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July 15, 2013

O'odham protest US Border Patrol disruption of ceremonies

US Border Patrol told to halt disruption of O'odham ceremonies

The second protest against the US Border Patrol received support from those passing by on Friday, July 26, 2013. The third protest will be held in Why, Arizona near the Border Patrol station, in the area close to Ajo, on Aug. 2.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

SELLS, Arizona -- The O'odham Voice against the Wall will protest the US Border Patrol invasion of their lands, and disruption of their ceremonies on Tuesday, July 16, and Friday, July 26, 2013.

"Our message is that we as traditional O'odham are still here, carrying out the ceremonies and maintaining the balance," said Ofelia Rivas, O'odham founder of O'odham Voice against the Wall.

During this time of O'odham ceremonies, traditional O'odham are demanding a halt to the interference of O'odham ceremonies by US Border Patrol agents.

Rivas said traditional O'odham said there should be no US Border Patrol interference with the ceremonial O'odham deer hunt, including helicopter flyovers by the US Border Patrol and other immigration agents.

Ofelia Rivas protests Salt River Project/Photo Indigenous Action Media
O'odham are demanding a halt to the spotlighting by US Border Patrol agents during their ceremonies, Rivas told Censored News.

During May and June, the Tohono O'odham government approved the 15th US spy tower on sovereign Tohono O'odham land, and the expansion of lands for US Border Patrol occupation.

Rivas said supporters are asked to join O'odham for the protest from 10 am until 2 pm on July 16 and July 26, west of Three Points on Highway 86, near the illegal Border Patrol checkpoint near the Tohono O'odham border.

Rivas said water and fresh fruit for protesters would be appreciated.

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Dutch translation by Alice Holemans
De ‘O’odham Voice against the Wall’ wil dinsdag 16 juli en vrijdag 26 juli 2013 protesteren  tegen de invasie van hun land en verstoring van hun ceremoniën door de US grenspolitie.
Ofelia Rivas, stichter van 'O’odham Voice against the Wall’ zegt :“Onze boodschap is dat wij als traditionele O’odham nog steeds hier zijn, onze ceremoniën uitoefenen en het evenwicht in stand houden”.
“De traditionele O’odham eisen dat grenspatrouilles en andere immigranten jagers stoppen met het verstoren van de ceremoniële  hertenjacht met hun helikopters .” Zei Rivas aan Censored News.
Tijdens de maanden mei en juni keurde de Tohono O’odham overheid de 15de US spionnen toren op soeverein Tohono O’odham land, en de uitbreiding van land voor bezetting door de US grenspatrouilles goed.
Rivers roept op tot solidariteit voor de protestacties die zullen doorgaan op16 en 26 juli ten westen van Three Points op Highway 86, nabij de illegale grens -controlepost nabij de Tohono 0’odham grens.
O’odham solidariteits project

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