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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Canada's Death Camps'


MNN. Jan. 2, 2013. The “Indian” reserves are concentration camps for Indigenous people, designed to breed hopelessness, suicides and eventually death. The world is seeing hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence as a victim of this policy.
The main function of reserves is genocide to purge Canada of their “undesirable elements”, the owners of the land, to get our resources.
Oka Mohawk Crisis 1990
Oka Mohawk Crisis
Fences were built around us. We needed passes to get in or out. Indian agents and band councilors were trained to be wardens. These prisoner of war camps were set up on Oct. 24th 1924 by Duncan Campbell Scott, the Superintendent of Indian Affairs, the real power of the colony at the time. The Indian Act was the Corporation of Canada by law, to carry out the “final solution of the Indian problem”, that is the total extermination of our people. By 1950 Canada proudly boasted there were only 89,000 of us left.
Over 100 million of our people in the Western Hemisphere perished in the biggest holocaust in humanity.
Prime Minister Pudge Harper and Jim Flaherty’s Bill C-45 is singling out our children for destruction.
Flaherty & Pudge Harper
Our children were grabbed and taken to the residential school death camps. Since 1924 almost half died from starvation, exposure, brutality, disease and murder. In the 1930s Nazi doctors were invited by Canada to do medical research on our children and then kill them.
Some death camps were near population centres to use us as cheap labor, for prostitution rings and sex slaves for the local elite and to be sacrified in ritualistic murders by the pedophile clergy.
On Dec. 21, 2012 Pope Ratzinger said that, “… child rape isn’t bad. It is normal back in his time. Pedophilia isn’t absolute evil. Child pornography is normal in society. There is no good or evil. Only better than or worse than.”
The Nazis studied these extermination and death camps as a model for their concentration camps. Their first ones were called residential schools. Hitler told the US, “Don’t point your finger at me. Look what you’ve done”.
Band councils are the camp commandants, who run these camps for the multinational corporation of Canada, for the gradual disappearance of our people. The reason was to extract every resource beneath our feet.
Indian Band councils knowingly facilitate the efficient disintegration of our people. Near Chief Spence’s community of Attawapiskat the DeBeers Diamond Co. built a modern settlement with plumbing and hydro for the workers in the mines. The native people are being poisoned to death from the environmental destruction. DeBeers wants them removed so they can destroy everything. The CEO of DeBeers told the CEO of Canada, Harper, not to speak to Chief Spence.
We will not use force of arms, arrests, prisons and assassinations even though the enemy is using brute force on us.
Our power is in the home and the community. To defend ourselves we need a strong military and civilian defence structure. We have the right to protect ourselves. We will never leave our land.
Our men will safeguard our communities so that that our women and men can set up functioning councils. Our home communities will not be dismantled. The genocide programs and their administrators will be dismantled. The Corporation of Canada and their band councils are criminal organizations and will pay for their crimes. If there is no apparatus to enforce their will, they can’t exist.
periscopeWe will assert ourselves as the true people of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. The Corporation of Canada is an illegal entity that is a homeless boat nation. Maybe the defunk shareholders will find a new home to practice their Admiralty Law. Like the Beatles sang, “So we sailed into the sun til we found a sea of green, and we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine”.
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Amnesty International supports Chief Spence and 'Idle No More'


Amnesty International
Joint Statement Supporting Chief Spence and "Idle No More"
Censored News
January 2, 2013

