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July 13, 2013

Supai message: 'Heal your bodies, heal the earth'

Lightning Stories

Message from Supai Waters
Damon Watahomigie, Havasupai
Censored News

I would like to send a message to all front line warriors. Hail to all massive people for environmental awareness and cultural exchange. Stand on your own territory.
Warning don't take sides on either end. Don't ask for peace. That's exactly what they want you to be, is to be under the ground, your hearts buried forever. Don't go overseas to side with any other religious factions, that's wrong. Take a good look at who you are not.
First we cannot except the British Crown to steal our lands.
We the Havasupai have never been conquered by the Babylonian crown or by the US army. Stand beautifully, stand in awe -- to your beings .
Don't bring any other race for it is not the elite or the American system's race, but for our children's future and their generations that are to still come.
It's very simple  all you have to do is first heal your bodies then you can heal the earth through your spirituality and your holy beliefs. I am but one man and a warrior medicine man for all nations every tribe in the Americas are my people. Not one of you is left out of my prayers.
Hail to all Plains tribes. We the Supai people of the Grand Canyon send solidarity to your stand. We ask that you defend the Wind River Confluence. The Colorado River starts at the Wind River Basin and it comes from the Tetons hot springs.
I will stand with all nations in this region to defend the western hemisphere as told by the prophecy keepers.
Mitukiya oyasihin

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