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July 20, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Motor City Syndrome'


MNN. July 19, 2013. Detroit is on stolen Rotino’shonni:onwe Indigenous land and is bankrupt. The rulers have no more use for this pile of polluted steel, glass and cement called a metropolis. Nothing can be sold without our consent at it is illegally built on our land.

Glass, steel, cement must be cleaned up.
Glass, steel, cement must be cleaned up.

The War of 1812 is when the US tried to make all Great Turtle Island into one big United States. On August 16, 1812, a force of Indigenous allies of British Major General Isaac Brock took Fort Detroit and repelled the overwhelming large American forces under Brigadier General William Hull. The sight of the Indian war whoops terrified the Americans who refused to fight. Hull ran up a white flag and quickly surrendered. After the invasion, the natural land owners were pushed out. The bankers set up the artificial corporation of Detroit under the Admiralty laws of the seas. A counterfeit economy was created to extract our resources and start manufacturing. 
1812 detroitAll towns and cities are foreign corporations set up by the banker shareholders for profit only. When a city is no longer viable, the bankers declare bankruptcy and dissolve the city. They illegally take whatever they can for a few cents on the dollar. Like Detroit, the infrastructure is left to decay and drown in debt. They become poor, crime-infested hellholes. The population drops by as much as 75%. The lights don’t work. The ambulances are old. Almost 100,000 buildings are abandoned. Less than half are working. 60% of children live third world conditions. The rulers plunder whatever is valuable. 
Detroit, welcome to the reservation! In the Secret Covenant of the rulers, “We will take over their land, resources and wealth to exercise total control over them”. 
The rulers’ greatest fear is of the “initiates” they recruited to carry out their dirty work. The initiates were falsely promised eternal life and willingly went along with the genocide and environmental destruction. Those left behind will perish. 
Detroit is one of the first of many dissolved cities in both US and Canada. As Dekanawidah predicted, the rulers and initiates are the serpents that will be washed away, never to be seen again. The people can follow the white roots of the great peace. They can come to one mind with us and start living under the Kaianerekowa, the real law of the land of Great Turtle Island.detroit bankrupt
Gordon Lightfoot sang in 1967 of the coming conflicts in Detroit: The streets of Motor City now are quiet and serene/But the shapes of gutted buildings/Strike terror to the heart/And you say how did it happen/And you say how did it start.” Black Day in July  
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