Indigenous and human rights organizations stand in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence in her appeal for full respect for Aboriginal and Treaty rights by the government of Canada. There is an urgent need for Canada to demonstrate genuine respect and long-term commitment, initiated by a meeting between First Nations’ leadership, the Prime Minister and the Governor General.
Full honour and implementation of Indigenous peoples' Treaties are crucial to the evolution of Canada and the principle of federalism. Cooperative and harmonious relations cannot be achieved by devaluing Treaties or by unilateral government actions.
We firmly support grassroots actions of the "Idle No More" movement. It has put the spotlight on federal policy and legislative agendas that are trampling the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples affirmed in domestic and international law.
Human rights – not colonialism
In 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada highlighted "the history of colonialism, displacement, and residential schools and how that history continues to translate into lower educational attainment, lower incomes, higher unemployment, higher rates of substance abuse and suicide, and ... higher levels of incarceration".
Canada must abandon out-dated, discriminatory approaches from the colonial era, especially in relation to Indigenous peoples' lands, territories and resources. What is urgently required is a principled framework consistent with international human rights law.
Currently countless amendments and laws are being adopted that undermine Indigenous peoples’ human rights, including Treaty rights. These legislative measures were developed with little or no consultation with Aboriginal peoples and without their consent. Such actions erode democracy, the rule of law and integrity of Parliament.
Indigenous peoples’ rights and related government duties are an integral part of Canada’s Constitution. They are affirmed in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The government should address this grievous situation in good faith. Justice, peace and reconciliation remain crucial objectives.
The omnibus budget bill C-45 introduced far-reaching changes. Amendments include changes to complex land provisions in the Indian Act that compound existing problems. It also re-writes environmental laws, including Navigable Waters Protection Act, Fisheries Act and Hazardous Materials Information Review Act, which were used to promote and protect a sustainable environment, clean water and healthy oceans. The integrity of the environment is being assaulted, to the detriment of present and future generations.
Canada is estimated to contain nearly 32,000 major lakes and more than 2.25 million rivers. Yet a new Navigation Protection Act reduces federal environmental oversight and covers only 3 oceans, 97 lakes, and portions of 62 rivers. Certain key rivers in British Columbia along the path of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline are not included.
Resource development projects on traditional lands of Indigenous peoples will be much less likely to be subject to rigorous public environmental impact assessment. These changes are on top of cutbacks on environmental safeguards already passed in the previous omnibus budget bill C-38. As concluded by the David Suzuki Foundation: "In reality, amendments to environmental laws account for about half of the 452-page bill. These amendments will weaken Canada’s capacity for environmental governance, threatening our land, climate and water."
International human rights standards require that decisions affecting the rights of Indigenous peoples be made with their full and effective participation. In the face of very serious issues concerning lands and resources of Indigenous peoples, the appropriate standard is free, prior and informed consent.
Canada’s Supreme Court has said that the "Crown ... cannot cavalierly run roughshod over Aboriginal interests". There must be "reconciliation" between the power of the state and the pre-existing sovereignty of Indigenous peoples. "In all its dealings with Aboriginal peoples ... the Crown must act honourably. Nothing less is required".
It is tragic that a hunger strike and Canada-wide protests are necessary, in order for Indigenous peoples to bring attention to violations of their dignity, Treaties and human rights. Our organizations strongly support human rights education. We urge all Canadians to engage with Indigenous peoples, to help educate others, and to support the current movement of awareness raising and ensuring vital reforms.
For more information on events in your area, please see
Supported by:
Amnesty International Canada
Arctic Athabaskan Council
Assembly of First Nations of Québec and Labrador/Assemblée des Premières Nations du Québec et du Labrador
Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers)
Chiefs of Ontario
Dene Nation/AFN Regional Office (NWT)
Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
First Nations Summit
First Peoples Human Rights Coalition
Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee)
Haudenosaunee of Kanehsatake
KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives
Lawyers Rights Watch Canada
MiningWatch Canada
Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs

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Terrance Nelson: US Relations and First Nation Blockade Jan. 16, 2013

