislation that benefits the corporate elite at the cost of the masses and then putting that model legislation in the hands of legislators along with gifts and incentives to urge their passing and now more than 200 of ALEC’s model bills have become actual laws throughout the country over the past year,” protest organizers said in a statement.
"The links between corporate greed, state oppression, and you have never been clearer. This website is dedicated to the rising resistance against ALEC, their planned summit, and all corporate greed that would serve to perpetuate state oppression in already impoverished communities on already occupied land.”

LIVE: ALEC Protest Phoenix

Censored New Photos 2 by Dixie. Photo 4 arrest Occupy Phoenix. Photos 1, 3 and 5 photo screen captures Censored News.
Watch live streaming video from theuptake2 at

Screen capture riot police in gas masks and protesters in Scottsdale.

COP 17: Indigenous Target Shell at Climate Summit

By Indigenous Environmental Network
Posted at Censored News

DURBAN, South Africa -- In Durban, Canada and the United Kingdom, Indigenous activists and their supporters targeted Shell today for violating agreements made with Indigenous communities in Canada. In Durban, site of the ongoing UN climate talks, activists from Canada joined activists from Africa to denounce Shell and their repeated violations of human rights and environmental regulations. Appearing outside a Shell refinery, a number of Indigenous activists joined with youth from Canada and Africa to support the community of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN), who recently announced their lawsuit against Shell.
"Shell has left a trail of broken promises and ravaged eco-systems.  They have been pushing their dirty fossil fuels plans on every country they can bully. It's time to stand up and say get the Shell out of there, we don't want your broken promises anymore," declared Eriel Deranger, a community member of ACFN and director of Sierra Club Prairies.
"We're drawing the line, and taking a strong stand against Shell. ACFN wants no further developments until Shell is brought to justice and our broader concerns about the cumulative impacts in the region are addressed," stated Allan Adam, Chief of ACFN.
"The destructive tar sands operations by Shell and other big oil companies are destroying the land and violating our people's rights to hunt, trap and fish. Canada is a willing partner in these crimes and other human rights abuses caused by fossil fuels and climate change," noted Daniel T'seleie, an Indigenous youth from northern Canada, and a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation.
"Shell has a history of devastation across the African continent that we are well aware of. Our peoples and our environments have been turned into a colony for companies like Shell, who profit from our suffering. Knowing full well the extent of brutality that Shell has delivered to my fellow Nigerians, we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Canada standing up to say 'get the Shell out of here'," emphasized Nnimmo Bassey, director of Environmental Rights Action (Nigeria) and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize.
"Ironically, Durban, the site of this year's international climate talks, has struggled against the aging Shell refinery that is the symbol of climate change and environmental injustice. Shell has been responsible for crimes against local citizens, where refinery accidents are common and where rusting pipelines have leaked more than 1 million litres of petrol. We strictly oppose plans to bring Tar Sands oil to South Africa, and agree that Shell must be held accountable for its violations against communities," claimed Bobby Peek, director of Groundwork in Durban.
"We are here in Durban to look for climate solutions, meanwhile countries like Canada are promoting dirty oil from the Tar Sands, backed by large corporations like Shell. While our communities are suffering from the impacts of climate change, groups like Shell have been found to be lobbying governments to weaken their positions. This has to be the time when we begin to hold companies and countries alike responsible for their actions against our communities," declared Tom Goldtooth, director of the Indigenous Environmental Network in North America.
For more information:

Eriel Deranger, ACFN Member/Sierra Club Prairies Director:  +1-780-903-6598

Ben Powless, Indigenous Environmental Network:  +27-(0)-72-581-2102

All photos by Jeff Conant/GJEP 

For High Resolution Photos : please contact Ben Powless listed above.

Police Evicting Occupy LA and Philly

Armed police go after occupier of tree
Occupy Los Angeles
Police Evicting Occupy LA and Philly
Censored News
Riot Police Storm Occupy LA
WED. Nov. 30, 2011 1 am
Hundreds of police stormed Occupy Los Angeles from the street and inside City Hall. Tents were torn down by police in Hazmat suits. Hundreds of riot police surrounded occupiers. Occupiers reported people being beaten by police. Occupy Livestream:
Police in Hazmat suits at
Occupy LA Wed. 2 am
Oakland's OakFoSho live in LA:
More livestream:
MEDIA WATCH CBS News: CBS sounds like a press service for LA police. Cheerleading is not journalism:
LAPD booking and processing station at Dodger Stadium, 900 police reported Police are limiting the press, restrictive pool
VIDEO: Police on horses charge Occupy Philly

Occupy LA
Police points gun at Livestreamer OakFoSho

About this video:
Sorry for the video issues from around 2:13 onwards. I was going to remove it but figured I'd let you guys hear the sounds after the video stops at least :)

Our police state at its finest. Officers last name is Escamilla from the L.A.P.D. I believe. Here he is shown pointing a gun at a peaceful reporter.

I'm not sure of the specific legalities of this but it sure isn't an example of what a public servant should be doing; point the gun foolishly or even participating in pro-police state idiocy. Be sure to like/share to get this information out.

The recorder of this video can be found on Twitter @OakFoSho.
Occupy LA: Officers take lift up to arrest one of people in trees

North American Indigenous join Africans to target Shell at COP 17

Indigenous Environmental Network's
Tom Goldtooth speaks at the conference.
Photo: Langelle/GJEP
Media Alert  
COP17: Indigenous activists from North America join African activists to target Shell
Nov. 30, 2011
Indigenous activists from the Indigenous Environmental Network (including Tom Goldtooth, director) and youth from the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (Daniel T'seleie, from an impacted Indigenous community) join activist Bobby Peek (winner of Goldman Environmental Prize) from groundWork in Durban and Nnimmo Bassey (winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize) from Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria.

The group of activists will hold a brief demonstration outside of the Shell co-owned refinery in South Durban, with banners and visuals. 

Meanwhile in Alberta, Canada, Indigenous leaders will rally at Shell's Canadian headquarters, and activists in the United Kingdom will hold a rally and press conference at Shell's UK headquarters. T

his is done in conjunction with a court action to sue Shell in Canada for violations of human rights to Indigenous communities. Following the action at the Shell refinery in Durban, there will be a press conference beside the ICC, venue for the UN climate talks.
In Canada, Shell has violated agreements made with Indigenous communities that were meant to protect their ecosystems, and thus impacted their protected rights and culture. Shell is also planning to massively expand its projects and begin new oil projects in the Tar Sands deposits in Northern Alberta, which the community of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation has decided they will not allow. Meanwhile in Durban their refinery has been harmfully impacting local citizens for years, tied to numerous leaks and reports of disease and sickness amongst residents. Across other parts of Africa, Shell has been implicated in gross human rights violations and environmental devastation.

November 30, 2011. The action will be held at the Shell refinery, followed by a press conference at 2pm.

Location: "Speakers Corner"
(Intersection of Machel and Fisher Across from Hilton, directly outside the ICC COP17 venue)

Speakers listed above will address the press conference. A press release and photos from the action will be freely released after the action is completed.

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