Terrance Nelson discusses upcoming rail and pipeline blockade and US relations

By Terrance Nelson
Roseau River Ojibway
Censored News

Chief Fox,
On July 20th 2010, US Ambassador David Jacobson made a presentation to the leadership of the First Nations at the Assembly of First Nations summit in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He did so despite the Government of Canada concerns that the United States had no business "interfering" in "domestic" matters. It is worth a review to look at the letters I received and sent to the US Ambassador in 2010.
In my letter (January 27th 2010) to US Ambassador David Jacobson, I wrote,
Anyone who believes that the current situation between indigenous people and the Canadian government will remain status quo for the next ten years is not a student of human nature.
To believe that this next generation will remain peaceful at the 63rd level of the United Nations Living Index is not realistic. It is America that purchases 87% of all Canadian exports and represents 72% of all foreign investment in Canada, so it is America that Canada listens to.
When it comes to security of trade between Canada and the United States, it is important to be informed. We have met with U.S. Consulate staff in the past and we were told to "keep the U.S. Embassy informed."
In 1994, President Clinton had to deal with the Mayan uprising when it caused the American dollar to tumble in international markets. International investors pulled out in huge numbers from publicly traded U.S. corporate investment in Mexico. How much do Americans have invested in Canada and what would the economic effect be for the United States if an indigenous uprising occurred in Canada? Before we ever get to that point, is it important for you and your staff to be aware of indigenous issues.
A year ago, we were in Washington on January 8th 2009 and were on the front page (B Section) of the January 9th 2009 Washington Times. We have been trying for many years to "wake up" Americans to the indigenous peoples human rights issues north of the border.
I now predict that there will be serious problems in Canada between indigenous people and the government. If Americans understand the impact it will have on their oil companies operating in Canada, they may realize that indigenous human rights in Canada is not a simple "internal domestic" matter.
My community is typical of most First Nations, we have 75% unemployment. In 1993, police snipers came into our community. In Winnipeg, the Canadian Army stood on standby as police took away our gaming rights. In the last two decades America has learned a lot about Native Americans. They can teach Canada that allowing indigenous people to be part of the economy is the road to creating the hope that nullifies protests.
Chief Fox, David Jacobson is a good guy. He is extremely intelligent and normally a person that is confident when making a presentation. He was nervous when he made his presentation to the Chiefs in July 20th 2010. I would assume that he was under a lot of pressure because it is not normal policy for Ambassadors to make a presentations to a political group in another country.
Two Native Americans who were on the panel with Ambassador Jacobson were Chairman of the National Congress of American Indians Mr. Jefferson Keel and Jamie Fullmer of Blue Stone Strategies. Jefferson Keel is a Chickasaw from Oklahoma and the Chickasaws are a very progressive tribe that is economically independent and well organized. Gaming is not the only area that the Chickasaws are involved in, they have many economic ventures that they are dealing with.
I agree that the US Ambassador needs to be updated regarding the current situation in Canada. The impact of railway and pipeline blockades is not something that the Obama administration should learn about after the fact. I have attached contact information for the US Embassy and the staff that I met with at the US Embassy. I have tried to keep them informed over the years through email. They may not have always appreciated the emails but we did try to keep them informed. The Canadian government on the other hand has always tried to downplay the anger of First Nations people. They always tell the Americans that all is well in Canada and that there are only a few "militants" in the crowd but the reality of what is happening today ensures that Americans will become increasingly concerned.
I would suggest that the Chiefs in Ottawa make an attempt to meet with not only Ambassador Jacobson but also with as many of the Ambassadors as possible. The impact of a National Action on Railway and Pipeline set for January 16th maybe considered "terrorism" if other countries are not properly informed regarding human rights violations in Canada. We have always been a peaceful people, and unfortunately that is the problem, we have not taken the route of Native Americans such as how AIM did forty years ago. It is therefore taken for granted that the "Indians in Canada" will simply defuse and go away.
This National Blockade in Canada by First Nations on January 16th will have impact upon the January 21st Inauguration of Obama. We do need to speak to the Americans before that happens.
Thank you Chief, just call the US Embassy and ask to speak to the Ambassador or the staff members I have met with. I am sure that the Ambassador will welcome your information. He needs to know and inform Washington. That is after all his job, to keep the US Government informed. The Wiki leaks showed that the US Embassy has been concerned with Canadian policy on First Nations for a long time but of course, diplomacy allows only so much to be public.
Terrance Nelson

Mohawk John Kane urges Chief Spence to halt fast and join the people

Mohawk John Kane says the 'nation to nation' relationship is a white man's concept and urges Chief Spence to halt her 'suicide mission'

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence said,“First Nations leadership need to take charge and control of the situation on behalf of the grassroots movement. We need to re-ignite that nation-to-nation relationship based on our inherent and constitutionally protected rights as a sovereign nation. We are demanding our rightful place back, here in our homelands, that we all call Canada.”
More at APTN National News:

By John Kane, Mohawk
Censored News
I could not disagree more. I have listened to this bullshit about "nation-to-nation" relationships all my life. Our sovereignty is not vested someone's idea of what a "nation" is. Our sovereignty is a birthright; it comes from Creation. It is our right and authority to carry ourselves. This notion of nationhood came from the white man. So did the idea of individuals vested with power over their people. Our sovereignty is not vest in some man-made institution, a band chief, first nation, federally recognized leader or anyone else. It is an individual right, power and responsibility. None of the words we use to describe ourselves translate to anything close to "nations". We are simply the people.
Theresa Spence is no more a nation than the smallest child stomping out a round dance. Those that claim to be the "First Nations leadership" should settle in behind and among the people and stop trying to be what the white man created. This bogus leadership is the reason the people will be Idle No More.
My message to Ms. Spence is to grab a sandwich and stand with your people. A thirty day attempted suicide makes a sensational story and draws plenty of sympathy but it undermines what the people are rising up for. No one individual is the face of this movement and no individual act symbolizes the movement or passion. For any of these "leaders" to now claim to be "Idle No More" only begs the question as to why the hell they have been idle till now. The sovereignty and power is in the people.
Ms. Spence still seems to be missing the point. A request for Idle No More leadership to join with the chiefs reflects a lack of understanding. It is those who have sat separate and above their people that need to stand among them. Even the very singular act of this drawn out threat of self imposed death demonstrates a certain level of narcissism.
Stop this real or staged suicide mission and join the people. Glorification of such an act is the last thing our young people need. Humble yourself and stand equally with everyone else and quit the quest for martyrdom. If you believe creation placed you on this current path then perhaps you need more education about what is real and what is imagined.

John Kane, Mohawk, is radio host of Let's Talk Native Pride

Mohawk Nation News 'Indigenous Rising'


MNN.  JAN. 1, 2013.  Corporate band and tribal councils are falling.  A new day is coming.  Out with individualism.  In with collectivism.  The fraudulent corporations of Canada and the United States of America are duly put on notice that you will be soon dissolved. Your shareholders will be liable for all their crimes.  The strategy of corruption, deceit and death through their band and tribal council apparatus is over.  They are all going down.  There will no longer be a means to apply the genocide program on us and everyone else in the world through this fraudulent corporate business plan.    
sun neversunlilghtThe band councils job is to help Canada and US kill us, destroy us, buy us and make us give in. Through them we have been attacked militarily, politically, socially and ideologically. Illegal orders violating their own corporate constitutions, to totally exterminate us physically and psychologically, have never been rescinded. The Appropriations Act of l871 and the Indian Act of 1876 are illegal corporate by-laws.  Because traditional truths were passed to us by our elders, we are still here.  [Sun never sets on Indigenous people].    
If Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat dies of hunger, it’s the symbolic death of these councils.  Harper and Obama rely on them to control us, our land and resources. When they fall, so do their parent Corporations, Canada and the US.    
We shall reclaim Great Turtle Island.  No more divide and conquer. Honest people here and the world know we are the land and resource owners.  Stealing from us to enrichment themselves is going to stop. Government prison guards patrolling the community cell blocks are sell-out Indian and paramilitary police. Any advance by them is an act of war.     
We will protect our communities, improve our living conditions and bring peace to everyone.  We are not the enemies or rivals. We did not commit the frauds and attacks that caused centuries of suffering to us and our Mother Earth.  Our visitors are welcome to live under the protection of the Guswentha and the Great Law, where our protection comes from.  They must come to one mind with us on the original agreements allowing them to live on Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. 
The great natural power designed our ways to give us our instructions, energy and courage.  We will set things right without military weapons, death or destruction.   
Our Mother wants us to remove you corporate bloodsuckers.   You can leave with what you came with.  Nothing!
partys overAs Wilie Nelson and others sang, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.  They say that all good things must end.  Let’s call it a night. The party’s over”. 
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